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Pauper with Promise

This is my first post (hi!) and rather than put this in the tutorial section I'll put this here for some feedback first

I typed this tutorial up on my blog here and I'm not sure how to position the images here yet

Ah the predator turret, out of the box we're able to make a Predator Destroyer with an autocannon or a Predator Annihilator with a twin-linked lascannon, but which do we chose? Do you really want to spend the money (and painting time) for this model and not be able to use both? Well theres a magnetic predator, but that's more complicated than it needs to be, though it does work very well for the side sponsons. For my solution all you need are legos! And I'm betting most people into modelling/painting 40k have some neglected legos laying around.

The inside of the predator turret is exactly 1 brick high, 3 thin bricks, not counting nubs on the top brick, so use flat pieces for the top or cut and file off the nubs on the top. Bottom layer is 3x3 pips, 2nd layer is 2x3 pips and 1x3 flat, last layer only needs two 1x2 flats on the sides to glue to the bottom of the turret ring. Glue the top flats to the middle's 2x3. The middle 1x3 flat won't be glued to anything but the turret and that'll be enough. The lego piece will fit into the turret upsidedown, that is the pip and flat piece side will go against the base ring and back shelf of the turret. The female side of the bottom layer will be glue to the inside top of the turret.

You'll need to shave down a few bumps inside the turret, I've marked them here with red sharpee. The legos need to press flush against the plastic to fit well and to get a good glue bond. When everything seems to fit well, superglue the legos to the turret insides, but be carefully not to glue the bottom 3x3 lego to the top layers with the flat pieces. Once the glue is dry, file down the pips just a little or you'll have to pull too hard to separate the turret and you'll loosen your glue. It should be able to hold snugly and still be easy to take apart by twisting the gun piece.

When it's all done you should have a swappable turret for the cost of some superglue and some leftover lego bricks! All thanks to the turret being very lego dimension friendly.
[Thumb - P1040076.JPG]
This lego piece fits perfectly inside a predator turret, make sure the top is flat and there is a 3x1 shelf on the 2nd layer

[Thumb - P1040080.JPG]
Shave down the parts marked as red

[Thumb - P1040087.JPG]
the two halves of the piece glued into the turret

[Thumb - P1040079.JPG]
You can see why you don't need a flat part in the middle, it doesn't even touch

[Thumb - P1040078.JPG]
Shave down those parts inside or there will be a gap like this

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Crazed Spirit of the Defiler

Durango, Colorado

That's amazingly clever, and cheaper than buying rare-earth magnets too! I might have to use this on some of my leman Russ....
Interesting blog btw, definitely want to see that grey knights land raider after work's started on it!

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Repentia Mistress

New Hampshire

That is 101% BRILLIANT! I am definitely going to be doing this on my next Predator. I wonder where else this trick can work. I'm thinking Valkyrie/Vendetta weapons. I think I have some experimenting to do.

Again, 101% Brilliant!

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Trigger-Happy Baal Predator Pilot

You are the smartest person on the planet. You get a Nobel Prize for that.
Made in nz
Longtime Dakkanaut

New Zealand

This really is a nifty alternative to magnetising. Now I'm wondering whether I could do the same for my Tyranid monster arms...

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Made in ca
Calculating Commissar

Kamloops, B.C.

This makes me realize!

Get one of those spinny turntable pieces and glue that into the interior of the tank and mount the turret on it. That way, not only is it removable - but it'll spin too!

Good find

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Flashy Flashgitz


Brilliant. Just, brilliant. I sent you something. Check your mail box. Its a big package containing my graditude for your brilliance. lol

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Mysterious Techpriest

Excellent idea! If I hadn't developed such an unhealthy fascination with magnets as of late, I'd try it.


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