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Hi Peeps

Just a quick question, and yes I have tried to search! Doeas anyone know if the stats for Grey Knights have been brought into line with the new 5th edition rules and inline with Codex Space Marines?

I've looked at the errata page on GW website, and theres various questions, but no mention of updated Stats! Right now, a Grand Masters stat line is the same as, or comparrible to a "normal" SM Captain.....which is bogus!

Any help would be warmly welcomed!


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Trigger-Happy Baal Predator Pilot

No they did not change the stats.

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Camouflaged Zero


Games Workshop never does that for anyone. Grey Knights will be fixed when they get a new Codex. They still have Smoke Launchers that downgrade penetrates to glances and Force Weapons that can one-hit-kill a Bloodthirster, just as several other Imperial armies are also getting screwed over for their book being `out of date'.

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Why would they?

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Been Around the Block

GW just doesn't FAQ or Errata things like that. You will have to wait for your codex update. In the meantime, enjoy the fact that your smoke launchers are better than everyone else's and your force weapons being a little better.
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Longtime Dakkanaut

United States of England

Oh, I see....well, I think I'll leave the GK in the storage vault until GW can be bothered to update them.

I like my games a bit more fluffy, and having a Grand gakker equal to my Ultrasmurf Capatin, doesn't make him worth the time or the points.

Man down, Man down.... 
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