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Thoughts on Pask.

I've got to think that his best pairing is with melta sponsons. Either on regular Russ where you won't loose the battle cannon vs the vanquisher or on an executioner with the potential for 4 str 8 twin linked, 1 str 10 lascanon, and 2 str 9 melta shots against armor. Still pretty damn pricey at 245 points though.

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I think it should be pointed out that despite 48" range, 3 griffons its a decent unit, 225 points isn't cheap but a tricked out russ can cost similar for one tank, three AV 12 hulls can soak it up, couple that with 3 S6 large blast's re-rolling scatter dice, that will shred anything up to a fire warrior. 24 fire warriors, couple of units of boys, two full units of dire avengers; and you've got you're points back, not to mention at S6 ordnance, rolling 2 dice and pick the highest you can take out light tanks, admitedly that's mainly AV 10 transports but if there's an ork player trying to refuse a flank, bunching up 3-4 trukks with some bikes and warbuggy's, three huge templates are going to hit a lot, having 10 boys charge whilst their 30 mates walk through another 2 turns of griffon fire and knocking off some big shootas(guard death anyone?) on the trukks and buggys is not such a bad thing.

On a personal note I was upset that they didn't put in the destroyer tank hunter, I would have really liked a good long range, direct fire, tank pwning vehicle... melta weapons just don't seem as exciting.

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