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Here's a link:


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The funny thing is FFG is always in a shipping crisis. I've been waiting for a chance to get Blood of Baalshandor for over a year and things being out of stock on their website and elsewhere is pretty normal even before the pandemic.

The bright side for Arkham Horror is that a price increase probably won't hurt the player base. They just changed the release model of the game to something that is like 30% cheaper than the previous one and will hopefully help with stuff always being out of stock.

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> These price changes are due to the dramatic increase in raw material and transportation costs in the past year.

Expect to see higher prices for the same stuff ("demand pull inflation" worldwide. Energy prices are going up, as country economies are recovering from CoVid. China's supply chain disruption means importing more food, increasing worldwide food prices, as well as cheap goods "Made in China".

That said, if you're elastic on your gaming demand, you can still avoid rising prices: PDFs instead of hardcovers; miniature-agnostic games. And, of course, Asmodee and FFG can raise the MSRP as high as they want, but Amazon and other big box companies will have their say over the final price. Myself, I just picked up the BIlly Kerr boardgame, MSRP $30+ for half that price. The boardgame market, especially with KS, is pretty competitive, and boardgamers have a lot of dollars available to spend...!

Credit goes to Goobertown for his Contrast paint mix!

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And, yes, you can add water to it and use it as a wash. See Les Bursley's wash. 
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