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32mm O-Yoroi Pilot without Luxumbra Kickstarter  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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 chromedog wrote:
There is also a general release O-Yoroi pilot figure being released in the next month or so.

The Luxumbra one is the same pose as the larger figure. The general release one will probably be slightly different (and will do the job just as well).

Yup. General Release is May, here's the model.
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I'd take one of still available. Thanks!

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Sent you a message pal,

I've got my Backerit invite and they have said it'll be up for two weeks as of yesterday. I know a couple of people want one and haven't paid yet so I'm going to give you until the 5th to at the very least contact me about it or send the payment. I'll keep an eye on my inbox.

Will let you all know if there is any news.

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Hey all! Just realised some of you might be thinking I'd done a runner!

I've got a lot on right now and this lovely hobby of ours, and ergo Dakka, has been getting put on the back burner. That said, I'm totally on top of our little joint order here, I've talked to Backerit and they are slating the pledge manager to close on the 12th. Hopefully more information from Luxumbra will follow shortly after that.

Even if I'm not on Dakka much, I still check my messages often and I'll continue to keep you updated here too.

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I just noticed this update from the 15th June. Might be a little delay but seems to be going quite well. Will let you guys know if I see hear anything else.

Luxumbra Staff wrote:Hello Backers!

Many of you are asking us for the delivery dates. This update is to tell you about it.

Since the begining of the campaing, we told you a shipping date: august of 2017. We had ready our 5 principal products and chosen all the rewards, present and addons (like paints, other miniatures, bases and tutorials..)

Now that the campaing and the Bakerkit are finished, we can´t tell you the exact date for the shipment. But, why?? Lets see some infomation:

-Joan of Arc is the best seller bust (almost 700 units) even though it was unlocked the last day.

-The O-yoroi pilot was the best seller miniature, this is great, because the 3D prototipe was in Big Child Creative hands before the begining of the campaing. The little version, in Infinity scale was a succes too, Corvus Belli has a great part of the production almost ready.

-Ajax and Morlock Girl had a great welcome and a lot of backers added it during the Bakerkit.

So, the big succes of the addons and the unlocked products are making the process of production slower...and this will affect the delivery dates.

We are making our best with the production companies to make the procces as fast as possible, so our intention is to send during September-October...not more than two months later.

We want to send all together, the same month if possible, but if it is very harmful for all the process, we will send first the rewards without Ajax, Morlock girl and Joan of Arc.

With this update, we hope you understand the delay and that we are working hard to do it faster.

Remember, if you need to, you can change your address trhough Bakerkit without any problem.

Thanks for all and sorry for the inconvenience,

Luxumbra Staff.

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Svalarheima, MA

Thanks for the update Casey!

Nil nos tremefacit.
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Kinda forgot this was a thing.

So, September - October it is then.

Be ash and cinder forevermore!

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Haha, yeh it keeps slipping my mind too. Doesn't help that I'm not motivated to hobby right now. I'm in the middle of building a dedicated hobby space though so by the time the order comes in I'll be up and running.

I'm hoping that's when they will arrive but kickstarters gona kickstarter. As always I'll keep you guys updated even if I'm quiet otherwise and I check to see if I've got pm's semi regularly so you can always get me if you need to. Plus you'll all have my email from paypal no doubt.

Hope you're all happy bunnies.

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Outer Space, Apparently

I'm totally happy to wait for it - I'm in no rush to meet my Infinity collection, since I have a bunch of other things in front of it on the priority queue.

Cheers for the updates, Casey

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 General Annoyance wrote:
Cheers for the updates, Casey
No worries. Here's another!
Luxumbra Staff wrote:Hello Backers!

From Luxumbra we want to apologise for the BIG delay in our updates.

The proyect is going on, but now in summer, is a bit slower. Some suppliers are closed. We had this in mind, but with our little delay in the production and the 3D prototipes, it is affecting us more than we thought.

Because of the deadlines, we contacted with another company, a huge known in the world of miniatures: GRX Créations.

Big Child will produce the busts for us, beacuse they have a huge experience in this, and GRX Créations will do the 75mm-90mm miniatures.

We will make updates more often from now. Here you have some photos of the miniatures and busts
They also showed a bunch of pictures and gave a break down of how far into production each things is. Main point is, it's getting there. I might have mentioned it already but I ended up lowering my pledge level just before it ended, so my order is very easy for them to fulfil, hopefully that means it's one of the first in the post.

Hope you're all well.

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Fixture of Dakka

Lux have confirmed they are still planning to ship in October and they seem to be comfortably on track. Everything we've ordered is already finished but I guess they are waiting to send it all together.

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