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OK so awhile ago i bought a whole bunch of guard because they looked cool, i put them all together and then they sat for a year or two, but now that the new codex is out im starting them up, fluff wise im themeing them to be to be a forward recon team, im making 3 "Jeeps", nine bikes, 1 command chim, 2 tanks not sure what yet, a homemade valk, 9 sentinals, and some other things. I made the psykers robes from a plastic walmart bag, and the counts as chim is a toy i bought for 3 bucks at walmart, 21st century toys if you find them the 32 scale works great, oh i free handed german crosses and 4leaf clovers on their shoulder guards, i have alot more if you guys want to see it, my camera sucks hope to post better pics soon tell me what you think
[Thumb - SANY0217.JPG]
Hell Jumpers aka vets

[Thumb - SANY0215.JPG]
Jeep 1 WIP

[Thumb - SANY0219.JPG]
sniper, sgt giving the finger, and custom psyker

[Thumb - SANY0218.JPG]

[Thumb - SANY0214.JPG]

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Sorry, but all but the last photo are too blurry to see anything. Try fiddling with the macro settings on your camera or letting it sit on a steady surface while you photograph things.

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Are these guys from a "blurry" World? Where every Animal is indistinguishable from it's background and every pixel is a unrecognizable?

They look like the might be interesting if I could make them out though.

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way too blurry to make anything out in all but the last photo

Oh stop complaining, its for the greater good... Now get in the box!

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The jeep is obviously kit bashed from a land speeder but would still like to see a clearer picture. One question, why the iron cross for an "Irish" regiment? A harp is a better symbol surely, or even a red hand.
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Ok... I'll share some of my quick photo tips for my alaskan buddy here:

1. Macro setting, zero zoom. It usually is a little flower symbol on most cameras. Most camera's usually have a focal limit of about a foot or two, even with the macro on, so take the pictures a little farther away. Don't use the zoom either, as that also sets the focal point out farther.

2. Lighting. You can take pictures indoors and make them very nice... you don't need to pack them out onto the porch! (Although the sunlight we had today was a nice change from the dreary-ness we've had lately.) What you need is a backdrop, such as a piece of plain paper curved up behind the model. Also, grab a desk lamp (preferably two if you have them) and place it so that it is pointing at the model and slightly above the angle your camera is taking the shot from. If you have the second lamp, place it directly above the model facing down.

3. White Balance: if you take the picture indoors with a lamp, you will need to find out how to set your white balance. It may be labeled AWB, or WB, or something similar. It will need to be adjusted for incandescent or tungsten light. If you are using a flourescent bulb, then set it accordingly.

That should get you a head start, if you want any more advanced tips (such as making a super-cheap photobox and so forth) then feel free to PM me.

Back on topic: So what codex units are you going to include to fit your concept of a forward recon? I'd like to see what kind of list you envision.

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Yeah, it looks like you've got some cool conversions, but get the macro setting on your camera set up and you should get some good shots!

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@ cadbren: that's not exactly an "Iron Cross." Not sure what it's called but it's something the germans came up with in WW2. (no doubt stolen from something else like the swaztika (sp?))

@ OP: Is there any historical tie in? I see a lot of red hair. I'm just curious if you are working off a historical background or just coming up with something fresh. And instead of the german cross, I would suggest the celtic cross. It's actually Irish Another cool thing might be some henna tattoos or celtic knots.

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It's the cross that the Teutonic Knights had which I thought was where the idea for the original Iron Cross came from. Anyone know?
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A good irish symbol is the golden harp(symbol for leinster) of a celtic cross of some sort.

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hey thanks for the tips i hope to post the pics tomorrow or the next day, for the symbol i was thinking Irish Nazis even though the symbol didn't come the Nazis it was from the crusades used by one of the knight orders, i went irish because my moms family is, and my father is german, so like a smash of both

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Firstly I'd like to see better pictures! Hmm a blue shirt theme, intriguing? I'd still however go with the harp or celtic cross to make them more Irish than German. In fact I probably wouldb't go with the shamrock as all I remember seeing it on was tourist stuff. Another thing I'd consider doing is painting one hand on each figure red. I'd also suggest you check out Mastiffs Raven Born blog for inspiration. Vermin Brown works brilliantly for realistic ginger hair!

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Drop Trooper with Demo Charge


thanks Llamahead i used blood red and it just didnt look right to me but my paints are limited right now to what i have (no money due to college lol) and the blue shirts are from my last color shceme it was sort of a urban/winter look but i scratched that because i like the look of these better,

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Longtime Dakkanaut

Check this out Commander, it's a Wiki article about the Blue Shirts.


They were a bit like the German brown shirts/SA. Their symbol/flag is also very easy to paint.
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Ok if ur looking for a symbol look up the Irish Defence forces, Our symbol is not a harp. And if your going for Irish dnt give them the name of an american unit lol. But I think its cool that your creating an Irish regiment, Cant wait to see more

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