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I managed to find a BFG rulebook at the local Goodwill store and, of course, snatched it up for the princely sum of US$1.06. I looked around for models, but couldn't find any. Now I want to play some games. But, times are tough around here (myself and 7599 fellow employees have been laid off). I'd like to test out the ruleset and how well I like it without buying any models.

Does anyone know of any two dimensional, top-down graphics of BFG ships that I could print and use to play?

Something like what's attached, but less cr@ppy.
 Filename bfg top view test.bmp [Disk] Download
 Description paint image of top down bfg ship
 File size 1025 Kbytes

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There was an old WD that, I believe, had the early playtest rules of BFG in them. In that WD, they had cardboard cut-outs of ships to 'proxy'. They don't look like the current ships.

I have them, but of course cut them out. If you might be interested, let me know, I'll scan the cut-outs onto a sheet of paper and send em your way.

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a friend of mine has made proxies for every fleet bar orks (WIP) and rogue trader ships;

Some stations like ramilies or blackstone fortress have been made 3D (kind of)


kiromonk is the author of this beauties

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