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Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Okay, here's my tutorial to make cheap, and imo, effective razorwire.

Materials needed:
1. 1/4" square chickenwire mesh. This generally comes in rolls of 5 feet in length which is enough to make quite a bit of razorwire.
2. MDF board cut into 6"x2” sections as described for razorwire in the Big Rulebook.
3. some sort of tool handle to wrap your razorwire around to get that signature roll.
4. balsa wood, dowel rod, etc to make your razorwire armature (what the razorwire is attached to, you'll see what I mean)
5. Basing materials (sand, gravel, etc,)
6. Glue

Step One:
Cut your dowel rod and glue them spaced out on your mdf board. (I have two examples, simple Balsawood "pilings" and A-frames (also made of blasawood). YOu could also use Sprue bits, etc. to look as though the razorwire was hung from pieces of rebar pulled from a wrecked building or something.
Step Two:
Glue the basing materials to the MDF board.
Step Three:
Cut 2 strips of ¼” mesh approximately 12-15 inches long. Try and cut the cross pieces as close as possible so as not to leave actual barbs, you’ll see what I mean, the crosspieces still leave enough to allow the mind to make the leap of faith to see it as actual razorwire.
Step Four:
Holding one end of the razorwire strip you just cut, wind it around a tool handle, I used an exacto knife handle.
Step Five:
I think it is easiest to spray paint the razorwire before attaching it to the base, so I spray it brown or black, then lightly spray it silver, you can weather it or leave it shiny. You’ll probably find it easiest to go ahead and paint the base without the razorwire on it as well.
Step Five:
By lightly pulling the razorwire you can slip it onto the balsawood stands you glued to your base. Its optional to drop some glue onto the razorwire where it touches the balsa stands or the base itself. I find one coil of razorwire looks a bit bare on a stand so I like to include 2/stand.
[Thumb - Razorwirematerials.JPG]
Razorwire Materials

[Thumb - aframe.JPG]
A Frame Razorwire

[Thumb - Razorwire.JPG]
Finished Razorwire

Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Looks really good, actually much better then the wrapped wire approach.

My question to you is, how many times did that chicken wire inflict real injury to you in the process
Made in us
Annoyed Blood Angel Devastator

All I have to say is Wow! that looks really good. and for a couple of bucks you will have all the razor wire you could ever need.

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Made in gb
Squishy Squighound

pretty kwl im gonna tri it out

Bring it on!!!
I have Orc Boyz, fully painted and ready to OWN!
I like the dice! 
Made in gb
Flashy Flashgitz


Me too.

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Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Cut Chickenwire is sharp, but a job's not a good'un until some blood's been spilt!

I'll post some additional pics of other applications and maybe some better painted stuff, probably this weekend.

Made in us
Wicked Warp Spider

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Oh dam another 40K masochist. More blood for the blood god. There was a thread on that. They are very nice though.

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Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Okay so I wasn't totally happy with the pics of the final razorwire, so I gave them a wash and repainted to razorwire itself, priming it brown and then drybrushing with boltgun metal. Much better, what do you think? BTW, if any of my colors are a bit off, Im colorblind so I do what I can, but don't hold me to any high standard!

[Thumb - razorwire2.JPG]
Grots in the wire! grots in the wire!

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Made in gb
Fixture of Dakka


Nice tutorial. Definately worth a go methinks.

Made in ca
Committed Chaos Cult Marine



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