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I've seen many, MANY lists here but I can't recall one list which included old Zogwart. Maybe because warpheads are unreliable and there are better more reliable options for less points (like a Mek with KFF) But I am seriously considering fielding Zoggy in a 1000 pt tourney coming up in a few weeks.

I would field him with 30 Shoota Boyz, 3 BS's, Nob & PK. Also in the list is a warboss and 6 nob bikers all kitted differently.

I origionally thought Old Zogwart wasn't worth the points, what for the curse which could or could not work (It's like a 1/3 chance it will) on the enemy IC. But then I noticed Nest of Vipers! How cool! D6 attacks at I4 which always wound on 2+!! Talk about a TMC killer. Plus with WS4 Zoggy will hit on a 4+ against higher WS guys. That's a 50% chance of hitting and a 5/6th (or better than 80% chance) to wound.

But I haven't seen one battle report, army list or even partial statement about the use of this character. Anyone out there use him or seen him used? Do you think he was worth the points or are those points better well spent elsewhere (like for 3 Deffkoptas to go tank hunting)?

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Zogwort is awesome in a foot-slogging list. I don't think that a foot-slogging list should have nob bikers, let alone SIX of them....if you're taking a foot slogging list, take a foot slogging list.

As for Zogwort, you have a 50% chance of squigging an IC, not a 33% chance (you vs them, whoever rolls higher) every turn, which is a *lot* of fun. He works great in conjunction with a nob with a powerklaw against a unit. Here's the thing though:

Easy foot slogging army that will kick serious tail: squads of 30 boyz, nob+PK in each one, and the entire thing preceded by a 29 count gretchin unit with 2 runt herders. Those 31 models spread across your front lines give the rest of your army a 4+ cover save as you run across the field, and Zogwort really shines here with his potential to teleport, waaaugh!, or other crazy things until you get within 18" to do real damage.

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