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Still awaiting my 12/1/19 order.
No email reply since 1/4.

Talk to me players....
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Posts on their Facebook page within the last two weeks indicate that some orders have been dispatched this month. These are posts by customers though; Maxmini themselves haven't posted there since the New Year (or updated their website, either). Some users on FB have said that, if you have an account with Maxmini, then your order status may by shown there. I don't, so can't confirm that.

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They said it would take till feb at least to clear their backlog of orders even with the store closed. They've also not upsized their team to meet the production demand.

It's a pain that they don't communicate more, but their current level of communication is about on-par with how it was in November and since when I made an order and didn't hear much.

Note that if your post hasn't got tracking and thus you dont' get a tracking email - it might still take a whole month for your parcel to clear Polish customs.

I'm still waiting on an order but I didn't make it till the last few days before their store closed.

I think paypal now gives you at least 80 days (it might be more) to challenge payments so you should be fairly well covered for a while before you have to worry.

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4 hrs ยท
My apologies in slight delay in replies to emails sent directly to me (przemek@maxmini.eu). For the past 2 weeks I've been heavily involved in moldmaking so we could fight the backlog more efficiently.
We've just got an extra temporary staffer so hopefully things will start moving quicker .

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To add another experience, I placed an order in early December, and my shipment arrived last week. Everything was fine, just a bit of flash on some of the minis. Between their small emergency staff and customs, patience is required. .
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OK, the order I placed on 12/1/19 came in on 01/25/20.

Models are clean.

Satisfied, and sorry to see them close down....
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Ottawa, ON

Another update for those who are interested, the models I ordered on December 11 just arrived January 31.

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A bit of a personal note. I'm overwhelmed. A while back I've posted my direct email so people who had issues with contacting through orders@maxmini.eu could use. And the number of emails is hard to keep up - considering I'm also doing moulding, printing, helping with getting the sale deal done, part time job and my services as a volunteer.
So while we're still out here and working hard to finish remaining orders (and since we've got Kuba for help things started moving as we've hoped - he rocks!) currently contacting me is a bit problematic - which I apologize for.
The thing that currently every single person in the workshop is a wee bit sick (we've got some cold - sneezing, sore throat and all the assorted issues) doesn't help either

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