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They way I see it, if wet pallets were that much of a game changer GW would be selling them.

I think part of the problem is that there are so many painter putting their top quality paint jobs on show, that they have done with years of practice, that new painters have their expectations set a bit too high. You don’t see a lot of mediocrity because people don’t put that one the internet.

The best thing you can do is start painting whilst taking advice in parallel and learn by doing. It’s fun.
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Oh Canada!

What, sell something that would let people get more mileage out of their paints and not have them dry up so quickly? Oh yes, of course GW would get in on that.
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Late to the party here, but as far as painting white goes, I tend to just prime with Vallejo polyurethane grey primer and then highlight with white...
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Regular Dakkanaut

I paint martyred lady thus:
Cheap black flat primer spray from hardware store
Mephiston red for cloth
Lead belcher for armor, gun, backpack accents
Corax White for hair, logos
Ushabi bone for skin with Sepia wash on details
Retributor armor gold for accents
Abbadon black and black templar for touchups

Brushes are Army Painter "detail" and "psycho"

Dead Flat spray for protective coat
Made in us
Fixture of Dakka

mrFickle wrote:I got a wet pallet recently and I actually don’t think they are good for noobs. With a dry pallet you just add some paint and a drop of water to thin it.

Yes a wet pallet has the same effect but in a different way and if you have too much water or not enough water on your sponge the results of applying paint vary in a frustrating way. Also how you spread your paint on the pallet affects how it goes onto the model.

With a dry pallet it’s easier to get your layers to the same consistency over and over again. IMO

I agree that switching to a wet pallet later on is a good idea especially for blending colours etc but most people I think end up using a bit of both

I taught my kiddos on wet pallets and at 5 and 7 they do fine. Increasing the open time of your paints is valuable beyond measure. Sure it’s not essential but it’s not making it any worse.

For the OP with whites; you want to wash whites with a blue generally. Before I got into washes in the dark times I base coated shadow grey and then skull white. These days my whites are either Vallejo Silver grey or P3 Menoth white highlight.
I’m doing a squad sisters right now and silver grey with a wash of Payne’s grey is just right IMO

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