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Brainy Zoanthrope

Toxin Sacs on a Tyranid Prime is a great option with a Bone sword and lash whip...Poisoned power weapon, just saying I made a squad with 5 Warriors and they all have double boneswords and Toxin sacs...and just ruin Terminators...RUIN...

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Tower of Power


A editted title would be better as no idea it's about Tyranids..

Old adversary is a awesome ability for the Hive Tyrant, you only re-roll 1's in the codex so not sure why saying Tyranids will be re-rolling to hit when they can't.

In the Hero Hammer build as someone has mentioned cannot have wings and armoured shell, needs to be editted.

Regeneration is too expensive considering how often you roll a 6+ - how many times you going to get a wound back?

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Old Sourpuss

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The cluster spines, besides the scatter issue, do you never recommend them because of just the scatter issue? Or is there some other reason, it made it seem that the stinger salvo was free whereas the cluster spines cost some points. I mean most things are going to get an armor save against both weapons.


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