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Fresh-Faced New User

I have been building a space marine army recently and am up to 1000+ pt army. I started to paint my first two marines in the old fashioned Ultramarines colors when I thought back to my Dawn of War color scheme which was camo green and brown. I painted one of my models before I went down to my local shop to play some 40k on saturday. I showed a friend of mine the paint job I did and he was amazed. In his 20's playing since 13 he said it was one of the best space marine color schemes he had seen. He told me I should play the emperors warbringers because my base color is catachan green. I did my own thing with some brown and it turned out awesome looking. when I complete my detail painting i'll post some pictures. but I've been trying to find info on the warbringers and can't really find anything. I heard they play the same as imperial fists. anybody know any info on how this works? (I'm still pretty new to 40k so the chapters kind of throw me off)
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The Conquerer

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Technically this might belong in the general discussion or Tactics section.

Impierial fist build is typically based around

Lysandar and some Assault terminators, preferably TH/SS

Tactical squads in rhinos with Flamers and either Las or Plasma cannons

Devestator squads


the Fists are a typical SM Gunline army. you should be able to find some help in the article or tactics section

Chapter specific styles mean what units should you use to bring the feel of that army to the table.


Ultramarines: nothing special, balanced, Calgar

White scars: Bike captains, bike troops, Land speeders, Tac squads in rhinos

Salamanders: all flamer and melta weapons, Landraiders with assault terminators, Dreds with melta guns and flamers

Raven Guard: Lightining claws, Shrike, all Tac squads in transports, bikes, Land speeders, Assault squads

Crimson Fists: Pedro, Sternguard, Scouts as troops

All these list are from Codex: space marines showing the tactical flexability of the codex

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Fresh-Faced New User

So the thing is though I'm making the warbringers. and I heard from one guy that they were "like" imperial fists. So is that right then? imp fists with an olive drab paint job?
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Crazed Troll Slayer

Bohemia, NY

Well your friend is right the Emperor's Warbringers are a Successors of the Imperial fists. So that means they'll fight much like them with the exception being that Warbringers camouflage their vehicles. The Imperial fists are known for their supreme siege abilities so that means they like Dakka (shooting) and alot of it and they use alot of tanks, Dreads, and terminators. In the Fluff they like to advance slowly while just firing at their opponents.

Made in us
Crazed Troll Slayer

Bohemia, NY

But when you said camo this is who i thought of the executioners (better name imo to).


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