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Friday Quick Tip: Fixing and Smoothing a Pit
By: realgenius

Today's Quick Tip is about fixing little problems on models you've already started painting or already painted. This week I had a small pit appear in the robe of a model I was working on. It must have been a bubble in the primer because it wasn't there when I inspected the metal. As I was laying down a base coat, it just appeared.

Normally if I find a pit before painting I'd break out the green stuff to fill, smooth and sand the pit away. But since I was well into painting this model I needed something less mechanical and less potentially damaging to the paint I already laid down.

After trying to cover it up with successive coats of paint I decided to place a drop of super glue into the pit. It worked like a charm. Before drying I smoothed the glue with my finger so there'd be no excess. Once dried, I smoothed the glue with a pencil eraser. The pencil eraser has just enough roughness to smooth paint without leaving sand marks or taking too much paint off. If you have a lump or mound of super glue, you might need a fine sandpaper to smooth it down.

A normal pencil eraser is also great for smoothing any drips or rough paint spots on your model when breaking out even the finest sand paper would be too rough.

Once everything was smooth and dry put down a quick thin layer of basecoat and that unsightly pit was gone for good.

The pencil eraser is a great tool for paint sanding. What other tools do you use to correct your "oops" moments?

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Nice way of fixing you're problem,I love DIY solutions to things.

How is that marine army of your's coming along?

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I use a dry, firm bristle #6 shader to pull extra paint away from a model when it's wet or to brush almost dried paint off a model. Came witha set of craft brushes and works like a charm.

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Smoothing super glue with your finger? That would end up with me being stuck to a model Would PVA work better and reduce the risk of gluing yourself to your paintjob?

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Yea, I had to reread the words "super glue," I would think PVA glue to be a bit less dangerous on your partially painted mini.

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