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Made in us

Technically yes, but not the 'later' you're asking about. I'll have some stuff posted around 2am your time, Vik. But it'll be here waiting for you tomorrow.

I'm working on another vent and starting to paint the bridge. Plus I have a really cool project to show you all, but it's a secret right now. Oh the suspense!
Made in us

Sorry for the delay. IRL stuff.

I thought I had more to share but these are the only pics I took. I'll have more to offer next time I post.

This project was really cool. I found a mostly square chunk of .060 plasticard and decided to use it as a base for something. Then another idea hit me- how fast could I make somehting that would be relevant and look awesome? I set a time limit of 10 minutes and got to work. Bitz bins opened, glue poured, clamps locked, and the creative mind was in overdrive. 10 minutes later (verified by kitchen timer) I had this:

Everything is glued and the piece is surprisingly durable as I was using plastic cement with a shot of liquid super glue. The super glue held it in place and the plastic cement made it solid. I could list everything on it but it would take me too long. If anyone has a question about a bit I'll answer.

Extra bonus, I found that it is the perfect size for the top level of 2 of my towers:

That's it for this one since I didn't upload anything else to share. I'll be back as soon as I can with more to share. I think I need to get painting though. I have too many 'on deck' projects.

Thanks for looking!
Made in us

Hey guys- IRL break (again). Didn't realize I was gone so long already, sorry. Will reply to everyone and have some work to share as soon as I can.

Until then, here are some pics of the layout for our most recent Necromunda game:

I'll be back.

Made in us

@ Gitsplitta X2- Thank you. It was an episode of inspiration, and a labor of love overall. I've always tried to offer the best table I can, and I'm finally starting to reach my expectations. Huge pieces are majestic and impressive, but it's the tiny bitz like a pile of crates and an overturned barrel spilling toxic goo that really sells the overall scene makes the big pieces look good.

@ Theophony X2- did not win, and glad of it. Was still a good deal per piece, but went for $305. The tower is from a Micro Machine set that was pre-broken, got it at a yard sale. The primer I am using is ruddy brown and another lighter color that I ran out of and forgot the name of but it's a common stock at Aubuchon's (local DYI hardware for those not familiar w/ it) and I'll pick some more up later. And thanks for the 'beware of' sign idea. I'm thinking of using it, though it'll be a 'ground level' piece later on. Also, not really 'back', just visiting and offering what I can.

@ dsteingass X2- Thank you. Trying to use what I have before I start hoarding again. Summer = yard sale free piles. And the 'death match' idea would be a great game to play. Too bad only 2 people I know are playing Necromunda right now. I need more gaming friends.

@ Camkierhi X2- I've long admired the work you do. Thank you for the compliment. Terrain Competition- I'm not doing them for a few reasons. First and foremost is I am tired of 'failing'. I get excited and have great ideas, then I stumble a bit, slow down, and eventually add another failed project to my Shelf of Shame for a while before I tear it apart and recycle the bits. Part of that is because I haven't been able to 'connect' with any of the contest projects I've paid attention to over the last (... year?) and overall it is a rare moment where I actually focus on one project from start to finish. So far I've offered one piece for judging. I'm not sure if that will ever change, but the possibility is always there. As for the photos, I enjoy taking dynamic POV shots that really 'take you there'. I'm glad you enjoyed them and I really appreciate the compliments.

@ Viktor- Painting will be a challenge for sure.

@ alabamaheritic- Thank you. I need to catch up on your thread soon.

@ hdbbstephen- Send me a PM.

@ inmygravenimage- Thank you. I intend to keep going. Someday I imagine I will not have any ‘table’ left to play on.

@ Styrofoam04- Thank you. You already know I'm a certified Styrofoam fanboy, your work has impressed and inspired since the first time I saw it. I especially like your faded paint to rust to paint effect, and it is on the list of many rust effects others have offered on Dakka that I want to replicate.

Short update, but at least it is a real update. Took some time last night to do some modeling and I'm blowing off a chunk of work today to write this up.

First order of business- supply drop:

.040 plain plasticard. It's not much, but it gives me more options for platforms. I have a couple ideas and when I have the chance to get to them I'll have the material already on hand.

More supply drop, though not here yet- I won this auction: http://www.ebay.com/itm/121120316532?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2648

I am staggered. I posted it on my Necromunda thread the other day by accident, meant to post here. $54 w/ S&H. I still can't believe I won it, and I won't until it arrives. I've played on the ‘pipe’ set before and it is excellent. It is a great walkway and adds a distinct ‘industrial’ look to the board. Very cool stuff.

Next- 2013 Gameroom Re-org:

This is just the same display case I've been using that I moved to a different location. It has been repaired, cleaned up, and is dedicated to terrain (obvious exception is my MTG cards). It was never a properly utilized space as it was tucked into a corner and was not immediately accessible due to chairs / etc always in front of it. The empty spaces on it became a catch-all magnet for things I did not have a home for.

Other improvements so far- I've re-purposed another set of plastic bins from another part of the house that make sorting and using finding materials even easier than before which helps me keep an accurate mental inventory. I've also properly stored models that were taking up space as 'display by default' (which means they didn't have a real place to go so they wound up 'on display' collecting dust) and the shelf they were on is going to be replaced w/ the new plastic bins. The shelf will likely leave this room and be used as (gasp!) a bookcase. Last item on the list (but likely not the last) is I'm planning on building another set of shelves for more terrain storage. My goal is to have a game / hobby room that is as accessible and organized as possible.

And finally, genuine hobby stuff. I found no motivation to paint but I did want to do something hobby-related so I started building more stuff. Small pieces are easy and paint up fast and I'd like to have that 'I finished something' feeling again. I'm guessing that I'll be building for a while though. The idea of picking up a paint brush makes me want to just play a video game instead. Not sure where that is coming from, but as you can imagine it's frustrating. I really need to paint. I gained experience from many of my recent past projects and I know I can streamline some of the processes with an end result that is almost as detailed as spending the extra 5 hours for a similar effect, but even if I stopped building right now and did nothing but paint I feel I still would not be finished with my current projects by the end of the year. I’m also frustrated that I have a top of the line airbrush sitting under my desk because I don’t know how to use it and the few times I’ve tried to learn it has yielded discouraging results that are completely my fault. I need to take the time and make the mistakes and read the book and listen to the advice, I just can’t right now. Once I practice with it enough I know my entire painting experience will change and my terrain will reach new levels unattainable with a sable brush or spray can. But until then… yeah. Anyway, on to other stuff.

I'm still trying to use the really old bitz that I have been hauling around for years. These next pieces all have old stuff, even if it is just an old WFB base.

New tunnel / vent piece. pipe is new from recent haul. base is from a Polly Pocket set, wheel w/ numbers is from a cassette player I smashed into tiny bits in the late 90's, and black 'pipes' are sprue from a 1/25 Chevy Pickup model I built in the mid 80's:

Volvo door alarm from my 1996 Volvo (that I still drive daily). I was working on the car one day, door had to stay open and keys had to be in ignition. After about 5 minutes of 'ding...ding...ding' I suddenly found this interesting-looking item in my hand and the ding had stopped. Hmm. I kept it around for quite a few years w/ the intent of putting it back, but I know I'm not going to. Base is a 40mm WFB base that used to have a Rogue Trader Ork Dreadnought on it.

This should have pics of each side, but whatever. It's a collection of many different things. Main piece (which would show better from the back) is from 1980's GI Joe vehicle, green bit is from a Enhanceable ADSL panel, the black plastic on left side is more of that broken tape deck, and hatch is from the recent Rhino kit (I think).

This vent / tunnel is made from one of the parts I picked up recently, but the black bit on it is a shower faucet coupler with a 1/25 Mac Semi wheel well capping it. Base is another WFB cavalry base.

Pegasus Hobbies pipes on a WFB cav base. Simple and effective. I need to make more of these.

Group shot of an evening's work:

This didn't take a lot of time to do, and the majority was spend digging through bitz. It was a decent time and relatively easy. I'm hoping to do this again soon.

That's it for this one. I really appreciate the feedback.

I'll be back.
Made in us

@ Gitsplitta & inmygravenimage- Thank you both very much. I will take credit for the 'vision' and the skill this time (I'm usually humble to the point of self-effacing). I know am good at taking random junk and turning it into interesting and convincing tabletop terrain, though I'm always open to suggestion (like when you both helped me improve my Fuel Depot).

@ alabamaheritic- Yeah, and I don't need loud pipes on my Harley either, but I have them. When I play my guitar it registers with the USGS station in New Hampshire.

@ Dakka_Dok- The wallpaper is an excellent example of cheap 1970's redecorating that I had no part in. I have considered replacing it with somehting else but it has received so many comments since I started posting on Dakka that I can't change it now. It's like the backdrop for most of my photos. It's a defining factor now. And thank you for the compliment.

@ Dr H- Yeah, I've noticed that as well. It looks pretty cool in low-light pictures. Also, this is not the first time that Polly has donated to a terrain project. She's a real sport about the whole thing. The cassette player and Volvo were not so willing to donate.

@ madmartykmf- Thanks! And it's good to see you around.

@ Theophony- I'm going to be in and out for a while but my intent is to be here more regularity. The new pieces really are excellent. See below. Also, nice quote from dstein. The truth hurts.

@ Camkierhi- I hope you found a trove of treasures in that shed. I would prefer to be around Dakka more as well. I do not expect things to change for a while but promise to offer quality work when I am able.

@ LDD- You and I have spoke before about -hoarding collecting more stuff than we could use our natural lifetime. I have no doubt you'll find some amazing things in your bits bin. As for what I'm doing, there won't be many more Pegasus items in a while. Believe it or not I'm out of the pipes and connectors. Thankfully eBay is only a click away. HoB here I come (next month)!

@ dsteingass- Yes I do. It's the left one.

@ Briancj- I know, sorry. Luckily I have a few from the 90's plastic set. I'll paint those up sometime in 2013 I am hoping. Or 14. Hard tellin' these days. As for the game weekend, I totally agree. hdbbstephen is in NH and has also expressed interest in playing. I foresee a massive gathering of armies and an epic battle that will be recorded by the Adeptus Administratium for the ages.

@ Bruticus- Thank you. Your terrain and scenery remain a major influence for me, and it's good to know I'm on the right track. As for the MTG cars, I stated in The Dark and ended up during Ice Age. I've bought some random collections since then but with the realization that I do not need 158 Llanowar Elves I've been slowly working my way through the boxes and limiting each common to 8 cards since both of my kids play. I'm covering bases in case they find a combination that makes Durkwood Boars the coolest card ever released.

@ Jeffar- Actually I keep them in my Chaos Mutation bitz bin.

Ok. Lame update since I'm only showing off new toys and have no actual work to offer. Hobby time has been limited.

Here are the newest items I have added to my collection. The first photo is of a German armored car that I picked up at a flea market. Not bad for $1.

My plan is to turn it into a vehicle for my PDF (counts as Adeptus Arbites) Color scheme will match the uniforms.

which means I probably should have posted this on my Cultists of Random Projects threads, but this is the only truly 'active' thread I have currently and wanted to share it with more than 3 people. Not that it really matters though. I want to do this project, but I also want to do all the other projects I have going as well, so I would advise against holding your breath on this one. Don't be surprised if it winds up at another flea market 30 years from now as part of my estate sale.


On to the main attraction of this update. It is without doubt the most incredible score I've ever made on eBay, but it is tainted because I feel really bad for the seller. . I scored this for $55 ($44 for item, $10 for shipping) sinc ethe shipping cost him $41!!! After he pays the eBay and Paypal fees he'll make what, $10? Less? He knew the fickle ebb and flow of eBay, but man that really sucks for him.

That said, here's what I scored:

It just occurred to me that I did n ot take any close up pics of the two fuel tanks. I'll pass on it for now and show them once I've made some changes. Nice construction but the paintjob is terrible. The clapboard buildings will be converted to fit in w/ my Fantasy collection. Everything else will hopefully be on the table tonight, I have Necromunda game scheduled (finally).

'm really excited to have this set. It's an old school blast from my past and I'm going to do my best to make it look as awesome as possible.

That's it for this one. Thanks for looking, and I'll be back as soon as I can.

Made in us

@ Gitsplitta- I haven't touched it yet. Been working on some small projects. Just haven't had time or felt motivated enough to dive into one of those projects yet. The detail is intense. I'll get to them this year though. At least start them.

@ LDD- Yeah, I could. But I didn't, at least not yet. And if you ever get sick of those old IG, I know a PDF that is recruiting new members.

@ Briancj- Hi.

@ Theophony- You are going to wind up with enough bulkheads to rebuild the entire Hive Primus Underhive.

@ dsteingass- Oh man, I know it. I remeber this stuff being expensive (and hard to find) NIB back in the day. I can't imagine what they are worth to a collector. And yes, you send some Armorcast walls / etc. I'm already digging those back out. I finished one but may have to rebuild it a bit. On that though- thanks again for the stuff you sent. I've been putting it to good use on almost every project I've done since.

@ GrimDork- Thank you for the compliments. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I know this thread has grown to a lot of pages but hopefully it has quality work / useful ideas throughout. If nothing else it can server as an example of what not to do- I'm not one to hide my mistakes and failures. If someone can learn from one of my monumental mistakes then it was not a complete fail.

Too long once again. Here's what I have to offer today:

First up, this is a 'terrain challenge' for myself- random junk from work. Now before anyone asks about workplace ethics etc I assure you that every one of these items came from a recycle bin.

Have also been putting a bit more paint on my tunnels / vents. I've decided to make them all red:

Here's a bit of paint on the random junk bit I put together a while ago. The drybrush is NOT permanent, it was to help me figure out shape / shadow / depth. And I absolutely hate the blue so it's going to change.

A while back I posted a pic of this building that I started back in 90-something. Originally it was going to be a Trading Post for Necromunda, and after finding all the pieces I decided to keep that idea going.

After it was together I was looking for something to use as a roof, and then inspiration hit me:

Had to build it up a bit inside to make it fit all around:

And here's how it will fit when done:

Also got a lot of work done on this piece that I built last December:

it's a lot more finished than this now, but I don't have more pics to share yet and I'm sorry for the bad quality, next pics I take will be a lot better:

That's for this one. Thanks for looking and I already have more to share, just need to take pics and post.

Made in us

@ GrimDork- What is Dead Zone? I looked it up but found nothing. I don't need new stuff but I'm always interested in seeing what's out there available. And I'll consider your weathering idea for the big blue box.

@ alabamaheretic- It's good to get back here as I can. I don't think I'll be back regularly until mid-Fall / early Winter, though I will take a moment here and there to post whatever I can.

@ Andy_T- Hey, thanks for stopping by and posting. I always appreciate people showing an interest. You subbed during a bit of a lull in activity but stay subbed, things will pick up and I'll have more terrain goodness to share on a more regular basis.

@ Theophony- I have a few strict rules with my modeling, one being never use food in a structural / permanent function. I've seen guys use sugar on bases. Bad idea. I've seen people use food coloring as a wash. Pretzels would be right out.

@ inmygravenimage- Uhm, not really, but my heart is still in it and I miss my modeling / Dakka time. No non-terrain pieces on deck at the moment. I have an idea for a vehicle on my Necromunda thread but I have a few things to do before I really go anywhere with it.

@ Dr H- Another vote for blue. Hmm. I'll see what I can do to fix it enough to where I like it. More coming for sure.

@ lone dirty dog- More blue. I really do have to fix it up then. Maybe I'll make a TARDIS out of it. Yes those are plaster casts, I figured this was a safe a place for them as I'll find since the piece has space on my shelf instead on in a box w/ smaller random stuff.

@ dsteingass- I think overall everything I do could be a mix / match. Random junk pairs with random junk quite well. Can you imagine what my table would look like if I were an Ork player?

Thanks everyone for the comments. I always appreciate the feedback.

Nothing new to offer today except a couple ideas. First and foremost is I've decided to redo my Necromunda 4x4 table. I've been considering a few options. One is to keep the current texture but spray it with different rust / brown / black blends. The flat 'ash waste' look goes well w/ my 40K layout but it is a bit too plain for Necromunda. Another idea is to use sheets of plastic / etc to create a more 'huge expansive platform' look. I thought a lot about foamboard and making the table more layered / 3-D so to speak but decided against it. The last time I tried that it limited the terrain layout too much. So things will remain flat but with more texture. Whatever I do I'll give it some decent attention and I'm sure my efforts will be rewarded with the same level of cool I have been achieving. Every now and then I surf through the earlier projects I've done and the improvements are notable.

Another quick project I've been thinking about is slag heaps / junk piles. Like massive ones that would be 15'-20' scale ft tall. I'll be using foamboard or styrofoam with a few layers of Elmers and latex paint for a sealer and a hardboard base for stability and durability. It will be an 'inner core' so I don't use up a couple pounds of bitz to make a huge pile. I'll be layering a few pieces so it will have a 3-D effect instead of looking like a macaroni poster from 3rd grade.

When picked up all that junk from work it was w/ the intent that I was going to do an Ironman terrain piece last weekend becasue I was on call for work and was going to be home anyway. The idea was: those bitz + 5 hours = finished project no matter what. I'd be taking pics and offering a couple updates as I made progress. You can see how well that worked out. I had 7 hrs worth of calls on Saturday and Sunday I had 3 plus various IRL responsibilities that needed tending to. It's something I want to do so I will make time for it soon.

Again, thanks ffor the comments, and be assured that much more is coming.

Made in us

@ GrimDork- Thanks for the explanation. I'll keep an eye out for it.

@ dsteingass- Example please? Neat side note- if you do a Bing image search for 'necromunda risers' the majority of photos that pop up are by me or Bruticus. Ha. If you use Google you get hits for all 3 of us through the page. But none of them shows me what I was looking for.
Made in us

@ Camkierhi & dsteingass- that's a really good idea.

@ hk1x1- Thank you. I really like picking up random junk from parking lots, sidewalks, car washes, side of the road, recycle bins, etc. Just little bits here and there. I've been told (usually when doing laundry) that I have more weird and random junk in my pockets is worse than an 8 year old.

Not a modeling update per se, but I did build something this last weekend and it has already made a huge improvement to my collection and the game room overall:

No more burying things on top of other things behind other things. Functional, accessible, and a decent display of my work. This shelf is for my smaller pieces. I used 8" wide boards with a 'reveal' so the smaller pieces are easy to find and easy to use.

The larger pieces will stay on my original shelf, and I finally have a home for my WFB terrain:

The thing I like best about both shelves is EMPTY SPACE, which means the 15+ unfinished terrain projects I intend to finish at some point will have a place to live.

That's it for now. No new modeling work to share.

I'll be back.

Here's the other shelf

Made in us

@ Coldsnap- You really should. I'm very happy with how this has helped me organize all my terrain. I took the pics a bit early, I added more stuff like my hills etc afterwards and there is still plenty of space left for my future projects to take up when they are done.

@ Theophony- As cool as it can be sometimes, I've intentionally moved away from the whole "WOW! I haven't seen this in 10 years!" method of storing things. I've extremely fortunate to have the space I have for my hobby stuff and I'm not going to go back unless I wind up moving to a much smaller house.

@ lone dirty dog- See above.

@ Galorn- There are a couple WIP in those pics that I haven't share yet. Spoilers, spoilers.

@ Moltar- The Warp is omnipresent and I'm fortunate to phase out of it ever now and then. Building those shelves was an affirming moment and I agree that my terrain looks a lot better when it is displayed opposed to piled.

Nothing new to update right now but I have a few hrs of modeling scheduled for tonight so I'm hoping to at least show some progress on whatever I decide to work on. I've been thinking about putting some work into old projects like my Imperial buildings, but chances are I'll finish up some of my smaller pieces for that 'I finished something' feeling. It's like a drug to me and I'm jonessin' for a plastic fix.

Thanks for the comments. I'll be back.

Made in us

@ shasolenzabi- I'd say 99% of my games are 'home games'. I don't get out much to play at my FLGS.

Last night I did some work on smaller bitz but didn't finish anything worth a photo so nothing new to share work-wise, but I did want to share this link. Theo has already posted there and I think the rest of the LoER / terrain building crew would really appreciate his work:


Go check it out. It deserves some attention.
Made in us

@ shasolenzabi- thank you. Always appreciate feedback.

This post is specifically for GiraffeX but may be of use to other people as well. Today's topic is barbed wire.

In the first series of photos / instructions I am using floral arrangement wire, but after I finished I realized that the scale was too large for the application GiraffeX intended, so at the end of this tut I have other photos where I am using much smaller wire and there are some changes to the instructions.

Here's the wire I used. It is easily available from any craft shop:

Scale reference:

Here I've measured out a single strand of wire and doubled over. It is better to have too much than too little as it doesn't stretch. Notice the loop at the end:

Next is where the work starts. First I clamp one end firmly and securely and then use a rod (in this case a paint brush handle) to twist the wire into a double strand:

Once I have the main strand of wire ready to go, I cut short lengths of wire to use as the barbs. Again, it is better to use too much than too little, and no worries on the length as you'll be trimming it later. You may want to use pliers to get the first loop but after that you can just use your fingers:

An alternate method is to pre-wrap your barb and then slide it onto the main strand. Here I am using a bead file but anything of similar diameter will work. In either case, ensure you have a triple loop:

This is an example of what the barb will look like after it is attached to the main strand. If the barb is too loose you can crimp it with your pliers:

This is where the scale got a bit wonky. My previous applications have been for terrain only and the scale wasn't as much of an issue. :

Here's a creative addition to the wire- wrapping like concertina.

Here's a series of the finished product, paint, and then applied to a model:

As I said in the beginning, the scale is a bit large and is not going to work on individual model bases. I found different wire in my tool box and it is much thinner. Here I've already done some work as the technique to get it to this point is similar:

In this pic you'll see a double-strand barb on the far right. It looks cool but it is much more work-intensive to make it look right. It may be worth the effort depending on your application, but be prepared to sink about twice the amount of time into this project if you go that route. The rest of the barbs are the same 3-loop single strands I mentioned earlier:


And finally, and action shot w/ application on a standard 25mm round base. I think the scale is close enough to not look completely out of place::

I hope this is of value to someone, and stand by for an update on this as last night I figured out how to mass-produce this stuff very quickly with excellent quality, I just need to build the frame.

Thanks for looking. I'll be back.
Made in us

Cool to know, thank you. I'll be heading out this weekend and will make a trip to my FLCS to check on that 26 GA wire.
Made in us

All- Thank you, nice to know I can still offer relevant ideas.

@ sennacherib- I've used that before with much thicker wire when I was making a chainmail tunic. Drill worked great for that project but I would advise against that setup w/ this wire as it is so thin. I imagine that 1,000,000 RPM (or whatever it really is) would wind it up and snap it off in an instant.
Made in us

Correction to offer- sennacherib was right, I was wrong. This weekend I decided to try it so I built a bracket for my Black & Decker drill and using 26GA wire it worked out very well, twisted a strand appx 2 ft in 10 seconds, didn't break, and it's ready for barbs.

My work on terrain is random right now, I'm not working on anything specific. I'll try to finish a strand of barbed wire soon and share it here. It looks very promising for mass production if my next 2 ideas work out.

*********************** edit *************************

...and then by random happenstance I found this on ebay this afternoon:



I want to learn his technique. Anyone have ideas to share how he does this?

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Made in us

Man, I can't believe that I posted something w/o addressing anyone first. That's not like me at all. Probably a headspace day.


@ dsteingass- right as always. Your Terrain Fu is strong. (x2) I think that is the stuff (picture wire) that I found in my tool box and was the 2nd set of pics I posted. Not sure. Packaging for that wire was likely lost before I was born. I got that wire in a tool box I bought at a garage sale many years ago, and all of the tools in it were made in America.

@ Jeffar- I'm going to try that and see if it works out for smaller applications where I'll be hand-twisting.

@ graven- Thank you. I have inspiration every now and then.

@ Littletower- thanks for posting! It's always very cool to see people step out of the dark and contribute. Never worry about posting your pics here. I started the thread to log my progress and get feedback, but also for other people to share thier work as well. You are encouraged to share your ideas so I can -steal- learn new techniques. Many people that follow this thread have been huge inspirations for me. You've just joined the club. Your barbed wire looks excellent and the application on the bases shows the scale perspective. I'm going to try the 'loop' idea as well. It is more material cut out, but it's not wasted by any means. I might hold on to it for 20 more years but eventually it'll be used to secure a girder, make a power coil, etc.

@ alabamaheretic- I'm looking forward to seeing your take on this. There seems to be many 'right' ways to do it. If you come up with another idea please be sure to share.

@ GiraffeX- No problem. It dusted off the technique I used and gave me some better ideas. Plus it inspired others to share how they do it, so overall it was a worthwhile endeavor.

Nothing 'terrain related' today, just saying 'hello' to everyone that posted earlier. I do have a couple new things that I'll share over the weekend. Nothing major, just a few more fiddly bits to put on the table. Because as you all know, I need more barrels and crates and piles of random junk.

One thing I'm working on is a Power Cell generator. I'm having a go at my first genuine OSL. I don't like it so much yet but like many of my projects I'm extremely critical of my work and everyone else likes it. If nothing else it will be a good start for something I can improve on. I've always hesitant to step outside my comfort zone when I don't know how to do something. I admit that is ridiculous because I can't learn a technique and improve on it if I don't ever try it in the first place, but it seems so daunting and I'd rather make dirty rusty things than 'fail' at something new. Such is the logic of Skalk Bloodaxe.

Another thing I've been working on is more dirty rusty piles of junk (ha!). Quick, easy, and always has an application on the tabletop whether it's 40K or Necromunda. I've been doing the 'random bitz' thing again and making use of stuff I've been hauling around for years (because I'll use it someday. Really, I will!) and I'm happy with the results so far. Ah, the sweet feeling of accomplishment!

Going way OT on this last bit, but wanted to finally mention it. You may have noticed that I've been around Dakka a lot more recently. IRL was kicking me down for a while, but I started to kick back and I've cleared out a lot of things that kept me from having time or interest in the things that I enjoy the most. So tomorrow I'm riding to NY to visit a friend I haven't seen in 2 years. Next week
I'll finish a huge project I've been working on for my Cultist thread
and overall things are pretty decent. I do not share my negative stuff on Dakka because it is my escapist microcosm for modeling and community and I'm not going to screw that up. But I will share triumphs, and I'm feeling more awesome right now than I have in many months. So cheers to personal victory and being back on Dakka! Expect good things from me in the future. It's getting colder and darker around here these days. That is my clarion call to build a fire, grab a beer, and paint little toy soldiers.

As always, thanks for looking. I'll be back.
Made in us

@ everyone- Thank you.

Small update, didn't get as much modeling time in as I had hoped but I traded that time to play M:TG w/ the kids so it was very well spent.

Before I get started, I want to point out that except for the 2 pre-built items you'll see in a moment, everything was built and mostly painted Friday night. I was a whirlwind of productivity. I did not pull out the models I've already started. I'll save those for another update.

Anyway, I was going through my bitz Friday night and found the broken pieces of a barrier I used to use for 40K / Necromunda from when I lived in VA. I always knew something was 'missing' from my models but I did the best I could and in this case I just drybrushed Bolt Gun Metal over a black primer. Here's how it looked once I (mostly) put it back together.:

While pondering what to do w/ it my eyes focused in on this piece on my shelf:

A few 'snaps' and cuts later, this is what happened:

Skipping ahead, this is where it is now:

There's a lot of work left to be done but I think it is a significant improvement to the piece overall and a more logical use of the old Necromunda barrier. This building is going to be one of my centerpieces once it is done.

If you were a fan of the large blue box that was on the 'roof' earlier, fear not. It was salvaged into a playable piece instead of being cast back into the bitz bin. I added the skull (which was cut from a Necromunda bulkhead from from the same time frame and the barricade earlier) and I added another random bit from a broken HO scale train I've had for over 2 years. It's not a clean or detailed model, but it'll serve my needs and will look well enough to fit in w/ the rest of my table.

I also decided to finally finish the last of the Tunnel / Vent access points. 2nd pic is of WIP, not finished models:

Next 4 pics are of 2 projects that I'm mostly please with. Blown up pics on my monitor showed me a couple places that need some cleanup. First 2 pics are my favorite collection of junk I've built in a while. And since I have a lot of those GW 20mm movement bases I'll be making a lot more of these. Easy to build, easy to configure into larger pieces on the table, and keeps me closer to my 'use what you have' approach to modeling.

The 2nd set of pics are a piece w/ 40mm WFB base. I like this one a lot as well, but there's a lot of cleanup to do on the red barrel and a bit to do in other various places. The vegetation was intentional. I try to show fluff on my table as much as possible, and the greenery on this model is of wild fungus. Hivers gather that stuff as part of a staple of their diet. I like having some on the board now and then, and would make a great objective marker depending on the game scenario:

First set:

Second set:

And finally, the largest haul I've scored in quite a while. I was at the local flea market this morning as found a HUGE box full of old and broken model train parts. I figured he's want at least $50 or even more, but I still asked. He pondered for a moment, LITERALLY rubbed his chin as he figured things out, and then said '$20'.


I pulled my wallet out so fast I almost broke the sound barrier. I brought the box home, went though everything, threw out a lot of random junk like power cables not related to the set, papers and trash, etc. Pic below is what I kept:

That's it for this one, thanks for looking. I'll be back with more soon.

*** edit- typos ***

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@ dsteingass- Oh man I wish. The tank is O but the rest is HO and N. It is a small matter though, I've used HO for terrain and so long as I put a few bits on it that force perspective (such as that Fuel Depot piece I did) it all works out pretty well. I agree on the truck bed but haven't come up w/ an idea that works. I will probably try painting it light blue or green so it will be distinct from the rest of the junk, but be sure to rust / damage it up so it is believable as a scavenged hunk of junk put into use as a Gang hideout. I'm going to put up one more small wall to enclose the entire 'roof' and use a hatchway to represent access in and out.

@ Camkierhi- Oh yeah, it is. My mind is spinning with ideas.

@ alabamaheretic- When I handed the guy the $20 and picked up the box I wanted to run around the flea market doing this:


@ Dr H- Ha! Yeah, that Plague Zombie won't be hanging around much once my Goliath gang moves in.

@ Theophony- I can't wait to see what I do with them either. I have so many ideas that my brain almost hurts.

Putting more terrain on the back burner for a few days so I can finish a project I'm doing w/ my Cultists. It will be very cool.

Thanks for all the feedback. I'll be making some changes and posting them as soon as I have updates.

Made in us

@ Briancj- The thing I like best about it is that it is all junk. I don't feel bad about ripping any of it up.

Not much to show today, just a few small pieces. I had a few moments to model this weekend and I could not bring myself to work on any piece larger than a 3X3 base. But I did push myself to finish a few things and build a few more.

First up is a few completed pieces, two of which had some 'Dakka time while back when I first built them. The one on the far left is something I made around the same time frame but never posted.

Closeups. First piece is from the 'random bitz' weekend. Believe it or not, the base color is gray. I weathered it with salt and a lot of washes. Second piece is the chime from my Volvo painted flat green and dabbed rust over the top. Generally I prefer rust to come from the inside out, but this was a quick and dirty job that I wanted to finish so I dabbed on the rust and figure it looks decent enough. The last bit is from a 1/35 M1 Abrahams that I bought and started building during Desert Shield. It's been moved around a lot since then and wasn't shown a lot of love during those moves so it wound up in more piece than it originally came with. This is my effort to give it some relevance again, one barricade and junk pile at a time.

Group shot for scale perspective:

You'll recognize the next bit because of the blue box. I decided to use a broken 40mm and 25mm square base to expand this out a bit and be cool in a general random sort of way. I don't know what else I'm going to do with it. We'll see I suppose.

Here's a good example of a little bit extra work vs. sick of it and calling it good enough. Crates / barrels on the left are done. I don't really care that they aren't up to regular standards. I've hated this piece since I built it and it's as done as it is getting. Barrels on the right however got some extra attention and I think the fluid leaks and partial rust / corrosion effect worked very well. Subtle, but still there.

I put a lot of work into this next bit so I'm showing a WIP and then the completed build. I've been trying that 'use the old stuff I've been hauling around for 20 years' approach to these smaller pieces and I think I've been doing pretty well with that. The base is a 20mm 'mass movement' from a zombie set (or maybe skeletons? I can't remember), the main girders are bits left over from the gated bridge I started, and the rest are from the depths of my bitz box.

Next is a few things bashed together but I think it looks pretty cool. Two parts are from the original Rhino set, the the plate w/ the valve wheel is from an old anti-aircraft gun from a 1/48 set but I can't remeber what the model was. The pipes / whatever are from a conversion a buddy of mine did in '96 or '97 for his Ork 'looted wagon' Rhino, and the base is a standard 40mm square:

And finally, a shot of one evenings build. I didn't mention the base in front w/ the single barrel earlier because it's not done and I'm not sure why it is in this pic. A glimpse into the future I suppose.

That's it for this one. I'm still grinding away, just a bit slower these days. Thanks for looking. I'll be back.

Made in us

Thanks for the compliment, and the verification that I need to salt more. Salt weathering is something I've become good at (credit to Bruticus for that) but I don't do it very much these days. Not sure why. I need to get back on track w/ that.
Made in us

@ Camkierhi- I think taking random junk and turning it into specific junk is my modeling superpower. I've always had the vision, but it's only in the last year or so that I've learned how to weather and force scale perspective. It's all coming together now and I'm enjoying it a lot more (mostly).

@ Dr H- Yeah, I did notice that later. Maybe I was lowering expectations so it looked cooler. Ha. I agree about the Volvo chime. Looking at it over and over I've decided it needs some salt. The blue box keeps showing up in all sorts of places. I'm starting to wonder if it doesn't travel through time and relative dimensions in space. And I'm glad you like the sci-fi barrels. I want to do more stuff like that. I like those barrels a lot but I hate that they are plaster. I'd like to find some of that exact cast in resin.

@ dsteingass- I don't understand what you mean, but I'm sure it is something cool so thank you.

Thank you all for the compliments. I'll start putting paint on them next week or so, I'm booked pretty solid for the rest of this week and weekend. But I do have a bit to share. I didn't clean up my desk after dumping out my bitz box the other day so I put a couple more junk piles together while listening to the game last night so it would be less stuff I have to clean up.

First piece is made up of more parts from the 18 wheeler model I never built (this is circa 1980-something), some Pegasus Hobbies bits that were left over from stuff I chopped up, a part from the Abrahams, a broken 25x40mm WFB calvary base, a small bit from a train trestle, and a differential gear box from a Humvee model I bought the same itme I picked up the Abrahams.

Next is made up of the quatrer panel of a 1/25 '56 Chevy, wheel well guard from the Humvee, Pegasus plate, bit from a Space Marine Rhino hatch, window from a O scale building, some random sprue, and a bogey wheel from a Soviet T55 (?) tank.

Last one is more parts from the 18 wheeler, treadplate, different bogey wheel from a different Soviet tank, a chunk from the Abrahams, and a Pegasus grate.

I'm probably going to keep doing this for a while since I didn't clean up my desk last night either.

As always, thanks for looking. I'll be back.

Made in us

@ Moltar- So am I, though it is way outside my SOP. I start to twitch if I have more than a handful of stuff on my desk and let me tell you, there's way more than a handful right now.

@ inmygravenimage- Right back at you. I'm still trying to replicate your turquoise highlights.

@ dsteingass- Ah, ok. I didn't know that.

Nothing new to share today, and probably not for a few more days after this. I have to get my re-purposed model based and entered into graven's contest tonight (I'm finally going to finish a contest since the first LoER) and after that I'm flat out w/ IRL stuff.

My intent is to get some paint on those new junk piles. Once I have those done I'll likely try larger junk piles of a similar fashion, though I'll be using a lot of sprue for the bulk of it. I have a huge bitz bin but there's no sense in burying stuff that looks cool. I'm continuing the theme of post-APOC and the 'survivors' (aka my Cultists collection) are brutal and somewhat impractical horde of scavengers. Kind like Necromunda but on a global scale instead of a single Hive. I'm planning going to go back to my unfinished Imperial buildings, but those projects are a couple months at least (unless I change my mind).

More coming later. I'll be back.
Made in us

@ Styrofoam04- Thank you. I appreciate the compliment.

@ dsteingass- Challenge accepted. Pick 3 colors and I'll produce results with them.

Totally OT from terrain, but I'm posting my Dark Apostle in a few minutes. Check out my Random Projects thread (link in sig) for pics.
Made in us

@ dsteingass- See pics below

@ Grimdork- No, but it's mostly due to overlooking that detail. I'll go through my pieces and see if there are any that would benefit from doing this. I have terrible freehand so I'm not that excited about it.

Not much time to post.

First up is an RJ45 female to female telephone adapter that I converted into a refrigerator. Far from finished but it is a start. Notice the awesome job I did scoring the top and sides to show the doors:

Here's the start of my larger junk pile:

A few random piles I've made over the last few days:

And finally, a rare shot of my desk in duress. Look in the top right corner for a glimpse of the first coat of white on the fridge.

That's it for now, more coming soon. I'll be back.
Made in us

@ Theophony- I have over a dozen good eyes in my Chaos Mutation bitz box.

@ Dr H- The generator thing- it is a resin cast of an industrial roof vent for O scale buildings. I bought it on eBay a long while back.

@ inmygravenimage- You do realize I need to build one of those now, yes?

@ Camkierhi- Thank you for the compliment.

@ GrimDork- It's easier than you might think. Here's the step-by-step tut:

1- find a suitable base (40mm to 60mm GW bases work great for this)

2- grab a bunch of random bitz. They do not have to have any relevance to one another, you just need enough to cover the base

3- glue everything to the base (I use super glue and / or polystyrene glue depending on the application) and let dry

4- spray base coat, let dry, paint individual bitz, spray matte clear coat, done.

@ MauS- Hi

@ rustbucket- Looks like the 'fridge and the generator thingy need to be bumped to the top of my list.

Had some modeling time last night so I have some new pics to share. Everything is still WIP.

Mostly finished, just need a few finishing touches:

A bit of work on the fridge. Texture is on purpose, used a stippling effect. The tissue on top is holding the door handles I am going to use later.

I have no idea what this is supposed to be, but it looks cool.

More work on the barrel. I think I did a decent job on the muck inside it

That's it for new work.

A question for all of you that follow this thread- what level of interest would you all have in a quick 'linear terrain' contest? Would it even be appropriate? The current LoER contest is wrapping up soon, inmygravenimage's repurpose contest is over, and I'm not aware of anything else going on.

I don't think this would seriously distract someone from a current main project.

Majority feedback by Monday morning decides if I do this or not. Your vote isn't a commitment to participate, I'm simply looking for your opinion of a contest.

Thanks for looking, and thanks for contest feedback in advance. I'll be back.

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Made in us

The definition that Dave gave a few posts up. Honestly I'd never heard the term myself. Oh these kids and their newfangledy ideas

Gah. Page flipped. Copy / paste / repost:

Skalk Bloodaxe says:

A question for all of you that follow this thread- what level of interest would you all have in a quick 'linear terrain' contest? Would it even be appropriate? The current LoER contest is wrapping up soon, inmygravenimage's repurpose contest is over, and I'm not aware of anything else going on.

I don't think this would seriously distract someone from a current main project.

Majority feedback by Monday morning decides if I do this or not. Your vote isn't a commitment to participate, I'm simply looking for your opinion of a contest.

Thanks for looking, and thanks for contest feedback in advance. I'll be back.

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Made in us

Judge. Which is why I'm asking. I don't want to look like I'm stealing any thunder or pulling people off other projects / contests. Especially when I haven't finished a terrain contest since July of 2012.
Made in us

Response seems positive so far, so here's a general idea of how it would go:

- Pieces would be intentionally small. Bases would be no larger than a 40K 60mm round base, but no smaller than a WFB 40mm square base (exceptions- 25X50mm WFB calvary base, 25X70mm 40K bike base, WFB 20x80mm troop base). You do NOT have to use a GW base, I’m mentioning them only for scale ref.

- Timeframe would be 4 weeks w/ a one week 'stress extension' if absolutely necessary for extenuating circumstances, but no exceptions beyond that flex time and I would prefer to not have to use it. On average it takes (me) a few hrs to build and paint one of these. The only reason I'm going 4 weeks is because I want to make sure the latecomers have a chance to enter and finish a piece, also the opportunity to catch up for people that find IRL is suddenly affecting hobby time.

- I'm also thinking about assigning 3 classes for judging- Expert (we all know who these guys are), Normal People (ha!), and special category Lurker. Come on lurkers, I know you guys are out there. Speak up and join the fun!

Important note, no WIP pics here. My opinion is that participation drops when WIP pics are posted. That coupled w/ the 3 judging categories will (hopefully) increase participation.

So that's what I am thinking. Feedback on contest ideas?
Made in us

Replies are all positive so far. Looks like I had better get working on a specific set of rules. I won't post them until Monday regardless. For you 'early birds' please don't start gluing yet, I want to see a 'starting bitz' shot. I know this project will take 5-6 hours tops but to be fair I'd like to wait until everyone is on board. It will also give me some time to specifically invite some Dakka folks that do not usually stop by here.

Made in us

Gitz- Welcome aboard! It seems like this is a done deal, but again I'm going to wait until Monday because that is what I said and it also gives lurkers and occasional posters a chance to find out about this.

Llamahead- For you, yes. The vast majority of your projects are in that scale and my intent for this (aside from having fun w/ it) is to have the end result be functional for tabletop play. I will be requesting you try for a 25x50mm or 20x70mm WFB base though. I'm sure you have more than enough bitz to cover that.

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