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What Color Scheme for Rifles for Custom Craftworld Eldar Guardians?  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Philadelphia, PA

I'm working on an Eldar army with custom colors and wanted to get input from some of the esteemed aesthetes on this board for ideas to paint the rifles.
I have the Guardians primed with black with Snot Green for the armor, and Iyandun Darksun + Sunburst Yellow for the pads, helmet and highlights. Examples are pictured below. I have been putting a lot of thought into the color of the rifles. I have Dark Eldar with black splinter (TM) rifles with Boltgun Metal highlights, but I find this boring.
Any ideas or input you have would be greatly appreciated. Also, I'm new at this so if you have any other suggestions to paint these up proper I would be receptive and thankful.
[Thumb - proto_guardian_squad.JPG]
Start of Guardian Squad

[Thumb - single_guardian.JPG]
Single Guardian

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Made in us
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Omnis Arcanum

For the gun you might wanna go black with grey highlights or go chainmail with a blue wash.

Flashman wrote:Think Wahammer Tabletop won the thread.

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(channeling my inner Vostoyan)

Gold. Shining, burnished, exc exc. thin, faint Mythril hilights over the gold.

Maybe also consider getting a good dark wash over the rest of the model, to make the guns really stand out.
Made in us
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I think a bleached bone look could work well.

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