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Ultramarine Master with Gauntlets of Macragge

Upstate, New York

 bullyboy wrote:
i think your 3rd Judiciar (barehead) looks best out of 3. Facial expression matches pose.

I’m leaning that way myself, but Scar makes a compelling argument. Both of them say “I’m coming over there to kick your teeth in” but in completely different ways. One with quiet menace, the other with restrained contempt.

Painting both, whichever one comes out better wins the body.

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Decrepit Dakkanaut

 argonak wrote:
 Gregor Samsa wrote:
hardcover covert art of the "heaven and hell clash" is kind of pretty bad...especially the head of the ultramarine.

cool minis though. Wish there was some dice included.

Huh. No dice? Not that I need them, but that's a bit of a surprise actually.

Not really. This isn't starter set. It's for old players rather than new. Gw was straight from get-go this was not starter set.

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Dakka Veteran

I don't play either Loyalist marines (anymore) or Necrons but plan on starting both these factions as the models are gorgeous. I got two sets and some of the duplicates will be converted into models for my Chaos forces. The problem now is picking my chapter/dynasty

I've been playing a while, my first model was a lead marine and my first White Dwarf was bound with staples 
Made in ie
Fresh-Faced New User


 lord_blackfang wrote:
Horla wrote:
Anyone pick up theirs in store today? I haven’t had a chance to open up the box but it is pretty bloody heavy! Dragging it and holding on to two kids while trying to navigate the city centre was challenging to say the least!

Looks like somebody who didn't buy into Warcry or Necromunda

Never played Warcry but my Necromunda days were in 1995/6 when I was 12, so dragging my kids across town wasn’t that much of an issue for me!

After starting this thread, I still haven’t gone near the models from the box but in a perverse move I put together some models from the First Strike box instead. I’m hoping to get a good run at some assembly tonight.
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

NE Ohio, USA

 argonak wrote:
 Gregor Samsa wrote:
hardcover covert art of the "heaven and hell clash" is kind of pretty bad...especially the head of the ultramarine.

cool minis though. Wish there was some dice included.

Huh. No dice? Not that I need them, but that's a bit of a surprise actually.

Somebody didn't read the product /contents description....
Made in gb
Executing Exarch

Seems like a good deal.

I'm putting up both halves up for E-bay tomorrow if no local interest. The marines in particular make me very jealous...

The rule-book is nice and chunky. Looking forward to reading through it.

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Eldar- 4436 pts

AngryAngel80 wrote:
I don't know, when I see awesome rules, I'm like " Baby, your rules looking so fine. Maybe I gotta add you to my first strike battalion eh ? "
Made in us
Grim Dark Angels Interrogator-Chaplain

A Protoss colony world

Split it with a friend of mine; he took the Necrons, I took the Marines to add to my Dark Angels army. Haven't assembled everything yet, but I did start with the characters and they are amazing! Left the Captain's head off as I'm going to use a cowled Dark Angels head for him; I'm also going to add some DA-specific bling to various models to help them fit in with my army. I also took the rulebook (my friend didn't really want it so I gave him a little extra cash for my share); haven't had time to go through it yet.

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 Mr_Rose wrote:
Who doesn’t love crazy mutant squawk-puppies? Eh? Nobody, that’s who.
Made in us
Fixture of Dakka

I have to say....I really love the hexagonal cutouts in the bases. Just super handy.

Made in fi
Regular Dakkanaut

I have slowly started building the models. My only gripe so far is that we are yet again supplied with 20 year old 40mm bases that are considerably lower quality than any other base in the box. GW updated the mold for 40mm rounds two years ago but have used them only for some AoS Endless Spells.

New 32mm bases (2019) are a slight improvent over original batch (2013).

50mm bases (2012) are not as good as those made from 2018 mold (included in new Objectives set if you want to compare) but as bad as 40mm.

Updated molds for 90mm bike base (2020) and 65mm round base (2018) are great.

That place is the harsh dark future far left with only war left. 
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