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Bounding Assault Marine


howdy all. Im taking a temporary break from 28mm modelling in order to work on something a lot more complex... a space marine costume.

My buddy and I got the idea of going to some conventions as space marines, and in the spirit of competition, I'm trying to "one up" him by bringing my vulkan hestan counts as to life.

I have pretty much everything I need to complete this costume, except for 1 thing-- I need an appropriate part for a flamethrower nozzle. If an o' you boyz or girlz can link me a proper sized flamethrower toy, or a tutorial for how to make one, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Oh, and if it helps any-- the thing will eventually be mounted on this, once it receives some power armor loving:

My friend suggested paintball barrels, don't know if that'll look good or not

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