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Made in us
Elite Tyranid Warrior

This is a portion of my Death Korps army and I want some constructive criticism before I paint the whole thing this way. All models have been blended and no washes were used. I'm going for a winter theme with snow bases and winter camo tanks. Sorry for fuzzy pics.
[Thumb - 041.JPG]
company command

[Thumb - 040.JPG]
platoon command

[Thumb - 020.JPG]
Standard bearer

[Thumb - 027.JPG]
heroic senior officer back

[Thumb - 034.JPG]

[Thumb - 037.JPG]

[Thumb - 038.JPG]

[Thumb - 030.JPG]

[Thumb - 033.JPG]

[Thumb - 035.JPG]

Made in us

O H I am in the Webway...

Yeah do that.

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Made in us
Furious Raptor


2 words

Awesome !

1500 vs 1500 -40k
2500 vs 2500 -fantasy

Made in us

O H I am in the Webway...

LordBoJangles wrote:2 words

Awesome !


But yeah it is awesome really.

He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster and if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you  
Made in us
Rampaging Furioso Blood Angel Dreadnought

Boston, MA

This army is gorgeous man...

My only complaint would be the "A315" on the armour. It needs some glazes (of that white base color) over it and some weathering imo.

Please check out my photo blog: http://atticwars40k.blogspot.com/ 
Made in us
Alluring Sorcerer of Slaanesh

Union, Kentucky United States

I really like what you did. The tanks are great honestly if anything a little mud on the treads since you said constructive criticism. I loved the red coats as they really said"were so damn good we can wear red on the battlefield". Allin all excellent work love the rusted armor.

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Made in us
Fixture of Dakka

Runnin up on ya.

Man, that really must have taken a lot of effort and time. Wow, well done.

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Made in ca
Excellent Exalted Champion of Chaos

Grim Forgotten Nihilist Forest.

Very well done!!

I've sold so many armies. :(
Aeldari 3kpts
Slaves to Darkness.3k
Grey Knights 2500
Daemons of Chaos

Made in us
Ship's Officer

Reading, UK


With all the time and effort you put in I would go ahead and drill a hole or two in your Chimera's HF. Not hugely important, but since the rest of the model is very realistic and painstakingly detailed I think it would be a good idea.

Again, brilliant work.


"War. War never changes." - Fallout

Made in us
Societal Outcast



Made in us
Adolescent Youth with Potential

Nice I love the Tanks.

hawk guard 3-1-0
Made in us
Decrepit Dakkanaut

Burtucky, Michigan

Good gravy. Not only are you playing one of the nicest looking IG armies made, but you painted them easily just as nice. Definitely do that for your army
Made in us
Steadfast Grey Hunter

Austin, Tx

Nice job... These are awesome.

I'll be keeping an eye on this thread.

Made in us
Devastating Dark Reaper


Well now, after a moment of cleaning up my mess from where the sheer awesomeness of this army melted my brain.

Sweet Buttery Pancake Christ that is a sweet army.

Elthrai - Doom, Inexorable fate, Hope
10,000+ 3,500 - 4,000-
Made in cn
Wicked Warp Spider

Some of the best IG painting I've ever seen. Do you seriously need to be told how good you are, or are you just fishing for compliments, you little tease?

Seriously though, I like the warm colours on the command squad and the drab uniforms on the fighting men.

Eldar Corsairs: 4000 pts
Imperial Guard: 4000 pts

Corregidor 700 pts
Acontecimento 400 pts 
Made in us
Gargantuan Gargant

Binghamton, NY

Fan-freaking-tastic. The badass army looks like they've been being badass all winter long, making them even more badass. DKoK make me want to play IG. Yours make me afraid to, since I'll always be holding mine up to them as a standard, and I'd take years to get my painting to that level.

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Made in jp
Enigmatic Sorcerer of Chaos

Excellent weathering. The feel of the models is superb. Well done!
Made in us
Focused Dark Angels Land Raider Pilot


like the snow on the bases (i have snow on my guard myself lol)
really good looking, especially like the chimera

Made in gb
Massive Knarloc Rider


now that is impressive.

seriously no washes?

even more impressive!

i would say that really is easily the best painted models ive seen for a long time.

Check out my (new) blog at https://neonrust.home.blog
Made in us
Moustache-twirling Princeps


Really, really nice.

Made in es
Martial Arts SAS

Pamplona, Spain

The tanks look like they survived a nuke lol. SO cool.

Made in gb
Lord of the Fleet


They are absolutely stunning! Well done on those!
Made in us
Umber Guard

Houston, Texas

Excellent work. It's armies like yours that inspire me to pick up a brush and get practicing.

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Made in gb
Boosting Space Marine Biker


Can i just say that your style is very good. I really like that kind of painting. It's kinda rough (no disrespect as i like it) looking but works really well.

Is this your normal style of painting or something you adopted for this weathered look you have going?

These will or probably do look extremely slick on the battlefield!


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Made in dk
Focused Fire Warrior


Goddamn... I hate your figures. Now when ever I look at my Tau I weep a little and curse at them for not looking like this.

If I had to come up with any kind of criticism, it would be that the tank threads look a bit too "clean" for the weathered look. Would imagine them being a lot more rusty, muddy and generally dirty.

But boy oh boy, do your whole army like this!

Saddened on behalf of all the Ultramarines, Salamanders and White Scars players who got their Codex rolled into Codex: Black Templars.  
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Moving flat out..

Wow.. these look great !

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Made in us
Elite Tyranid Warrior

It's settled then, I will paint the entire army this way. Since you guys seem to like it a lot here's how the tanks were done.
-Knarloc Green, skull white, vallejo smoke, boltgun metal, and mithril silver.
-Weathering powders.

To begin with, paint every part of the model that you want to be in winter camo knarloc green (Everything but the tracks, guns, and other metal bits.) Next, water down some skull white, you want it to go on translucent so don't use to little or too much water. The key to this is not getting any white in the recesses of the model but you don't want to put it on smooth, so streak it on and be a little messy. After this dries Completly! you can proceed with watering down the vallejo smoke which is a dark and gritty paint that greatly achieves a dirty look. Cover all of the white areas with this (It will look really dirty at this point but don't worry). After that dries you will essentially dry brush skull white over top, To go for a more weathered look you can leave the edges just vallejo smoke to show how the paint has been rubbing off. After the dry brush, put pools of watered down white on the largest and broadest areas of the tanks ( You may have to do one side at a time to avoid running paint off the vertical surfaces). Next, repeat a wash of white, smoke, and drybrush once more to finnish the camo. I used weathering powders last to create a few rusty spots and dirt crusted on the sides and ended with a spray of dullcoat to seal them in. If any of this is unclear check out this link which shows pretty much the same thing that I did.


Thanks for the comments I will definitely drill holes in the flamers and post more pics.
Made in au
Making Stuff

Under the couch

Very nice work.

The white on the tanks could possibly do with a little more blending into the shadows and dirt. It's a little too sharply defined at the moment, which makes it look to regular and looks a little more like a grey tank with white spots painted on than a dirty white.

The troops look fantastic, though. I love the distinction with the Command squad uniforms.

Made in us
Trigger-Happy Baal Predator Pilot

I would make all of the great coats the same color, not red on the command and green on the others, other than that, fan-freaking-tastic.
Made in us
Moustache-twirling Princeps


Caboose wrote:I would make all of the great coats the same color, not red on the command and green on the others, other than that, fan-freaking-tastic.

I actually like that a bit. Helps discern who is top dog.

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