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A few of my friends have started playing BFG and I thought I would start off with a (Forgeworld) Tau fleet.
We're looking at 1500pt games (i think thats the standard size, right?)
Are Tau a good / interesting fleet?

The List i'm thinking of is:
Kor'O Commander 80
Custodian Class Battleship (Capital Ship) 310
2x Warden Class (Escort) 60
3x Protector Class Warship (Crusier) 570
1x Emissary Class Envoy (Cruiser) 130
6x Castellan Class Heavy Escort (Escort) 300

I mean, I haven't even really read the rules but that seems like the right make-up of different classes/sizes of ships
Any help would be appreciated... forgeworld stuff isn't cheap and i want to get it right!

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Also... with a fleet of that size, how many manta / orca squadrons should expect to need?

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Asheville, NC

I dont know, but i have been looking to do the same. I will be watching for answers as well.


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The Great Marsh


Here's some links to threads on warseer from earlier this year talking about forgeworld tau. I almost sprung for buying them in the summer after seeing a member there post a list of things to buy for a 1500 point list. It was the following:

Custodian (1 pack)
3 Wardens (1 pack)
2 Protectors (1 pack)
2 Emissary (1 pack)
6 Castellans (2 packs)
plus Kor'O + Aun'O
cost: 60 pounds

Here's the link where this list was originally posted (it's on the second page toward the end of the discussion):

Here's the link where I posted about it and asked about how many manta / barracuda packs to buy (the consensus was two packs of each would be more than enough, but they're not included in the list above because apparently you can print out templates for small "ordnance" things like fighters and bombers. This was the recommended approach in the thread, also):

One more thread with links in the very last post from the user (horizon) that I was taking most of my tips from, linking to several other threads where he gave advice about FW Tau:

Anyway, I hope this helps . I was also very keen to figure out what the list would be before I bought it, so I could buy exactly what I needed (and not any extra). I didn't end up springing for it, but hopefully the research will help you

Edit: Now that I look at it, the list you posted is really similar to this! Which is great. The user giving most of the advice (horizon) also mentioned that protectors were a bit better than emissaries, so just having one of those in your list is probably a good idea . Although since they come in packs of 2, you'd have one emissary left over, and one protectors left over, if you leave it as-is. In the list I posted above, I believe the only leftover ship is 1 warden (they come in packs of 4, if I'm remembering right, so you'd have 2 left over if you leave it as-is).

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Made in nl
Fighter Pilot


1500pts is indeed a good point standard for interesting games where you have a lot of options.

Your fleet (quite similar to mine):
* You can take 3 Wardens thus you take 3 Wardens. Otherwise your wasting points.
* Better to take Kor'el + Aun'el then Kor'O alone.

Beware the Emissary, use it safely. It dies quicker then you blink with your eyes.

Protectors are your core and cool.

Use missiles. Use missiles. Use missiles.
Castellan missiles to deploy a lot of markers to expend enemy fighters (on CAP or not).

Custodian to be protected. 2 shields ain't much. Make sure your Protectors are a greater threat potential.

Do not engage in broadside duels. If this threatens to happen don't hesitate to AAF to create distance and turn for new missile attack run. Remember that on AAF/CTNH you have max ordnance capability. When passing Castellans and Wardens come important as they are important to keep enemy ships under pressure.


ps thanks to above poster for linking all the great stuff.

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