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Army Lists; points costs & desired feedback. Please read before posting.  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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When you post your lists for dissection here the total points value and costs of the individual units are fine to list, but please refrain from listing the cost of each and every upgrade.


10 Marines
Heavy bolter
Powerfist XXX points is fine.

What we don't want is

10 Marines YY points
Heavy bolter YY points
Flamer YY points
Powerfist YY points.

This applies for vehicles, psychic powers, extra weapons etc etc.

If in doubt, leave it out.

Thank you.

A quick clarification about the purpose of the Army Lists forum:

This is a place to post your list so that other people can give you feedback on it. By default, the sort of responses most people are looking for are ways to improve the list and make it function better in a competitive environment, so if not otherwise specified, thats the kind of feedback which should be expected.

If the original poster wants, however, they can put some restrictions on the kind of suggestions folks should offer. They can, for example, specify particular units they really want to use, or list the models they own and ask people to restrict their suggestions to ones which use those models, or (e.g.) those models plus one or two more units, if they're on a budget and can't buy a bunch of new items at the moment. Or maybe ask for help constructing a whole army within a certain total budget.

The original poster can also ask for other types of feedback. Such as asking how well a list fits a particular theme, or a Composition scoring guideline, or whether it would be good against a particular enemy army.

In all cases the person posting the list has a responsibility to be clear about what they're asking for if it's anything other than pure competitive feedback. And responding posters have a responsibility to be respectful and attentive to such specifications. Posts which ignore such requests and specificartions will generally be considered off topic and may be deleted or otherwise incur other moderator censure. If a discussion about an army list turns into a rules dispute or discussion, a new thread should be opened in You Make Da Call, and a link posted in the original thread.

If you have further questions, please feel free to ask a Moderator via Private Message.

Thank you,


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