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Savanah Oil Refinery Board-A How To Prroject.  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in us
Tough-as-Nails Ork Boy

Tenafly, NJ

This summer I have been planning out my perfect board, and two days ago I started it and. Now I ready to show what progress I made and a list of tools and supplies I used on for it if you want to try making it your self. Please give feed back, i am not done with my board yet so it will help a lot. Thanks.

Supplies & tools I used

One, Two Inch Thick Sixteen Foot Sheet of Insulation Foam. (Pink Colored).
One, One Inch Thick Sixteen Foot Sheet of Insulation Foam. (Pink Colored).
Playground Sand
Thirty Two Ounces Of Fast Strong Bonding Wood Glue.
Thirty Two Ounces Of Water

How To Make The Sand Stick

Pour All The Wood Glue In To a Disposable Bucket Or one You Never Plan To Use Again & Pour Thirty Two Ounces Of Water In To It and Mix It Around Then Pour The sand right Up to the Water Line Pour It on The Pour It on the Board & Cover The Whole Board You Might Need To make More Of the Mixture The Ingredients Listed Are For a 4x6 Board. Hope If You Try It You Like The Results.

edit by mod: font size and colour was hurting my eyes! Made normal.
[Thumb - 102.JPG]

[Thumb - 101.JPG]

[Thumb - 004.JPG]

[Thumb - 103.JPG]

[Thumb - 111.JPG]

[Thumb - 110.JPG]

[Thumb - 005.JPG]

[Thumb - 001.JPG]

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Made in us
Furious Raptor


sounds really cool i cant wait to see it done

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Made in dk
Nurgle Predator Driver with an Infestation


It looks great. Do you plan on making some buildings around the refinery?

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Made in gb
Poxed Plague Monk

yh i agree looks great
makeee buildings

Not a double six
There goes the rattling Gun
o and the warp cannon.... 
Made in gb
Automated Space Wolves Thrall


jackvolerich wrote:

Any idea what that thing in the hill is? It looks like some sort of building piece. Also, i like the use of the Macaggre terrain ship pieces embedded into the board. Very nice.
Edit: On reflection, it looks like silver painted cardboard with a vehicle door or something glued to the centre?

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Made in au
Frightening Flamer of Tzeentch

I really like the idea on how to sand the board.
I have two questions about it:
1. So you stick the details down before or afterwards?
2. What consistancy are you looking for in the bucket before you pour?

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In the Wasteland

looks good

Made in us
Mysterious Techpriest

I used that pink stuff on a trench warfare board I did once. Great stuff, it is... you can form quickie trenches by spraying up close with lacquer spray paint, which eats channels into the foam.


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