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So I have a question and a discussion

Please answer this question:
First if the Soul Grinder is a Walker- then can It shoot both Harverster(assault 6) and the Vomoit(or Phlegm or Toungue) in the same shooting phse?It does not say that it can or it can't but it says it is a walker with a bult in harvester(like built in Storm bolter)
If it can shoot bouth then---

Sould Grinder 135-160 vs Dreadnought(Ironclad-135points Av 13 13 10 , venerable 165 12 12 10 and shooting dread 135-145 ML TL LAS etc 12 12 10)

1.My should Grinder has IN CC S10 -corect?? the dread the same = the same

2.AV F:13 S :13 R:11 DD :F 12(13) S :12(13) R:10(10)= +1 to the Soul grinder

3.Attack -4 Attack -2 or 3 = +2 Soul Grinder

4.Shooting- 2 weapons- s 10 or s8-large blast + 6 assault VS 2 assault + a melta,TL las etc= I think the Soul grinder has the advatage

5.Soul Gr has the fleet rule...the Dread does not= +3

6.Points cost - sometimes a Soul Gr can be 160 and a dred about 135= just + 2 to the Soul Gr

7.The Soul Grinder has 2 CC weapons(meaning a wepon destryod would still give him the ability to have s10)-dread only one.and the other cost points= + 3 t\TOTAL to Soul Grinder

This is a discusion I have propsed in The WAR and the Hammer magazine and I would need some opinions about what do you think,before I would send the article

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The Soul Grinder and the dreadnought are both walkers that can swing hard on tanks and other vehicles.

That's where the comparison ends.

The Mawcannon, using any of it's pay-to-play profiles, knocks the snot out of anything the dread has to offer (until you factor in BS, but you can still use Phlegm and then assault, so it's not all bad). The closest parallel you have to another walker here is the Defiler, which comes in as the gimped cousin to the amazing piece of sexy that is the Soul Grinder.

If you really want to see the parallels, look at it alongside the LRBT, and see what you get for the points there....

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The problem is that you can't just compare units over armybooks. The soulgrinder would of course be taken instead of a dread in a SM army, and it would probably do pretty well in a SM army. The problem for soulgrinders, are that they are the only vehicles in the deamon-list. That means that they die much easier, since they are threatening, and they are your only armour. MC's can act a bit to add some other targets for enemy anti-tank, but not as well as other armour could.

Soulgrinders are much bigger, they can hardly hide, that is much easier for a dread.

Soulgrinders are demonic, that is a big boost.

Dreads can get pods, and can then drop safely almost anywhere, unlike the huge grinder, that needs to drop a safer place.

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The big advantage of Dreadnaughts I4 over I3, why you should keep grinders away from dreads

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My Eldar project log (26/7/13)

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very good reviews!! maybe ill do smoe quoteing

The ideea is:"Best Wlaker in the Game", and it seem to be the soul grinder- imagine : movement+ 6 assaut(from harvester) and plus Phlegm - bunch of hits and then Assault with 2 Drea CC weapons or insted of shooting-FLEET then assault- Av 13 13 and rear :11 .I think no contest

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Yeah, the Soul Grinder is pretty boss, but I think a pretty mean walker is the Blood Angels Venerable/Death Company Furioso. Especially if he's within 12" of Cobulo and/or Dante.

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