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 Private Benjamin wrote:
It appears that the 30% Off sale is still ongoing; make sure you take advantage of this generous offer!

I have had a blast assembled some custom six-wheeled APC similar to the M8 Greyhound, using a variety of resin bits!

Chapterhouse Studios Wheeled Chimera Kit, Zinge Industries Firing Port Hatch Covers, and three products from Models and Minis;
their Chimera Hazardous Engine Filter Hatch, Chimera Rear Hatch Conversion, and Agrius Light Turret Set.

My intention was to provide enough transportation for my Storm Trooper Strike Force, now called Tempestus Scions.
These would be fielded as Taurox Prime armoured transports with magnetixed weapon options, so far I have five assembled :

Nice work! You might have noticed I'm a fan of the chapter house kit. With chapter house gone I haven't looked to see if they were still floating around for sale.

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Just an FYI, the CHS kit is meant to assemble so that the front edge of the hull and the leading edge of the side plates line up, with the side plates extending past the rear of the tank. Unfortunately the kit was designed just before GW redid the chimera and that lead to alignment issues.
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