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Teutogen Guard 2 Viking Smurf, is Cdx Space Woof the answer?  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Despite my hesitancy to start an army (seeing as im finding it difficult to even get my =I=munda gang together) I was inspired by the Teutogen Guard to start an Empire army.

To my suprise I could not find any reference to the Teutogen on the GW site, some further scratching through forums revealed the horrible truth - they have been written out of the rules! Which makes no sense, they are AWESOME models, some of the best looking human based models I have seen in the GW WHFB range.

The more I thought about it the more I realised that a decent looking Viking Space Marine army would fulfill my need for iron plated warriors with hammers and axes etc. (no im not going to start a chaos army, so dont suggest it!). I was thinking that maybe a Space Wolves army would be the way to go as they already have the slightly Viking feel. I dont have the codex, so im relying on what i have read online. However I believe that there will soon be a new SW dex and some new SW models to boot. - http://www.belloflostsouls.net/2009/07/40k-rumors-space-wolves-round-2.html for more on that.

For those of you who play wolves (successfully - ie. 60% win ratio) I would like to know more about tactics, army builds, tips / tricks.

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space wolves right now are actually pretty well balanced, even though our current codex is ~9 years old.

The main reason why our current codex has stood up to the test of time is that our codex allows us to use toys from "codex: Space Marines" so we get to use the latest land raider variants, latest tank options, latest wargear rules, etc.

Also, the point cost of our units are kinda weird compared to vanilla marines, this does give you some distinct advantages.

what i recommend is doing either a full drop pod army, or a land raider based army.

either way you go, Bloodclaws are your friend, bolt pistol, close combat weapon, and only 12 points for a powerfist. run them in a pack size of 11, and you can take 3 powerfists. bare bones 11 man, with 3 powerfists is only 190 points, and it does extremely well.

I personally like to field them with a Wolf Guard Pack leader with a thunderhammer and a Wolf Guard Batlle leader with a frostblade and stormshield. pile them all into a land raider crusader and you have a mobile unit that can kill anything you point it at.

another fun unit I like to field is 9 Grey Hunters with bolters, Ragnar Blackmane, in a Rhino, drive them up a flank, get out and double tap your enemies assaulty units. 99% of the time they will charge in, allowing Ragnar to eat them alive in CC with 8x I5, S5, WS6 power weapon attacks. To help protect this unit I also keep a venerable dreadnought nearby.

Also Wolf Scouts are your friend. Operate Behind Enemy lines with meltabombs. even if you just run a 4 man unit with meltabombs (72 or 60 points, depending on how strict to the letter of the rules you play) they can destroy an obscene amount of enemies, one game I had them destroy 2 land raiders and kill 5 chaos space marines.
another game i had them destory 2 leman russes, take out 2 infanty squads, and hold up a squad of veterens for 2 more turns.

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i've actually been thinking of doing a space wolves army for quite a while now, but i've always decided to go with somthing else. But evrey time i've decided to start up a new army, i've alway though about Space wolves, But never got around to it.
I think i'll join you in making a space wolf army, Iron

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well i've been chatting to some local (south africa) wolf players and I think I will wait for the new SW dex to come out before I make any decisions.

I did order some goodies off ebay to do a test run on a viking style marine.

I suppose I will start with 500 or 1000pts want to keep it small and manageable - will only really play as an ally in irregular games (what with time and extra cash being scarce).
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