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Ork-Hunting Inquisitorial Xenokiller


Hey Me and my pal got IG and SM codices.He was just wondering whih codex chapter is the best(in color schemes).
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Scouting Gnoblar Trapper

>_> Which chapter scheme does he like the look of?

That's "the best" in colour scheme.
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Ork-Hunting Inquisitorial Xenokiller


Thats the problem.He likes Salamanders,Ultramarines and white scars!
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The Last Czarnian

The Northwest Territory

If he likes all three, maybe he could read some of the background material and pick which one he likes best that way? There's quite a few cool color schemes, really.

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Stormin' Stompa


'Best' is pretty damned subjective. What are his priorities?

Ease (any of the well-documented founding chapters...)?
Contrast (...whereas successor chapters often have very striking two-tone schemes...)?
Detail (... but nothing beats hand-painted flames on your LOTD or Salamanders)?

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Tzeentch Veteran Marine with Psychic Potential


I think it largely depends on how easy he wants them to be to paint. With something like blood angels or Ultramarines where its solid blocks of one colour theyre quite easy to get the hang of, but with the more heraldic successor chapters its harder to get a decent paint job.

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