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User name StrixStruma and I did a trade a while back.

I agreed to send him 2x box’s worth of tau fire warriors (Including drones) a total of 70$ retail

He agreed to send me 1x box of dark reapers, and 1x box of swooping hawks (with one wing missing)

I shipped off with 2-3 day priority mail on September 23 (was before I left for work so not processed until next day) and have still to receive the package from him (November 11 at time of edit)
Label # 07172135055047003303

Note: this dose not revel his actual name or address, just the cities is which we live.

I received this message from him on 2009/10/12 00:03:27

Hey. Yeah sorry about that. i was was just hopitalized for a while. Tryed to contact you but my Doc said "I can get out of bed or type" I passed a punch to the face for you. Anyways im workin on getting it shipped of now. It's in it's Box ready to ship off and now it's time to ship it off.

To make up for the time lost i'll be throwing in Jain Zar the Howling Banshee Phoenix Lord and Asurmen for free.

And this message on 2009/10/22 01:48:44

Arrrgh!!! Man Somthings wrong with my damn Computer.

Also Yes Beans are Very "Cool" Also i wouldn't try to get free models like that. It makes my throw up tbh. So im gonna trhow in some more bitz again. And Do you want them primed before i ship??

Then this message on 2009/10/30 01:39:43

Hey. Forgot to tell you this but i shipped it off on Tuesday. Should get there Tommorow or Monday.

2009/11/05 21:49:40

Hey. And yes it was. But still no package?? Wtf? I shipped it off last week. I'll call USPS and see what they have to say about it. I'll fill you in on what they say.

At this point I am getting irritated, so I sent him a PM basically asking WTH is going on (I don’t have it in my PM archive, so it’s up to strixstruma to post it if he feals like it)

And then I got this message 2009/11/11 14:20:29

Hey Envy. I know that mail fruad is a felony and i would never rip someone off like this. And i did ship it off on the 27th. But I talked to USPS and they claim to be having problems with the mail due to weater. You can choose to leave my a Negative or postive report depending on wha you think. But i know that im going to leave you a definatly postive one.

Now, he dose seam to legitimately want to work this out as he is actually been maintaining contact with me and answering my PM’s.

But seriously, WTF.

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As a question: Has anybody else had transactions with StrixStruma? Looking at the Reputable Trader's List (henceforth, RTL) at least two people have had good experiences with him.


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he PMed me saying he sent the stuff out on tuesday, and it should get here either today, tommrow, or monday at the latest.
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Shas'ui with Bonding Knife


updated with new info.
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box arrived.

postage was bought on the 12th of november

i would trade with him again, but HE will be shipping FIRST next time.
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Excellent. Glad to hear it resolved satisfactorily. Thread locked.

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