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Creating open sores on vehicles (Chaos - Nurgle)  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in us
Perturbed Blood Angel Tactical Marine


Here is an easy way to create that look of a vehicle haveing open sores on its armour (for a "living vehicle" or a vehicle of Nurgle)
I started by putting pools of white glue in the places I wanted there to be sores
Then while the glue is still wet, I put drops of super glue on top of the white glue
Give it about 24 hours to dry, and there will be there sort of wrinled sections in the middle of a crater
I took an exacto knife and cut out the circle in the middle (basically cut away all the wrinkley looking stuff) and then that leaves you with these nasty looking craters
You can then rough up the inside of the craters on the actual plastic of the vehicles if you want, or just paint them as is. They may look weird at first, but after you put a coat of paint over them, they stat to look more like these craterous sores. Cool look for a nurgle vehicle.

If you wanted to go the extra mile, you could then use "green stuff" or modeling apoxy and make tentacle that come out of the craters and creep onlong the vehicle.

Let me know how it turns out, you can practice on your extra tank bits or extra model bases if you want to get a feel for how it will look. If you have other ways of doing this, let me know, I am always open to knew ways of converting my models!

Made in is
Thunderhawk Pilot Dropping From Orbit


Well , im not a chaos/nurgle collector , but i concider myself pretty good with gs , i tried this and it worked , but i wasnt happy until i whas done greenstuffing the whole crater ....

One thumb up , the other one land in the middle

Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Scyzantine Empire

Any pics? I don't play chaos or Nurgle, but like a good conversion technique.

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Made in us
Perturbed Blood Angel Tactical Marine


I will throw some pics up within the next few hours. Been kind of lazy with taking pictures haha but I have one I did and painted (did it quick just to get a feel for it so it isn't painted extremely well) that I will throw up in a bit.

Made in us
Been Around the Block

This looks great and very well done! Nice well written tutorial as well. I am about to start building a table also, but I cannot decide if I want to make the board modular like this. I am having a hard time justifying the amount of work on the board when it seems like a flat one piece table and then better terrain would suffice.

I do like that the stones are routed in, but that seems like the only draw back to me if the big hill sections were just left as loose pieces?

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