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Based one of many 8th edition discussions, I'm interested in trying to get an idea of one's ideal game scale.

So, the question I propose is "If you were to redesign 40k to any scale you wanted, what size model would make an ideal centerpiece (single, largest model) to an army/team?"
- Do you mean Grothammer 40k?
- Average-sized infantry: Officer, sergeant, Nob, etc.
- Large/elite infantry: Terminator, Tyranid Warrior, Wraith, Crisis Suit, etc.
- Small, light vehicles and MCs: Trukk, Chimera, Rhino, Raider etc.
- Large vehicles and MCs: Leman Russ, Land Raider, Carnifex, C'Tan
- "Borderline superheavy": Wraithknight, Imperial Knight, etc.
- Superheavy/GMC: Stompa, Baneblade, etc.
- "Extra Large Superheavy": Thunderhawk, Gargant, Imperator Titan, etc.
- My army is the planet you're fighting on

Revel in the glory of the site's greatest thread or be edetid and baned!
 BobtheInquisitor wrote:
Every trip to the FLGS is a rollercoaster of lust and shame.

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Making Ultramarine Rhinos for A Traitor Alpha Legion Force?

-By The Fluff, That Sounds Great!
-Traitors should use Chaos Equipment/Schemes Only.
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Since it looks like GW has decided to totally revamp the rules for 40k with this new edition, should they have switched to metric?

Yes or no is fine.

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Help me, Rhonda. HA! 
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Albuquerque,, NM

How much does 40K need Nu-Marines?

1. Did NOT need them
2. Kind of needed them
3. REALLY needed them
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Regular Dakkanaut

Given the 8th ed rules are you likely to:
1) Start 40k again/ take up 40k
2) Increase/start spending on 40k
3) Not change your spending
4) Decrease/stop spending on 40k
5) Sell your miniatures and find a new wargame
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I found the "how old are you?" poll to be quite interesting, perhaps a "how long have you been war gaming?" would be a good counterpart?

 Zed wrote:
*All statements reflect my opinion at this moment. if some sort of pretty new model gets released (or if I change my mind at random) I reserve the right to jump on any bandwagon at will.
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