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Made in gb
Fresh-Faced New User


I just finished painting my warboss and meganobs with camouflage armour. Now i cant decided to paint my ard boyz with camo or just paint them with bare armour. My army is going to be a blood axe theme but i cant decide.

please help.
[Thumb - pauls pics 082.JPG]
ard boy

[Thumb - pauls pics 083.JPG]
ard boy

[Thumb - pauls pics 084.JPG]
ard boy

[Thumb - pauls pics 085.JPG]
ard boy

[Thumb - pauls pics 086.JPG]
ard boy

[Thumb - pauls pics 048.JPG]
warboss and meganobs for comparison

Made in gb
Decrepit Dakkanaut

Omadon's Realm

Well, my first advice is to 40k your ard boyz up more.

ATM they look verymuch like black orks with gun arms. Add more to them from you bitz box, space marine helms hanging from belts, spare ammo clips and spare pistols.
Also, replace a couple of the medieval weapons with the chainswords or chainaxes.

Then, use a camo scheme, perhaps a different one from the meganobs to identify another mob or perhaps keep the meganob scheme to give the entire army a sense of overall colour. It's up to you, I'm painting my orks all one camo scheme, but you may find you need variety since that can become boring.

Here's a thought, go 'negative' to the meganobs, basically swap the brown and green on the camo scheme over so its principally brown with a green 'marbling', reverse of the meganobs yes.

Made in nz
Been Around the Block

Blood ax theme eh...

You should paint them as ...

IMPERIAL FISTS!!!! Bright and funky. Suits your boyz in their armoured suits perfectly.

I agree with MeanGreenStompa, they do need some 40k element. And his suggestions are all very good ones (so I won't bother repeating them lol).

I think the camo suggestion is good too. Just, with such fine suits of armour... you should paint them to be like Marines! And if you have the balls for it, go and paint each segment to be from different pieces of 'stuff' they scavenged.

So for an Imperial Fist Ork, he will have as many yellow plates of armour from different regiments of Imperial Guards etc.
Made in us
Decrepit Dakkanaut

Burtucky, Michigan

I agree with meangreenstompa. a little more 40k-ifying will go along ways. Also remember, these are Blood Axes, they love ALL types of camo. Orks really dont use camo the way normal people do. So Id say, sure paint then camo, but do it in a different style and color.
Good luck man
Made in gb
Fresh-Faced New User


thanks for your comments.
Im going to go back and make the improvments you guys suggested. I think maybe some hollowed out space marine helmets would look nice.

As for the camo,i think a mixer of the suggestions would look good.
Maybe not imperial fists. Since my space marine army is imperial fist.
I just couldnt do it to such a loyal chapter.

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