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Made in gb
Steady Dwarf Warrior

Sheffield, UK

Blonde Hair

Being a dwarf player, blonde is often a colour I want interspersing my units and characters but it can be hard to paint a convincing blonde. I have come up with a method that works rather well.

You will need
Paints; Calthan Brown, Snakebite Leather, Golden Yellow, Kommando Khaki, Dheneb Stone, Skull White and Gryphonne Sepia

Each layer should be quite thin, as not to obscure the hair strands. Also multiple layers will most likely be required for each step. Bear that in mind.

For this tutorial I have used a random dwarf body and painted only the beard. I am not being careful of the other parts of the mini as this is just for practice, on the actual mini you will want to be careful of other parts - especially existing painted parts. I also started with a black undercoat.

Step One

The basecoat is Calthan Brown. Paint it all over the hair (from here on in, the beard) until you have a nice solid colour.

Step Two

The next layer is snakebite leather. Paint this all over the beard, but try to leave the basecoat in the deepest recesses of the beard and next to facial features or body parts.

Step Three

Add a small amount of golden yellow to the snakebite and reapply to the previous layer. This will give it a more yellow tone, something blonde has.

Step Four

Add a small amount of kommando khaki to the snakebite mix. The khaki is a neutral colour and has a way of lightening without it gaining colour - it sort of mutes the colour.

Step Five

Now add some dheneb stone to the mix. This does a similar job to the khaki but is lighter in tone. The more you add the lighter the blonde will be at the end. It is also worthwhile to start picking out individual hair strands at this point.

Step Six

Here I have added some more dheneb stone to highlight the beard more.

Step Seven

Add some skull white to the mix. Again, how much determines how bright it'll turn out. Again picking out individual strands makes the beard stand out and look more than just a flat tone.

Step Eight

Wash the beard with gryphonne sepia. Don't just slap the wash on, try to add thin layers of the wash, allow to dry and repeat until happy.

Step Nine

Reapply the highlight from step seven, again looking at highlighting individual strands.

Step Ten

The final layer is to add more skull white into the mix. This is used to pick out the most prominent strands. Such as the moustache and parts of the central braid.

That is it then done. A nice blonde beard. I also used both of these techniques on the mini below;


Made in us
Battleship Captain


Nice! That's a great tutorial. Far too often I see "blonde" models that are really painted "yellow". This is a terrific for showing how to get realistically colored blond hair - I'm going to have to try this on my models.

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Excellent Exalted Champion of Chaos

Grim Forgotten Nihilist Forest.

This is awesome! I'm gonna do this with some of Marauders!

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Made in au
Frightening Flamer of Tzeentch

From a blonde, Thats very realistic, i like it alot.

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Avatar of the Bloody-Handed God


Kuffy i have a question.

Assuming if snake bite brown 's 1st coating can cover completely over the chaos black , can we skip every step directly to dhenebstone + white high light?

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Made in us
Steadfast Grey Hunter

Austin, Tx

nice job!

I'll be trying this out on a few Space Wolves.

Made in gb
Steady Dwarf Warrior

Sheffield, UK

LunaHound wrote:
Kuffy i have a question.

Assuming if snake bite brown 's 1st coating can cover completely over the chaos black , can we skip every step directly to dhenebstone + white high light?

I imagine you could yes. It wouldn't look much different, except for the darker shading and extra layer. I doubt it would change the overall outcome.


Made in us
Furious Raptor


Awesome tutorial.

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Made in us
Blood-Raging Khorne Berserker

Phenomenal work - I applaud your skills! I'm also going to avoid doing blonde hair like the plague, holy crap it takes a lot of work to get right!

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Made in au
Killer Klaivex

Forever alone

Awesome work! This'll work great for my Space Wolves!

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Made in gb
Perfect Shot Ultramarine Predator Pilot

Wiltshire, UK

Great tut, and equally good result, I'm definately trying this one out, thanks

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Made in au
Mekboy Hammerin' Somethin'

Fedan Mhor

Really awesome. Gonna try it out soon myself and see how I go

Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

I'll be giving this a go.
Made in gb
Been Around the Block

Newcastle, England

Great tut and Great mini, good job.
Made in se
Bounding Assault Marine

In the deepest reaches of Valhalla

Really nice! It was easy to follow as well, great! Keep it up!

Made in au
Rifleman Grey Knight Venerable Dreadnought

Realm of Hobby

This tutorial was very handy when painting my Malifaux.

Thank you.

I would like to know different recipes for other natural hair colourations if anyone has any...

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