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Some kroot I made for a friend.

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 warboss wrote:

GW didn't mean to hit your wallet and I know they love you, baby. I'm sure they won't do it again so it's ok to purchase and make up.

Albatross wrote:I think SlaveToDorkness just became my new hero.

EmilCrane wrote:Finecast is the new Matt Ward.

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Eltiran 14th, First Platoon, Infantry Squad 1.

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Okay, I know I put a pic of this squad up once already, but, now I got my demo trooper and painted him up, so, here are more pics of the Melta Vets from Catachan. (Catachan are my vet squads, with, Cadian being the normal foot troop). So, now my demo squad has 3 melta guns, two suicide vests, and one demo charge. One more thing, all metal models, with some plastic arms where needed.
[Thumb - 100_2124.JPG]
Getting out of their ride

[Thumb - 100_2125.JPG]
Front pic

[Thumb - 100_2127.JPG]
Back pic

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2,000 points

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