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Made in au
Stealthy Space Wolves Scout

Back again, hope everyone had an awesome new years!

Working on the Winterborn mostly, with some unusual side projects- converting a Dark Elf Kharybdiss into a Krakenspawn for fun and games, building an utterly unrelated box of Space Hulk, and my fantasy army of undead Elves using the Undead Legion list from Nagash- but still getting paint on the grey and furry ones.

Some progress on my Winterborn Land Raider Achilles Alpha, and the ubiquitous Imperial Knight. Mine is called Grimalkin, and her pilot is the Lady of Scars. They were formerly of House Griffith, but now serve alongside the warriors of the Dishonoured, and through her oath to them, to Jorek Greatwolf
[Thumb - Winterborn Land Raider Achilles Left Side 1.jpg]

[Thumb - Winterborn Land Raider Achilles Sigil 2.jpg]
The sigil of the Night Howler, icon of the Winterborn

[Thumb - Grimalkin 3.jpg]

[Thumb - Grimalkin Shoulderpad 1.jpg]

Made in au
Stealthy Space Wolves Scout

And now for something completely different! Blood Angels, Undead, and Goblins, sorta...

The first miniature I painted from Space Hulk was the dead Blood Angel as an objective marker/ test piece. Thoughts? I'm trying lighting... Think I'm failing :p

The next guy is based on a pygmy from a Lustrian-themed Empire army in the latest Visions book. I have a fair number of Goblins left over from when I bought boxes of the wolf riders for fenrisian wolves, thought I'd use them up somehow. I'm thinking maybe as Ratlings, but I need to sort out arms.

And, lastly, Lathen the Eternal, my once-was-a-Wood-Elf Tomb King/ Arkhan the Black proxy and a few of his Necrolith Collossi.

Apologies for the pictures, but I'm picking up the stuff to make a light box tomorrow and then buying a camera so the quality shall improve

Let me know what you think!
[Thumb - Honoured Brothers Objective Marker.jpg]

[Thumb - Ratling 1.jpg]

[Thumb - Lathen the Eternal.jpg]

[Thumb - Alternate Heirotitan 3.jpg]

[Thumb - Heirotitan 3.jpg]

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Made in au
Stealthy Space Wolves Scout

So, after a chat with a workmate/ occasional 40K opponent, I've decided to write what I'm actually working on in a little more detail.

There's two formations that are named "Great Company", one in the Apocalypse book and the other in the Space Wolf codex.
The one in the codex needs the following:
1 Wolf Lord- Jorek Greatwolf
1 Wolf Guard Battle Leader- Don't have it yet
1 unit of Wolf Guard- Power armoured, not terminators. Need to build these guys
5 units of Grey Hunters- 50 dudes! So far, I have 3 full(ish) packs with shoulder pads etc. Still need those 32mm bases
1 unit of Wolf Scouts- Have the models, but never used them. They're on the desk now
3 units of either Blood Claws, Skyclaws or Swiftclaws- Have 2 units of Blood Claws and 1 Swiftclaw pack
2 units of Long Fangs- Actually, have these guys finished!

The Apocalypse formation adds to the above, with the following necessary units:
1 Wolf Priest
1 Rune Priest- Probably Longspear. Pics to follow
3+ Dreadnoughts- Baremund Beastbane, Erik Bloodfist and Siggfried Skulltaker

Additionally, the following can be taken:
0-1 Iron Priest- Hogni Halfman
0-2 Thunderwolf Cavalry- Won't be making them part of the Great Company, they'll all be in a Flanking Force (another Formation)
0-3 Fenrisian Wolf Packs- As with the Thunderwolves
0-3 Lone Wolves- Have to make them, need to fluff them out first

Also, Swiftclaws become 0-3, Grey Hunters become 5+ with no upper limit, Long Fangs become 2+ with no upper limit, and Blood Claws/ Skyclaws become 3+. Lucky I have a Skyclaw pack half-finished.

Looking at this, even in the little version of the Company I need a minimum 56 dudes. With how I'm building packs, it's going to be more like 119 Wolves, plus transports and other shenanigans. Then, once they're done, I'll have to add a few more bitz and bobs to upgrade them to the Apocalypse level. I'm thinking.... March, at the earliest. Then it's onto the other formations! Yahoo!

Anywho, good morning and goodnight!
Made in au
Stealthy Space Wolves Scout

Following the previous post, more writing!

Since these are Lost Companies, and not just a single Company, I have even more Space Wolves to paint!
One of these groups are The Winterborn, originally the 4th Great Company of the 6th Legiones Astartes, they were trapped in a weird part of the webway for a little while, aware of the passage of time but not actually aging. Most of them are a little bit mad...
They're a Siege Assault Vanguard list using Space Marines with Chapter Tactics: Carcharodons. This, I've already mentioned. They also double as a 30K Legion list. This is their lineup:

Arstan Winterborn, a converted Wolf Lord- Waiting on Forge World
Beowulf Ironbreaker, a Master of the Forge and Keeper of Relics, necessary given the old school stuff they'll have- Armenneus Valthex, Wolfed up. Waiting on Forge World
2 Iron Priests/ Techmarines- At least 1 will be the classic Iron Priest, the other probably a conversion. Need to name them too.
Blackwolf's Pack, an Honour Guard squad with Relic Blades- Work proceeds slowly

Torin Shieldbreaker- a Contemptor in a Lucius drop pod
Fafnir Drakesbane- a Contemptor-Mortis in a Lucius pod. If my skills are up to it, using the Alpha Legion Contemptor as a base
Winterwolf's Sons- a Sternguard squad. Thinking Mk IV armour, with some furry bitz and Legion combi-weapons. One of the completed Chapterhouse rhinos too.

Erik Bittertongue's Pack- a Tactical squad with Siege mantlets. In the Siege list you can give Tac squads huge shields, like the 30K Breacher squads. Gives them a reroll against shooting attacks and Bulky. Chaos Warrior/ Space Wolf mixed bitz
Skjor Snowblood's Pack- As above
Winterborn's Fangs- a fun little thing of the Carcharodons is their ability to take lightning claw assault termies as Troops. Mine will be in Cataphractii armour.
The Einherjar- 3 dreadnoughts, 2 Ironclad and 1 Siege with a Flamestorm cannon. These guys are actually done!
Skoll Suneater's Pack- Another tactical squad, without the shields. Run around in a Rhino.
Hadvar Bloodmane's Pack- another Siege Assault list special, basically an Assault Squad without jump packs but carrying combat shields, mounted in a Land Raider. The Land Raider's done.

Allfather's Hand- A Storm Eagle gunship, fun for carrying lots of guys and killing even more! Come on Forge World....
Morkai's Gaze- Fire Raptor gunship. Needs more guns...

Egil's Judgement- Relic Sicaran Tank, and one of the reasons I need a Keeper of Relics! Again, Forge World, but not yet ordered.
Foehammer- Achilles-pattern Land Raider. I'm working on it
Deathwolf- Relic Whirlwind Scorpius. Not yet ordered
The Hunters (needs a better name)- As with Dreadnoughts, Predators run around in squadrons in the Siege list. 2 Predators, a Relic Deimos with a Plasma Destroyer. All will be Deimos hulls.

Niddhogur- a Fellblade. Not yet ordered.

As you can see, my love for resin crack knows no bounds! One of the 'perks' of Australia, Forge World is kinda the cheaper option for minis... Ah well.

For your consideration, the Sergeant of Winterborn's Fangs. I'm planning to repaint the hand and lower shoulderpad grey, since I think it's too much red on the model atm. He also needs a head, some more Maxmini furs, and the grenade launcher the Cataphractii come with.
[Thumb - Winterborn Claw Sergeant 1.jpg]

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Made in au
Stealthy Space Wolves Scout

Also, been working on some of my other characters. I have a bad habit of making HQ choices without painting enough other units to use with them.

I've posted this guy before, but without explanation. He's Arnbjorn Redmoon, the Wolf Lord prior to Gunnar Redmoon to use the symbol of the Wolf of the Red Moon. His company was presumed destroyed after all contact was lost with them mid M41 battling Tyranids. I'm building him from Wulfrik the Wanderer, since it's the model with the most extraneous skulls I've ever seen!
The second pic is a nuncio-vox I converted for the Winterborn, and Arnbjorn's massive Frost Axe.

As always, comments/ questions/ criticisms welcome!
[Thumb - Arnbjorn Redmoon 1.jpg]

[Thumb - Arnbjorn's Axe and Nuncio-vox.jpg]

Made in au
Stealthy Space Wolves Scout

So a Skyclaw, a Salamander and a Wolf Guard walk into a blog....
[Thumb - Skyclaw 2.jpg]

[Thumb - The Honoured Brothers - Salamanders Terminator 1.jpg]

[Thumb - The Honoured Brothers - Salamanders Terminator 2.jpg]

[Thumb - Ulfwerenar Company Skorm Snowpelt's Pack Skorm Snowpelt 1 (1).jpg]

Made in au
Stealthy Space Wolves Scout

And an older mini I completed recently, Skyslayer. my counts-as Stalker. Uses a Sisters of Battle Rhino with Defiler cannons
[Thumb - Skyslayer Right Side 5.jpg]

[Thumb - Skyslayer Rear 1.jpg]

[Thumb - Skyslayer Front 2.jpg]

Made in ca


Really like the look of that thunderwolf/squiggoth, the dreadnought Torin, and that wolfguard you just posted a couple posts ago. Keep up the good work!

~Lady Mournival

Made in au
Stealthy Space Wolves Scout

Thanks Lady_Mournival! Both are awesome models (I think) and do really well when played, but they don't get much game time, sadly

Made in au
Stealthy Space Wolves Scout

So, after a hectic several hours painting, unboxing, finding old projects, dry fitting.... you get the idea... Many many things! Some old, some new, some desperately need paint whilst others need stripping back then repainting.
[Thumb - Jotunbrud Ogryn Bone 'Ead 1.jpg]
Jotunbrud, for use as Ogryn Bone 'Ead. Needs another arm

[Thumb - Jotunbrud Size Comparison.jpg]
Size comparison. Jotunbrud are BIG!

[Thumb - Moonborn Company Terminator 1.jpg]
Moonborn Company, Void Claw Terminators

[Thumb - Moonborn Company Terminator 2.jpg]

[Thumb - Moonborn Company Terminator 3.jpg]

[Thumb - Moonborn Company Terminator 4.jpg]

[Thumb - Moonborn Company Terminator 5.jpg]

[Thumb - Ulfwerenar Company Hemming Sharptooth's Pack 1.jpg]
Ulfwerenar Company, Hemming Sharptooth's Pack, Wolf Scouts

[Thumb - Winterborn Ironsides.jpg]
Winterborn Company, Breacher Siege Squad. Will replace the heads with Maxmini helmets

[Thumb - Winterborn Fangs Vignar 1.jpg]
Vignar, pack leader of Winterborn's Fangs

[Thumb - Maleficarum's Bane Front 1.jpg]
Maleficarum's Bane, Phobos-pattern Land Raider of the Winterborn

[Thumb - Maleficarum's Bane Left Side 1.jpg]

[Thumb - Maleficarum's Bane Rear 1.jpg]

[Thumb - Maleficarum's Bane Right Side 1.jpg]

[Thumb - Krakenspawn 1.jpg]

[Thumb - Johran Redbeard 3.jpg]
Johran Redbeard, with paint

Made in au
Stealthy Space Wolves Scout

Also found some of my other Space Marine forces, and decided to build 2 different forces from them. I have more than enough warriors, from different chapters, to easily build a company and some. And I wonder why I used to be short of cash a lot of the time.... Damn plastic crack
The models that are clearly veterans- ornate armour, unusual weapons, etc- are being made into a combined arms force of warriors using the rules for a First Company, whilst the other more vanilla models are being made into what I'm calling The Dishonoured; sort of a forlorn hope/ foreign legion for Space Marines that have, in some way, dishonoured their chapter or themselves. They repaint their armour grey, keeping only their left shoulder pad, make an Oath of Moment detailing how they will regain their honour, and head off into the blue.
Without further ado, pics:
[Thumb - Honoured Brothers Conclave Salamander Second.jpg]
Salamander Veteran

[Thumb - Malakim Phoros 1.jpg]
An old attempt at Malakim Phoros of the Lamenters

[Thumb - The Honoured Brothers Lamenter.jpg]
A Lamenter Veteran

Made in au
Stealthy Space Wolves Scout

and some Dishnoured pics. Squad Luko. There's a Flesh Tearer, Imperial Fist, Black Dragon, Ultramarine, Raptor, Rising Son and, of course, a Soul Drinker in there
[Thumb - The Dishonoured Squad Luko.jpg]

[Thumb - The Dishonoured- Sergeant Luko 1.jpg]
Close up of Luko

Made in au
Stealthy Space Wolves Scout

And lastly (for now) some fantasy!
[Thumb - Undead BSB.jpg]
Tomb Guard standard, Banner of the Undying Legion

[Thumb - Undead Chaos Warrior.jpg]
Skeleton horde Champion

[Thumb - Brent Foot Knight 1.jpg]
WIP foot knight

[Thumb - Bretonnian Knight 1.jpg]
Knights of the Realm

[Thumb - Bretonnian Knight 2.jpg]

[Thumb - Bretonnian Knight 3.jpg]

[Thumb - Brent Men-At-Arms 2.jpg]

[Thumb - Brent Men-At-Arms 1.jpg]
Counts-as Grail Pilgrims. Reliquae will be a pony

Made in au
Stealthy Space Wolves Scout

Back to 40K for now, but a randomish tangent from usual- Ogryns in all their glory!
My Jotunbrud (yo-tun-brood, in case you were wondering) are currently 2 strong, with another 4 to build. I could simply make 2 more Bullgryns and 2 bog-standard Ogryns... Or not. I searched Imperial Armour and old White Dwarf magazines, and came up with a shortlist of things that I could build instead:

Feral Ogryns- Like Ogres, but 40K. No guns, just hitty sticks
Plague Ogryns! Or not. Can't begin to see how they would fit with the army.
H-grade Servitors- Mechanically augmented, possibly vat-grown, lovely. Later.
Chaos Renegade Ogryn Berserkers- I need several! Unbound is fun...
Charonite Ogryns- What's a Charonite? They're a Heresy-era unit, a terror weapon left over from Old Night. Even the Imperium won't use them lightly. Carapace armour and souped-up power weapons for hands. Perfect!

Here's the final Minotaur of my first box, part-built as a Charonite. His right arm features a dreadnought hand, just as his left does. The armour will be grey/ green stuff, possibly power armour or maybe scout armour.

But I need your advice, dear Dakka: Which hand?
Also, does he need a mask?
[Thumb - Jotunbrud Charonite Blood Fist.jpg]
Blood Fist

[Thumb - Jotunbrud Charonite Blood Talon.jpg]
Blood Talon

[Thumb - Jotunbrud Charonite Trueclaw.jpg]

[Thumb - Jotunbrud Charonite Murderclaw.jpg]

[Thumb - Jotunbrud Charonite Face.jpg]
Face, no mask

[Thumb - Jotunbrud Charonite Skull Mask.jpg]
Skull Mask

[Thumb - Jotunbrud Charonite Horned Mask.jpg]
Horned Mask

Made in au
Stealthy Space Wolves Scout

Some more Space Wolves, mostly Winterborn. Added some wolfy bitz to the Land Raider Achilles to tie it more in with the army. They're mostly blu-tacked on while I paint them then I'll superglue them to it.
Also started on another side projects; the War Bears. They come from a planet that was one of the first settled by humans. Due to the interstellar distances, they miscalculated, overshooting their mark and voyaging deep into the outer rim of the galaxy. The crew, in suspended animation, slept on for centuries. They awoke only when the ships sensors detected a nearby habitable planet. When they discovered that they were not only off course but centuries out of time, blame for the fault was passed around, escalating to a civil war that destroyed their ship. The few survivors rebuilt on the planet below, forming tribes. Each tribe had a unique weapon or technology that distanced them from the others. For the Bear clan, this was genetic modification secrets that forged a human into a powerful, if misshapen, warrior; a War Bear as they came to be known.
They're similar to Thunder Warriors; big, strong, violent, and not as fast or as stable as Astartes, but they are incredibly tough. I'm thinking I'll use the rules for Ork Nobz for the warriors, with Warbosses as their Chieftains. I can explain their terrible BS as their having never held a proper firearm before.
The guy I've built is Deaton, their last Shaman and the only one to have ever undergone the War Bear transformation. He's a Wierdboy.
[Thumb - WP_20150108_002.jpg]

[Thumb - WP_20150108_004.jpg]

[Thumb - WP_20150108_005.jpg]

[Thumb - Deaton, Last Shaman of Urd.jpg]

Made in au
Stealthy Space Wolves Scout

Did some more work on Arnbjorn Redmoon, fixing his cape into a furry one worthy of a Wolf Lord and also working on his pose. Pretty static, but them's the breaks. He still looks the part, particularly with his ridiculously large axe.
I think if I was to use him in an army, I'd probably use the Forgeworld rules for the Executioners High Mortiurge. That dude kicks butt!

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Made in au
Stealthy Space Wolves Scout

And some vehicles under the brush right now: a Land Raider Ares, stolen from the Dark Angels no less, and a Stormwolf flyer
[Thumb - Stormwolf 1.jpg]

[Thumb - Stormwolf 2.jpg]

[Thumb - Land Raider Ares Top 1.jpg]

[Thumb - Land Raider Ares Left Side 2.jpg]

[Thumb - Land Raider Ares Right Side 2.jpg]

Made in au
Stealthy Space Wolves Scout

Had a rethink on the Wolf Brothers, going back over the fluff and notes I'd penned for them, and came across a problem: They're huge! Beastmen Gors are well over the height of a Space Marine, and since I'd planned to use the rules for Khorne Cultists- Using the Lost and Damned from Apocalypse, of course- they were far too large!
Thankfully, my War Bears are supposed to be bigger than Space Marines, and their test model is made from a Bray Shaman anyway. Problem solved! The Wolf Brothers would be remade as War Bears, and I'd rebuild the Wolf Brothers. A box of Ungors later, and I have my first guy

I was planning to use Maxmini werewolf heads, but they're a bit big so I'm just removing the horns from the more humanoid Ungor heads. They're sorta mutated Wolf Brothers, so I think if fits
The bow on the test model will be swapped out for a las or auto pistol later, but I needed to get the pose right first. Also, Holgir Bearclaw is there because he's the Dark Apostle the formation requires. Fluff-wise he's the only Wolf Brother with his mind intact, more or less. He's still a mutant, though, hence why he covers his mouth- think deep sea fish teeth
[Thumb - Wolf Brothers Take 2.jpg]

[Thumb - Wolf Brothers Size Comparison 2.jpg]

Made in au
Stealthy Space Wolves Scout

Some more Wolf Brothers, and my first 4 mostly finished Skyclaws
[Thumb - Wolfbrothers Squad.jpg]

[Thumb - Skyclaw Pack 3.jpg]

Made in au
Stealthy Space Wolves Scout

Some more work, my first War Bear to start with. Beastman Gor, chaos warrior, some green stuff work. Size comparison to Deaton is good, as is the size beside a marine.
Also the third and final member of the Winterborn Einherjar. Was a furioso dread not so long ago
And, lastly, some Ungor shields I'm painting up for combat shields.

As always, enjoy and let me know what you think!
[Thumb - Warbear 1.jpg]

[Thumb - Warbear and Deaton.jpg]

[Thumb - Warbear and Marine.jpg]

[Thumb - Winterborn Einherjar Siege Dread 1.jpg]

[Thumb - Winterborn Einherjar Siege Dread 2.jpg]

[Thumb - Winterborn Einherjar Siege Dreadnought Flamestorm Cannon.jpg]

[Thumb - Winterborn Einherjar Siege Dread 3.jpg]

[Thumb - Winterborn Assault Squad Combat Shields.jpg]

Made in au
Stealthy Space Wolves Scout

Short one for today- started greystuffing the Jotunbrud Charonite. Going to give him armour based off the space marine scout armour, but larger. Also went with the Blood Talons. Thinking I'll check the finished piece to see if he needs a face mask or not.
Also filled in the wedge at the back of my War Bear where I cut the Gor torso to give it a more upright stance, and started smoothing the thighs and transitioning them into the kneepad/ boot bitz. I'm going with a tactical exoskeleton look for the War Bear armour, similar to what you see on the COD: Advanced Warfare posters, with plate armour and chainmail over the top. The plate and mail is their traditional tribal armour, the exoskeleton comes from another tribe that aided them in seriously bloodying a Chaos attack force on their homeworld.
And I've decided to move away from the Ungor shields for my Winterborn assault marines, going to go with a more Norman rounded shield look.

Lastly, I'll leave you with some fluff I wrote about the War Bears. Pics below as usual, lemme know what you think!

"The Chaos marines of the Genitors warband won their first victories against the Bear clan at range, blasting its warriors with bolt and missile. Arrogantly, they thought them nothing more than abhumans, never dreaming they could meet their equals on such a backwater world. In this they were grievously wrong. Chaos Marines are genhanced demigods, elevated far above their birth race by ancient science. The War Bears were monsters, their alchemically hypertrophied frames taller and broader than an Astartes, with a far greater tolerance for pain and a limited capacity for regeneration. Only in their battle plate did the the Genitors outmass their foes, and the unholy strength of their corrupted wargear was matched by the muscle of the Urd tribals. When the smiths of the Ironblood Clan began to produce armour for their allies that could stay a bolt round, Genitor losses began to rapidly rise"
[Thumb - Jotunbrud Charonite Back Armour.jpg]
Jotunbrud Charonite armour, WIP

[Thumb - Jotunbrud Charonite Torso Armour.jpg]

[Thumb - Bear Clan Size Comparison.jpg]
Bear clan

[Thumb - download.jpg]
Going for this look with the Winterborn shields....

Made in au
Stealthy Space Wolves Scout

Got out the old chaos black spray and went a-hunting plastic men! Currently, 1 Krakenspawn, 2 assault centurions, a long fang, 3 honour guard, 2 skyclaws, 3 swiftclaws, 18 thralls and the last of the 3 Winterborn Einherjar are sitting blackly upon my desk. This week's target!
Also some pics. Will have more painted stuff soonish, the paint is drying on my Wolf Scouts and then they need washing... Should have pics of them tomorrow!


Made in au
Stealthy Space Wolves Scout

Back after a small hiatus with more techno-barbarian goodness!
Since I started on the War Bears, I've purchased the Ork codex to have a true and proper look at their army list and decided to work on a few additions; some Mek gunz, Lootas, Shoota Boyz, and of course mega armour. Sticking with the theme I started with the original War Bear armour they're built of spare necron bitz with beastman, chaos warrior and grey stuff to complete the mix.
Many Space Wolves painted, so a few pics of them too. Onwards to visual evidence!

As always, let me know what you think!
[Thumb - Urd Shoota 1.jpg]
Urd plasma/ las rifle. Shoota

[Thumb - URd Twin-Linked Shoota.jpg]
twin-linked shoota

[Thumb - Urd Deffkannon 5.jpg]

[Thumb - Urd Kombi-Weapons.jpg]
Kombi-skorcha, kombi-rokkit launcha

[Thumb - Urd Mek Gun.jpg]
Mek gun, not certain which type yet

[Thumb - War Bear Mega Armour 2.jpg]
WIP of the mega-armour

[Thumb - Hogni Halfman 2.jpg]
Hogni Halfman, post-repaint

[Thumb - Jotunbrud Charonite Armour 2.jpg]
Jotunbrud Charonite front armour

[Thumb - Jotunbrud Charonite Back Armour.jpg]
Jotunbrud Charonite back armour

Made in au
Stealthy Space Wolves Scout

Many things techno-barbarian for you today! You've seen the War Bears, but they were only one of the seven tribes of Urd. One of the others were the Iron Blood clan, possessed of advanced technology jealously guarded from the other tribes. Whilst the Bear tribe fought with swords and plate-mail, the Iron Blood wielded lasers and wore powered armour.
This is a guy I just came up with; Jyrik. A Journeyman crafter of the Iron Blood, he broke tradition and invented something new; force field generators and a suit to mount it.
In game terms he's an Ork Big Mek with mega armour and a kustom forcefield. Probably Da Finkin Kap too.
Just some WIP shots of his torso for now, he needs a lot of green/ grey stuff work and plasticard gubbins, not to mention legs and a head, before he's ready
[Thumb - WP_20150210_001.jpg]

[Thumb - WP_20150210_002.jpg]

[Thumb - WP_20150210_003.jpg]

[Thumb - WP_20150210_004.jpg]

Made in au
Stealthy Space Wolves Scout

Back again!
32mm bases are in for the marines and, whilst I wasn't a fan in principle, in the flesh they just add something...
Pics! Mostly this week's work, some earlier
[Thumb - WP_20150220_010.jpg]
Warbears on 32mm, a Loota and a Shoota Boy

[Thumb - WP_20150220_008.jpg]
Arnbjorn Red Moon

[Thumb - WP_20150219_018.jpg]
And his cape of fur 'n' skullz

[Thumb - WP_20150220_007.jpg]
Winterborn Breacher squad

[Thumb - WP_20150220_009.jpg]
Winterborn Honour Guard

[Thumb - WP_20150219_020.jpg]

[Thumb - WP_20150219_023.jpg]

[Thumb - WP_20150219_024.jpg]

[Thumb - WP_20150219_025.jpg]

[Thumb - WP_20150218_002.jpg]
Winterborn Terminators

[Thumb - WP_20150219_009.jpg]
Swiftclaw pack Leader

[Thumb - WP_20150219_010.jpg]

Made in au
Stealthy Space Wolves Scout

Hey guys, I'm back!
Well, after a couple of months without internet- damn you, Telstra!- I have returned from the pretechnology wasteland
Although, it was nice and quiet there... It's kind of awesome switching facebook off for a loooonng time.... I digress

Recieved a mighty haul from Forgeworld the other day- a Contemptor, 10 Cataphractii terminators, a trio of Mk1 Predators, a Space Wolf venerable dreadnought, legion seeker squad and legion combi weapons, legion praetors, and Lufgt Huron. All this allowed me to make some serious inroads into finishing my Winterborn!

Also been working hard on the War Bears, started down a new path with them using Bestigors not Gors as the base; results are promising!

And, as always, let me know what you think! (please...)
[Thumb - Bestigor Torso.jpg]
Take body...

[Thumb - Warbear 3.jpg]
...add legs...

[Thumb - Warbear 4.jpg]

[Thumb - Warbear 2.jpg]
...srength-enhancing mechanical spine doohickey...

[Thumb - WP_20150325_004.jpg]
...bestigor arms with greenstuff work...

[Thumb - WP_20150325_018.jpg]
...and a big gun! Voila!

[Thumb - WP_20150325_005.jpg]
Working on a Chieftess to lead them

[Thumb - WP_20150325_007.jpg]
With unique armour

[Thumb - WP_20150325_025.jpg]
and an elf head

[Thumb - WP_20150325_009.jpg]
A War Bear version of Freddy Kreuger, for use as Snikrot

[Thumb - WP_20150325_010.jpg]
His claws

[Thumb - WP_20150325_012.jpg]
And a Kommando

Made in au
Stealthy Space Wolves Scout

For those of you seeking Space Wolves, here they are!
Arstan Winterborn, Lord of the Company of the Winterborn, was built from a Legion Praetor with Lufgt Huron's ghost razors, a Space Wolf chainfist and Murderfang's head. His fur will be repainted to a darker colour soon, it doesn't stand out enough
Also Erik Firewolf, who I built as a bit of fun and a chance to use Huron's flamer hand; he counts as Vulkan He'stan (I can hear the cries of Heresy! already..
Also some pics of the Contemptor-Mortis the Winterborn will be getting, the Honour Guard squad with Banner of the Emperor Ascendant, some Salamander Vanguard Veterans and my most recent Jotunbrud
[Thumb - WP_20150321_005.jpg]

[Thumb - WP_20150324_004.jpg]

[Thumb - WP_20150325_016.jpg]

[Thumb - WP_20150319_006.jpg]

[Thumb - WP_20150325_015.jpg]

[Thumb - WP_20150315_002.jpg]

[Thumb - WP_20150325_019.jpg]

[Thumb - WP_20150325_024.jpg]

[Thumb - WP_20150325_023.jpg]

Made in au
Stealthy Space Wolves Scout

Hey guys, just some kitbashing I've been doing while I wait for multiple coffees to wear off so I can sleep!
Have a lovely day, or night, depending on time, catch you later
[Thumb - WP_20150328_001.jpg]

[Thumb - WP_20150328_002.jpg]

[Thumb - WP_20150328_003.jpg]

[Thumb - WP_20150328_004.jpg]

[Thumb - WP_20150328_005.jpg]

Made in au
Stealthy Space Wolves Scout

More work on the Winterborn, started repainting Arstan and added some bitz to the Contemptor, now called Fafnir Drakesbane
On his trial of Morkai he killed a frost wyrm, whose skull he still bears, and during a campaign on an Exodite world he was critically injured by an Exodite dragon. He wears its hide as proof.
Nearly finished Winterborn's Fangs, my terminator squad, all in customised cataphractii armour

More to come later today!
[Thumb - Arstan Winterborn 6.jpg]

[Thumb - Fafnir Drakesbane Front 3.jpg]

[Thumb - Fafnir Drakesbane Rear 2.jpg]

[Thumb - Fafnir Drakesbane Right Side 2.jpg]

[Thumb - Fafnir Draksebane Left Side 1.jpg]

[Thumb - WP_20150405_002.jpg]

Made in au
Stealthy Space Wolves Scout

More Clans of Urd/ Warbear/ Techno-barbarian stuff
[Thumb - Iron Fist Warbear 6.jpg]
Warbear Iron Fist

[Thumb - Iron Fist Warbear 7.jpg]
Warbear Iron Fist

[Thumb - Iron Fist and Terminator.jpg]
Iron Fist and Terminator

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