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Made in be
Fresh-Faced New User

need to fix a few details , bbut i think they look good
[Thumb - berserkersquad 038.jpg]

[Thumb - berserkersquad 037.jpg]

[Thumb - berserkersquad 034.jpg]

[Thumb - berserkersquad 036.jpg]

[Thumb - berserkersquad 026.jpg]

[Thumb - berserkersquad 027.jpg]

[Thumb - berserkersquad 015.jpg]

[Thumb - berserkersquad 012.jpg]

[Thumb - berserkersquad 010.jpg]

[Thumb - berserkersquad 006.jpg]

[Thumb - berserkersquad 005.jpg]

[Thumb - berserkersquad 003.jpg]

[Thumb - berserkersquad 008.jpg]

Made in se
Wolf Guard Bodyguard in Terminator Armor

Picture quality and paintjob aside (they could both do with a bit of work). I say I really like these guys. The spears look great. Are they some kind of cavalry spears? I was looking at some wood elfs a few months ago for the purpose of kitbashing and equipping my SW with long spears (for a jump pack unit originally) but it got to expencive for me (or I got to cheap!). This makes me really want to get some spears again!
And the colours: well, you cant go wrong with black. They look real mean.
The paint job could do with some more washes and highlights to be honest. They look a little glossy, but that might be the photos lightning.
All in all, I think you got a feeling for posing and converting that will become marvelos with a little practice, and IMO, that is more importatnt than the perfect paintjob.

Trolls n Robots, battle reports på svenska https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbeiubugFqIO9IWf_FV9q7A 
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