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The bit stuck on the side of England. Wales isn't it.

Got a little question if anyone can help. If a building is stunned , does the unit inside act as passengers in a vehicle and are stunned as well?

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Check the building rules in the 40k rulebook.

Stunned and immobilised are treated as shaken. Passengers, and therefore occupants, also suffer from shaken, thus cannot fire.

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Basically they cant shoot but they can get out and operate as normal.

Rick Priestley said it best:
Bryan always said that if the studio ever had to mix with the manufacturing and sales part of the business it would destroy the studio. And I have to say – he wasn’t wrong there! The modern studio isn’t a studio in the same way; it isn’t a collection of artists and creatives sharing ideas and driving each other on. It’s become the promotions department of a toy company – things move on!
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Lead-Footed Trukkboy Driver

The bit stuck on the side of England. Wales isn't it.

Thanks for that Rav.

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