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2 of my newly painted Killa Kan mobs - C & C please!  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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So I am almost done with my first two (of 3) Killa Kan mobs and decided to post them even though Lunahound just recently posted some really remarkable Kans and my look like gak in comparison.

At any rate, I should note Disclaimer: This is my first time ever painting checks or lines on a model! I know, wierd right! I've bee playing and painting since Rogue Trader (which doesn't really mean anything) and this is my first time trying checks. But, I decided to be bold and give it a go.

The main paint isn't GW paint, it's Reaper red metallic but all the other shades are GW paints. In fact beneath the Reaper Red Metallic is Boltgun Metal and beneath that is Chaos Black primer. So I guess this thread also brings the question of whether or not that will give me trouble in the future, that is, fielding them in tournaments and such. I probably can't field em in a GT right? Like I'll ever get to a GT.

The bases aren't done yet but they'll be medium ballast with spots of green grass flock (Tho I may start going brown sandy flock to give it a more desolate feel)

The first three are the first mob, the second three are the second mob.
[Thumb - Kan1A.JPG]
Killa Kan with CCW and Kustom Mega Blasta

[Thumb - Kan1B.JPG]
Kan with CCW and Kustom Mega Blasta

[Thumb - Kan1C.JPG]
Kan with CCW and Grotzooka

[Thumb - Kan2A.JPG]
Killa Kan with CCW and Grotzooka

[Thumb - Kan2B.JPG]
Killa Kan with CCW and Grotzooka

[Thumb - Kan2C.JPG]
Killa Kan with CCW and Kustom Mega Blasta

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Overall I like kunversions on da kans, nice weapon variations . I think that the red needs to be broken up with another color. The red is a nice metallic color, it just needs to be broken up, maybe some black or yellow for contrast.

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