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Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Well my Big mek Got board! Lol! Heres my scratch built ork battlewagon. Still needs some banners major paint touch ups and lots of details. Im going to add 4 rokket launchas, some banners and lots of rivets!
[Thumb - battlewagon update 2 013.jpg]

[Thumb - battlewagon update 2 005.jpg]

[Thumb - battlewagon update 2 020.jpg]

[Thumb - battlewagon update 2 022.jpg]

[Thumb - battlewagon update 2 023.jpg]

[Thumb - battlewagon update 2 024.jpg]

[Thumb - battlewagon update 2 027.jpg]

[Thumb - battlewagon update 2 025.jpg]

[Thumb - battlewagon update 2 029.jpg]

[Thumb - battlewagon update 2 010.jpg]

Made in au
Longtime Dakkanaut

Now that's a TANK!

"There's a difference between bein' a smartboy and bein' a smart git, Gimzod." - Rogue Skwadron, the Big Push

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Made in us
Mysterious Techpriest

Your build is gorgeous, as is your freehand. I do however recommend dirtying it up a bit more.


2800pts Dark Angels
2000pts Adeptus Mechanicus
1850pts Imperial Guard
Made in cz
Stabbin' Skarboy

Czech Republic

Cute vehicle! Gives me positive memories on the Bonebreaka epic gunwagon... But yours maybe looks even better!

Made in au
Stabbin' Skarboy


Hmmm, looks a bit... toyish. Needs a bit more detail and some more weathering.

MeanGreenStompa wrote:
penek wrote:wtf is wrong with GW ???

It's being run by people with short term vision and enough greed to extinguish a sun.

Perhaps they're the C'tan.
Made in gb
Scuttling Genestealer

Kent, England

all its needs is mud splattered up the sides, and on the rolla, and general muck and filth mate, but it looks brill to me

- Hive Fleet Rapier - 4000 points (from 5th Edition codex!)

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