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Made in us
Ambitious Space Wolves Initiate

Long Island

Oi you gitz! I only wuld fink dis is da best and mosst propa place to do dis!

So in the mean time for the Space Wolves Codex to come out I decided to give the Good Ol Boyz a go and have at it. I just got done ordering 40 orks from the war store and was wondering what else I should get? To start off this is what I have so far.

1 - AoBR Warboss - So affectionately known as Nutbusta
5 - AoBR Nobs
2 - AoBR Boyz
3 - Deffkoptas

As for the only 2 boyz I will be getting the 40 soon as I live 25 miles away from TheWarStore HQ. So I will have 42 in total.

I know that Warbikes are a must so there's that, and I know a Trukk is a good idea as well. But what about Heavy Support. I was thinking a Battle Wagon and a Killa Kan or two. What are you thoughts oh mighty Dakkites.


Made in us
Yellin' Yoof

Chicago, IL

It depends on if or ordered AoBR sprues or regular ork sprues. AoBR are slugga boyz and you'll need trukks, and regular spures have both and the usual choice is either footslogging and lots of dakka or trukk boyz to get them in assault. If you haven't read the ork tactica article here you will need to. There is no better place for ork info anywhere.
Made in us
Decrepit Dakkanaut

Burtucky, Michigan

I havnt had to much luck with kans or dreds (specially kans) they blow up to damn easy. For somereason my opponents seem to think those are more a threat then 3 trukks pack with boyz raising hell towards them.
You need to figure out what type of Ork you want to be in all honesty. You want to be bad moonz, and use slowed amounts of bullets to kill stuff. OR, do you want to take the battle up close and hammer the piss out of the enemy in CC. I choose CC for my Orks. Though now, Ive been forced into sucking it up, and buying some lootas. This makes me unhappy, but my boyz have a hard time killing landspeeders on foot, so I need to send a message in the form of "hurhurhur Eat some dakka"
Saying that, your off to a pretty good start. Figure out what you want and go from there. Otherwise youll waste alot of cash on things you wont use.
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Las Vegas

Just putting your army together? I'd say: Boyz, boyz and more boyz. A solid sixty before even worrying about too much else. AoBR is a great way to get this number if you want to keep it simple. Also you can troll EBay, Rogue Trader or even the Swap Swap here to see if anyone wants to get rid of their AoBR Boyz at bargain prices.

Then Trukks.

Beyond that, I agree with KingCracker and decide what kind of Ork mob you want to be.

Just my thoughts for just starting out.

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Made in us
Ultramarine Master with Gauntlets of Macragge

Boston, MA

Once you have the 20 AoBR boyz, you should get 4 boxes of Boyz. If you distribute the boyz right, you can easily have 30 slugga boyz and 30 shoota boyz, using the 2 big shootas from AoBR and a third you can make with one of the kits. That's what I'm doing anyway.
I also picked up a box of Nobz to bring the AoBR nobz to 10 total, converting a painboy from the box.

Anyway, that's the way I have my Orks set up at the moment. Also converting some WFB Black Orcs to 'Ardboyz.

Check out my Youtube channel!
Made in ro
Regular Dakkanaut


Always say-get the battle force

2nd- nobz..u need them

If you have assault on black reach to split it with a marine...will be also great....for a very good price... it give you nobz 20 boyz warboss and 3 defkoptas...

Made in ca
Morphing Obliterator

Boyz. More Boyz. For an HQ look into Kustom Force Field Meks, Shokk Attack Gun Meks (if you want a fun, potentially devastating HQ) or Ghazkull (Special Character).

Chaos Space Marines
Vampire Counts 
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