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[[HD VIDEO]] How to paint a White Scars Space Marine Tutorial by LBursley  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Jinking Ravenwing Land Speeder Pilot

San Diego, CA USA

Here's number 2 of the Space Project. White Scar Space Marine. Part 2 will join shortly so check back in a day or two

--if you don't see the HD option it hasn't fully processed on youtube's end--

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2nd Lieutenant


perhaps you could do space wolves next since they are coming soon? great video, i like it because you don't need to have white scars to use the majority of the techniques you presented. kudos!

*Ex Username: Gutteridge*

Made in gb
Storm Trooper with Maglight

York or London, UK

Seconded on the space wolves next please. Another awesome tutorial though.

To quote the Channel 4 show, Peep Show: "I'm cancelling out of shame, like my subscription to White Dwarf"

Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Orlando, Florida

I offer another vote towards Space Wolves.

Or just Grey Marines would be good.

Current Armies: Blood Angels, Imperial Guard (40k), Skorne, Retribution (Warmachine), Vampire Counts (Fantasy)

Made in gb
Yellin' Yoof

I'll fourth the motion of Space Wolves!

1500pt Tournament Orks 
Made in us
Annoyed Blood Angel Devastator

I don't think space wolves is on his list yet. Well it wasn't on Monday with the order he is doing them in. It was pretty much first call/dibs and who gets the models to him.

I have an excel sheet with the list in order. Lbursley's post on rogue market lists them alphabetically I believe.

Here is the order in which I sorted by number from his post.
Salamanders - Completed
White Scars - Completed
Disciples of Caliban
Doom Legion
Blood Angels
Angels Sanguine
Angels Vermillion
Angels Encarmine
Flesh Tearers
Pre-Heresy Alpha Legion
Black Consuls
Brazen Minotaurs
Brotherhood of a Thousand
Celestial Lions
Dark Hands
Death Spectres
Pre-Heresy Emperor's Children
Emperor's Spears
Emperor's Warbringers
Fire Angels
Golden Gryphons
Imperial Paladins
Iron Knights
Knights of Gryphonne
Lion Warriors
Pre-Heresy Luna Wolves
Mantis Warriors
Marines Malevolent
Omega Marines
Raven Guard
Scythes of the Emperor
Storm Giants
Hawk Lord
Blood Raven
Grey Knights
Iron Snakes
Black Templar
Fire Hawks
Legion of the damned DOW version no flames
Space Sharks

Others have been called but don't have an placement yet.

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"Wot, This? Naw I've had this fer ages. Of course the paint's still wet, it's me favourite. Sell it to ya if you like. One Careful owner."  
Made in us
Jinking Ravenwing Land Speeder Pilot

San Diego, CA USA

I will most likely do SW when I get the mini from the fellow that reserved it. Because it is the flavor of the month I plan on hitting all the popular chapters first, Blood Angels should be next like there aren't already enough videos of them lol. But I'll wrap up the PT 2 for White Scars and start on BA.. so little mods here and there but no problems.


Made in us
Annoyed Blood Angel Devastator

ooooh, nice. I will wait to start painting my BAs then to see how you do it.

"Wot, This? Naw I've had this fer ages. Of course the paint's still wet, it's me favourite. Sell it to ya if you like. One Careful owner."  
Made in us

These are great!

And that is quite the list of upcoming Marines...

Personally, I can't wait for:

Pre-Heresy Alpha Legion
Raven Guard

Made in us
Moustache-twirling Princeps


Mortifactors next! PLEASE!

Made in is
Thunderhawk Pilot Dropping From Orbit


How long until pt. 2 ?

Made in us
Jinking Ravenwing Land Speeder Pilot

San Diego, CA USA

Sorry I updated everywhere but here. My editing software was bugged so Sony sent out another set of disks. Should be here Tuesday. All the footage is shot but need to edit and render the HD in the program.

I know people are going through tutorial withdraw lol..

Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

Purging on ctf_2fort

Until you're ready, Les, we can wait... Well, almost!

Made in us
Jinking Ravenwing Land Speeder Pilot

San Diego, CA USA

Part 2 just added! HD takes an hour or so to show up but it here! Already started shooting footage for Space Wolves so watch for that

Made in au
2nd Lieutenant


You bet i am, hurrah! widthrawal symptoms are appearing!

quick question: after this huge task, are you going to go to different races? like imperial guard guides? or even tyranids to keep the heretics at bay?

*Ex Username: Gutteridge*

Made in us
Soul Token

seeing how over 70+ marines have been submitted on Rogue-market.com, i'd say.. not yet! haha it'll take a long time to finish all htose marines.

Well maybe LB can answer the q' better haha.

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Made in us
Jinking Ravenwing Land Speeder Pilot

San Diego, CA USA

Yeah I am finishing the footage for Space wolves part 1 now. Just letting washes dry With the number of submissions and at 2 tutorials per week (when time permits) it looking to be about 7-8 month project. But if anyone is crazy enough to do it, it's your boy Les The encouragement you guys give me is what keeps me motivated! Thanks and I'll be sure to keep the vids flowing.


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Made in gb
Slippery Scout Biker

Fantastic tutorial Les, this will be a great help with all of my Apothecaries.

Especially good to see how easy it is to apply the weathering powder, I've just ordered some based on your vid.

Could I trouble you to answer one question though?
What primer do you use? I'm having a Hell of a time finding a good white one...

p.s. I think you're mad for taking on a project like this, but so far your work is spectacular!
You'd better pick yourself out a Xenos army though, because after a few months I can see you really hating power armour!

"anything but a one..."  
Made in fi
Twisted Trueborn with Blaster

Dark Angles!
On topic great video. Anybody else noticed that the music fitted perfectly?

Win/Draw/Lost statics
Space Orks: 11/1/1
Space Marines: 10/2/5
Lizardmen: 8/2/3
High Elves: 13/2/2 and one tournament victory!
Dark Eldar: 1/0/0 
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Milford, MA

Great tutorial.

I like your holder of a 40mm base with funtack on it on top of a paint bottle.

One question I have is what do you mean by a "Soft Body Wash"? Is that a watered down wash?
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