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Khorne Chosen Marine Riding a Juggernaut


For the NMM Challenge, I suggest a Dreadknight.
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Potent Possessed Daemonvessel

Phayse wrote:
Little lord Fauntleroy wrote:Harlequin troupe master. Go.

Evil boy.

If it makes you feel better, I have faith in you.
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Regular Dakkanaut

The darkest blends are where the legs cover up, some small highlights on the black should pick out the shape. An added bonus of overlaying the pattern on the blend is that it will break up the blend a little.

Have faith young skywalker.

There'll be more blending and glazing to come. The thing with harlequins is that they're almost all smooth surface or robe. Apart from the odd crease, there's a lot of large flat areas. It's a good excuse to practice blends!

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Veteran Wolf Guard Squad Leader

Reading, England

For the regiment mabye the statetroopers as suggested as there are so many different states and provinces. However I would to see a small unit of deamons, if you want a challenge then I suggest pink horrors looking like the blending in and out of real space ( although that will be difficult) just a though an good luck

I salute you for doing this

30K Blog: hobbyfromtheaett.blogspot.com

Bran Redmaws Great Company - 5500pts
30K Space Wolves - 1500pts
Deathguard -2300 pts  
Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

I like the idea of those daemons, and I think I've got an idea about real/warp interfacing.

A+ suggestion. May take some doing, but I think I can pull it off.

Daemons added to the list.


What the hell? Where did these go?


If anyone has these, I'm going to need like, 10. Ish.

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Regular Dakkanaut

Essex, England

If you are still looking for ideas the fw Big Mek Buzzgob is a really nice model, just finished mine today and really enjoyed it.

Formosa wrote:
Trickstick wrote:Edit: Would you really let an orangutan mess with your brain?

Yes.. yes I would
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Regular Dakkanaut

theonetyrant wrote:If you are still looking for ideas the fw Big Mek Buzzgob is a really nice model, just finished mine today and really enjoyed it.

I've taken my pricelist down for now, but there's a note on there that specifies for the time being, I ain't touching forgeworld with a bargepole. Everything I order from there comes with it's own unique problem, be it resin bleed, cavities (not depressions - cavities! How can they miss that?!) or john merrick deformities. If people supply thier own, I'll paitn them but for the sake of my own sanity, and time wasted returning knackered goods, it just doesn't make sense to buy from them :(

Shame, because he is a nice model. I think if I was supplied a few nice FW models in commisions, it might allay my concerns that forgeworld has it in for me!


Progress on the harlequin is slow. It's the first time I've had to do such consistent freehand, and while my one offs and abstracts are fine, uniform diamonds are a real pain. On the verge of a tantrum this morning. Just about got the diamond pattern done when there's a frantic hammering on the door. My wife works high risk social work cases in longsight and moss side (manchester), and given the frantic hammering, I assumed something had happened (she deals with a lot of DV/violent clients), so I dropped the brush, and ran for the door.

Charity Mugger.

Asking why he was hammering in such a frantic manner, he told me he was just excited to talk about me and share his charitys work with me. A donkey sanctuary. Phallus.

When I return to the figure, I've got a big black swipe across him.

I mean come on,


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Made in us
Ghastly Grave Guard

The cold reaches of space

Interesting... I'd like to see what you do with the guy. My vote was for the chocolate/cream color swirly pattern on the Harley TM, but I'd like to see what you do with the darker scheme.

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