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 Orlanth wrote:

 CthuluIsSpy wrote:

That whole thing about how no one was interested in fantasy excuse is bs. There was a huge surge of interest during the End Times event and Warhammer Total War is doing pretty well. Had they not killed the series they would have gotten some sales out of Total War and Vermintide, like what happened with Dawn of War and 40k, as it is basically advertising. Kirby era GW was fething stupid, and the fact they aren't trying to fix it annoys the hell out of me. 9 years of my time and money down the drain and replaced with norse fantasy 40k, something I never asked for or wanted.

It wasn't bs, GW at the time didn't know how to market it properly, and Kirby & Co wasn't helping. Mantic is going very nicely thankyou on massed fantasy battles, and Mantic is closeby, there is a lot of traffic between the two companies.

There is a move to reinstate WHFB and a means to make it make sense without touching AoS, but that is for another time. If the idea gains traction in head office there is the chance WHFB might return as a specialist game and a formal 9th edition rulebook, But that is a topic for another time.

I think I agree. I was waiting since 3rd edition to start a Skaven army, and then when they were half of the 8th edition starter that I would finally get that project off the ground. Then I waited for the 8th ed army book to arrive. And waited. And waited. Imagine what people would say about GW management if Death Guard still hadn't got a codex - and that is less than a year.
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