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Dakka Veteran

This is a tutorial showing you an easy way to construct great looking crystal outcrops for your games of warhammer 40,000 from readily available resources.
You will need:
Thin card
Phenolic foam (the dense blue stuff)
A sharp knife, I used a kitchen knife but a hobby knife will suffice
Basing brush
PVA glue
Basing material

First cut your bases out of card into appropriate shapes. Here I went for 5 objective style pieces and 3 difficult terrain style ones.

Cut your foam into columns of 5mm-1cm. do the same so no side of the column is more than 1cm wide on any face.

It should end up like this:

Now cut each column into 1cm-2cm lengths.

Do this until you have what you deem an appropriate number.

Slice and dice these sections until you can make out crops then PVA them to the card, it may be a good idea to sharpen the ends to a point.
PVA basing material onto the card also, mine looked like this:

Now begins the painting. This is more a guide than actual instructions as painting is personalised and depends on the board you want the terrain to tie into.
I spray based mine black.

The crystals were drybrushed Games Workshop colours Regal blue, then Ultramarines blue, then Ice blue.


On my board I got nice results and you could get the same on yours. Now I just need some craters...

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South Africa

They look rather nice.All in all a solid tutorial.

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Made in gb
Bounding Assault Marine

Quick and concise tutorial, well done. May I just add that the method you have shown can just as easily be used for creating standing stones and rock formations...here are some that I made about 10 years ago and they are still going strong.

Made in gb
Dakka Veteran

Yes, I think gw uses foam for lots of terrain too, it's easy to shape, also having terrain going for a decade? well done!
but for some reason they suggested using cut up pencils to make crystals

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"The fusion core can't take it cap'n" Techpriest 'Scotty' Valtex, shot for insubordination

See my WIP thread at http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/221633.page 
Made in gb
Bounding Assault Marine

Cut-up pencils? Can't see how they thought that would work well. Yours are much better using the foam.
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Milford, MA

Pencils already have that hex shape and are a lot sturdier for battle. They are also a lot easier to find than hex plastic rod.

They are usually used on mini bases more than for LOS blocking terrain though. Foam will be very fragile at 5-10mm.

You can use the pencils around the bigger foam crystals as smaller crystals.
Made in eu
Regular Dakkanaut

Westerville, OH

I wouldn't recommend the cardboard basing you've used, as it will warp, guaranteed.

The biggest problem any time you use foam is chipping. It's easy to knock a crystal off accidentally.
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Scyzantine Empire

Concise and effective, I like it. Is the foam the blue insulation foam board found in DIY stores?

I use trapezoidal sprue for "little" crystals to base necrons. Just cut to length, whittle the end to a faceted point and abracadbra!

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