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Made in us


Too true there - the Egyptians are fantastic looking!

I'm still hoping for an eventual ANUBIS Avatar, or maybe a HORUS of something!

It also makes you wonder how awesome the eventual Atlanteans are going to be too...

Made in au
Fresh-Faced New User

Oh they will be awesome! The first few sketches are just starting to come together of the Atlanteans :-)

Made in us


Update time!

Update #94

May 6 2017
Rozzer Arrives & Exclusive Cards

Hi Backers!

Time for another update! This time we'll take a look at the final sculpt for Rozzer, the cunning and stealthy Urkin and we'll also look at the four Kickstarter Exclusive Cards you will all receive as part of your bonuses from the Stretch Goals we hit.


Rozzer is a pair of Urkin who get abou the streets and alleys of Twisted London disguised as a policeman to scout for Bill Psyches and find new marks for the depradations of their less cunning kin.

Sculpted. once again, by Lux Thantor this awesome miniature really captures the chaotic nature of the Urkin - you can really see this guy wobbling down the street doing his level best to stay inconspicuous.

I particularly like the way the top Urkin holding his hat on as he staggers, holding his hand out and trying to be all authoratitive! The little whistle poking out of his mask is also a lovely touch.

You can also see the lower of the two Urkin has deployed his pistol on a kind of mechanical arrangement to shoot at someone who has strayed a bit too close.

At his belt are a pair of handcuffs. I'm not quite certain whether these are just for show or maybe used to restrain some poor soul he (or perhaps more correctly they) feel Nancy might be interested in.

Rozzer is a useful addition to your Dickensians force and adds just a little stealth to your Company and for a few extra points is well used to foil the plans of those interfering Servants of The Engine!

Kickstarter Exclusive Cards

During the Kickstarter we achieved a stretch goal that gives all backers who spent over $100 two extra Alchemancy and Eye of The Engine Cards. Here is a preview of what you will receive:

Alchemancy Cards

These two Invocations are Power 3, which makes them amongst the more powerful Invocations available (Power 4 being highest).

Hotbed is a kind of "area denial" Invocation and can help to secure one of your flanks or block your opponent's line of advance.

Beneficial Bond is useful to boost an ally at a critical moment but should be used with care as it does rather harm the Alchemancer who calls it!

Eye of The Engine Cards

The two cards add to your Eye of The Engine Deck giving you even more options to foil your opponent.

Lacklustre reduces the base dice rolls of the Character it is played upon. This is particularly important where D20 rolls are involved as it then makes rolls of up to 3 effectively 1's! It also reduces damage and is a rather severe impediment for the turn to any Character it is played upon.

Deflection is an interesting card. It allows you to pass damage taken off to another Character nearby but you have no control over who receives the damage. It can save an important Character but care must be taken to ensure not too many allies are in the area (unless you are Bill Psyches or an Urkin - neither of whom would really give a monkeys...)

Shipping Update on the Forum

As you know we have now launched our official Forum:


We'd really love to see all of you there. You can download the electronic files for the rules and chat directly with Sebastian and I. We are really keen to interact with you all as much as we can.

In response to a question from Alpharius we have given an update that details where we are at with production at the moment. I won't repeat it here but we are making really good progress and are close to shipping your rewards to our fulfillment partners in the UK and USA.

You can find the update here:


Please take a look and let us know if you have any questions.

Remember you can always email us: sales@dementedgames.com if you have any problems or questions. We appreciate your generous support of Twisted and no question of problem is too small for us to respond to!

As usual I hope you found this update of interest and we look forward to seeing you all get your games and miniatures so we can see Twisted in action!



There's an Alpharius shout out in there!

Made in us


Update time!

Last chance for Wave 1 changes and Late Pledges!

June 1 deadline for that...

Update #95

May 18 2017
An exciting arrival, and June 1 deadline to finalise your details

Hi everyone,

Look what has arrived! These are the pallets of Twisted Rulebook Box sets - you can see me here wheeling them in to our Kickstarter packing room, ready for action. Each of the cardboard boxes contains 10 Twisted Rulebook Boxes - pretty cool!

This week I have been collating and packing Character and Activation cards for the Dickensians and Servants of the Engine Faction Boxes. Packing is going well: there is a lot of preparation work to do to put together the Faction Boxes with all those cards and miniatures, but I've been working very hard at it and making good progress. We're on track!

Final Deadline to update your details is June 1!

The deadline to finalise your Kickstarter reward details in the Pledge Manager is June 1. On June 1 we need to completely lock and close the Pledge Manager so that we can pack all of your rewards and start to address your boxes for shipping!

The Twisted Pledge Manager is open for 2 more weeks: this is your last chance to update and finalise your details in the Pledge Manager:

Update your shipping address details
Pay any outstanding amount
Add any cheeky last minute extras!

This is very important: after June 1, if you have not finalised your Kickstarter pledge details we cannot guarantee you will receive your rewards. We are doing our best to chase up everyone but there are still a few people out there who have not given us shipping details.

We have unlocked the Pledge Manager until June 1 to allow you free access to complete your rewards. After that, Wave 1 will be completely closed. (You will be able to update your details again before Wave 2 shipping)

Access the Twisted Pledge Manager here:


Or here for new (last minute!) backers to participate:


Thanks everyone - it's very exciting to be getting so close!


Made in us


Update time!

Update #96

May 26 2017

1 WEEK LEFT to finalise your Pledge Rewards (and a Horace sneak-peek)!


Greetings everyone,

Hope you're enjoying the last week of Spring (or Autumn if you're here in the southern hemisphere, like Peter and I!)

First to the pressing business:

There is now 1 WEEK LEFT to finalise your Pledge Rewards!

The deadline to finalise your Kickstarter reward details in the Pledge Manager is June 1.

This is very important: after June 1, if you have not finalised your Kickstarter pledge details we cannot guarantee you will receive your rewards.

Please log in as soon as possible to:

Update your shipping address details (if your address has changed)
Pay any outstanding amount
Add any cheeky last minute extras!
We have unlocked the Pledge Manager until June 1 to allow you free access to complete your rewards. After that, Wave 1 will be completely closed. (You will be able to update your details again before Wave 2 shipping)

Access your Twisted Pledge Manager account here:


(Very late!) last-minute backers are still welcome to join in - click here!


If you have any questions you can email us directly at sales@dementedgames.com or visit the Twisted Forum here:



Horace de Havilland

I have finished the sculpt for Horace de Havilland, from the Egyptian faction. I thought you might like a sneak peek, as a taster - more pics coming soon! (I may sneak them onto the Twisted forum a little earlier as a reward for those who've joined! )


I know I've said it before, but man, I'm really, REALLY looking forward to getting this game in my hands!

Made in us


Today is the day - sort of!

Update #97

Jun 1 2017

The Twisted Pledge Manager closes TODAY. Last chance to finalise your Rewards and shipping details

This is it: last drinks everyone, it's closing time!

The Twisted Pledge Manager will be closing TODAY. From now on we will be starting to pack your individual rewards boxes, so we need to finalise your details.

If you haven't done so already, please finalise your Pledge Reward details as soon as possible.

IMPORTANT: If you do not finalise your Kickstarter pledge details TODAY, we cannot guarantee you will receive your rewards.

Please log in as soon as possible to:

Make sure your shipping address is correct
Pay any outstanding amount
Add any cheeky last minute extras!
Kickstarter Exclusives and Free Stuff!

This is your last chance to grab the Kickstarter Exclusives and the discount prices, so if there are any last minute Add-ons you'd like, now is the time! Don't forget all the cool free stuff you'll be getting by pledging to support Twisted

Access your Twisted Pledge Manager here:


(Very late!) last-minute backers are still welcome to join in - click here!


If you have any questions you can email us directly at sales@dementedgames.com or visit the Twisted forum here:



We'll keep you updated regularly with our progress on the packing. It's a mammoth task but I have been working like crazy over the last few weeks, and things are coming along nicely. The main job is packing up all the miniatures into the Faction Box sets - there are thousands and thousands of multi-part miniatures to individually pack before I can assemble to Faction Boxes, but I'm almost there

It is crazy and kind of cool to see all these miniatures exploding out of boxes everywhere I look: it makes me realise how much wonderful support we've had from all of you, our backers! I am so excited to be shipping out the boxes soon, it is going to be quite a thrill and I am sure you will love what we have been able to produce with your help.

We'll keep you posted!


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Made in us


Update time!

Update #98

Jun 21 2017

Rewards packing update - making great progress!

Greetings everyone,

Time for a quick packing update - it's controlled chaos right now but we are making great progress! (I think the pics below give a pretty good snapshot of what has been happening: boxes, boxes, everywhere!)

You might have noticed that Peter and I have been a bit quieter than usual on the Twisted Forum and Facebook over the past few weeks: that's because we have been concentrating all our efforts on packing your Kickstarter rewards. I have been working really, really hard on it for the last month or so, and I've managed to finish packing all the Faction Boxes, plus the last of the terrain has now arrived. So we now have everything we need in it's 'final product' state in order to pack your final Rewards boxes!

You can see some of the action in these photos, as I've been filling up our storage space with all the completed goodies ready to pack your boxes (with a little help from Erika!). It's amazing to see how much STUFF we've managed to produce, with your help - thank you all again for the support in allowing us to create the world of Twisted!

I'll keep you updated on the progress


Above: Rule book box sets (there are 5 pallets of these!)

Above: My car jammed with packing boxes!

Above: Box sets of miniatures. They are just being stored in the DHL bags - they didn't come in them :-)

Above and below: Our storage unit is rapidly filling! In the next week or so it will empty out as the rewards make their way to all of you!

Remember - if you have any questions you can always reach us through the forum:
or email us: sales@dementedgames.com

We'll get back to you as quickly as we can.

Peter and I are both very excited for you all to get your Twisted stuff and we can't wait to see it being played! Not long now!

Made in us


Update time!

Update #99

Jul 5 2017

Boxes, Boxes Everywhere

Packing Update

Hi Backers!

Sebastian and I have almost wrapped up packing for all the Wave 1 Pledge Rewards! For the last few weeks we've been going full steam on packing the miniatures into the Faction Boxes and sorting everything out in readiness for this final push - we're almost there

Everything from Wave 1 is just about ready to be loaded onto the pallets and picked up for freight to the fulfilment centres. (see below for a list of Wave 2 items that will be shipped later)

One of the Packing Benches

An Insight into the Packing Process

There were great stacks of material to organise in preparation for boxing up! Each of your Pledges is downloaded from the Pledge Manager, printed out and used as a packing list for your order. Once your box is loaded and sealed a delivery label is attached with your name and address on it, and the box is moved into the stack for the appropriate country.

Here's a pic of Sebastian hard at work and apparently calling on the powers of the Air Element to speed himself up a bit!

Unfortunately he rolls a 1 on his Alchemancy check and the Invocation backfires - simply making him blurry...

The Faction Box sets have turned out really well and we are so pleased with how the packaging looks. You can see a small fraction of them here, stacked in great yellow bags ready for packing!

Here's how the excellent Twisted Terrain by Miniature Scenery was stacked up in preparation for boxing. We spread it out neatly in small piles for easy picking and packing. Imagine the fantastically epic table you could make with this lot! (and judging by some of your orders more than a few of you will have awesome tables very soon!)

The room at the start of the process was a bit of a chaotic place exploding with Twisted miniatures and terrain! But as things shuffled from their individual boxes into your packed pledges things started to come together very nicely.

Here is Sebastian loading the last of the UK Pledges into the stack. Behind him is the stack of Europe Pledges!

Here's a pic of me leaning on the US Pledge pile (some say leaning is my superpower...)

This week will be consumed by packing the Australian Pledges and sorting out the odd order that is a bit curly one way or another.

From here we're loading all these boxes onto pallets for shipment to our distribution partners in the UK and US. EU parcels will ship from the UK. Australia/New Zealand and Asia orders will ship directly from Sydney. We'll let you know the expected dates for arrival as soon as we have shipping locked in and we know exactly which ships the stuff will be on.


Which products are is shipping in Wave 1? What is Wave 2?

This first shipment is Wave 1 only. If you ordered any Wave 2 material it will ship later, once manufacturing is complete. We'll have dates on that in the coming months.

Wave 2 consists of:

The Egyptians Box Sets and all Egyptians resin miniatures
The Guild of Harmony Box Set and all Guild of Harmony resin miniatures: Monkey, Tzandi, Pigsty, Tricia Harker, Vinnie (resin and metal)
Dickensians Wave 2: Ratcatcha, Dawg & Flea, Rozzer, Shrike
Servant Wave 2: Gentlefolk Miner, Sgt Clark, 54mm Launcelot
Wave 1 is everything else! Note that ALL current terrain is Wave 1.

Due to the incredibly hard work by Tim & Craig at Miniature Scenery all terrain has shipped in Wave 1 including late additions like Abbott & Gillard, The Assay Office and the Fences.

Remember if you have any problems or questions please email us: sales@dementedgames.com

You can also join us on the Twisted Forum: http://forum.dementedgames.com

We will be posting all sorts of goodies on the Twisted Forum in the coming months so please keep an eye on it!

That's it for now. We are both so excited that we are nearly there and we really do look forward to you all getting your orders and starting your journey into Twisted!

Cheers, Pete

Made in gb
Dipping With Wood Stain

So close!
Really starting to get excited about getting my stuff.

I wonder which box is mine.

Made in us



I was thinking the same thing!

I'm probably more excited for this game than just about anything else in the past couple of years...outside of maybe Dark Age.

Made in au
Fresh-Faced New User

I had my first game of Dark Age the other day - rather enjoyed it! I've been buying the minis for a while (Patrick Masson is a god!) and got invited to a "learn to play day". I took a Sunday off and had a grand time!

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Made in us


New update!

Stuff is shipping (kinda)!

Sneak preview of upcoming stuff!

Including Atlanteans!

Update #100

Jul 28 2017

Wave 1 Rewards now sailing the high seas - new post-KS Character teasers!


Hi everyone,

It's high time for an exciting update: all the international Twisted Wave 1 Rewards boxes are being loaded onto ships as we speak! Your boxes of goodies have now started their journey across the ocean to the fulfilment centres in the UK and USA. Fingers crossed that they don't encounter any steam krakens along the way, as they sail the high seas!

It was a mammoth task finishing all the packing and we're very happy to have finally made it. Thank you all again for being so patient while we finalised everything. Peter and I have been absolutely determined to make sure everything is correct, and we are thrilled with the quality of the Kickstarter Rewards.

Here are some photos of the finished pallets of Twisted Rewards boxes:

Erika helped me pack and shift the pallets

Blurry pic of me amongst it all!

And here are the pallets of Rewards boxes getting loaded onto the truck last week, to be taken to the port:

Fare thee well, sweet boxes...and good luck!

Off to sail the high seas
The freight ships are leaving from Sydney, Australia and are scheduled to make port in September, so we'll keep you posted as soon as everything arrives.

If you're closer to home here in Australia, we're finishing off the packing for all of your Rewards right now - we're almost there. If you chose local pick-up, we'll be announcing the dates and locations soon. If you chose for your Rewards to be shipped to you, sit tight - it won't be too much longer. (If you're an Australian backer and need to swap your delivery method, just shoot us an email and we can work it out - not a problem).

Twisted post-KS!

We couldn't let Update 100 go by without some even more exciting stuff to show you so now it's time to move on to something a bit more fun! As you know, all the miniatures for the Kickstarter Wave 2 are complete, and are currently in production as we work towards fulfilling all your remaining Rewards. We're working very hard on that and will continue to do so in the coming months: fulfilling Wave 2 and finalising all the Kickstarter Rewards is the main priority for us.

However, Peter and I are both very serious about Twisted continuing to grow and expand beyond the Kickstarter. As well as creating new Factions, we are keen to make sure the existing Factions are supported with new and wonderful characters as we move forward.

With this in mind, we thought it might be nice to start teasing you with some first little glimpses of Twisted post-Kickstarter!

This image shows small portions of finished concept art for all the existing factions and, rather excitingly, a small hint at the Atlanteans (who are currently in development).
We can't wait to show you some of the really cool stuff we have coming in the future, more miniatures, more terrain and, perhaps most importantly, more fun!

We thank you again for your patience and look forward to you all receiving your Pledges.

Seb and Pete

Made in gb
Dipping With Wood Stain


Looking forward to seeing the rest of those new concepts, particularly that Grasshopper Man.

Made in us
Fixture of Dakka

 aku-chan wrote:

Looking forward to seeing the rest of those new concepts, particularly that Grasshopper Man.

More of a fly, isn't it?

"The Omnissiah is my Moderati" 
Made in us


I think so too - suitably creepy, and sure to be a great sculpt as Twisted! doesn't really have a bad one in the lot!

Made in us
Fixture of Dakka

 Alpharius wrote:
I think so too - suitably creepy, and sure to be a great sculpt as Twisted! doesn't really have a bad one in the lot!

There really isn't. There are a few that do not appeal to me, but they are all technically excellent.

"The Omnissiah is my Moderati" 
Made in gb
Dipping With Wood Stain

 Nostromodamus wrote:
 aku-chan wrote:

Looking forward to seeing the rest of those new concepts, particularly that Grasshopper Man.

More of a fly, isn't it?

Maybe, what I can see of the legs said grasshopper to me though.

Either way, all I know is I want one.

Heck, I want all of them.

Made in au
Fresh-Faced New User

Thanks guys! We'll show the full concept soon but keep the discussion coming! We are always keen to hear what you have to say!

Made in us


Update time - and it is a good one!

Update #101

Aug 13 2017
Delving Into Egypt

Hi Backers!

Time for another update. This time I though you might like to see the work we are doing on the rules for the Egyptians.

It is the Canopic Jars that make the Egyptians play so differently to any of the other Factions. They can impart great power to your Characters but using them is not without risk. Read on to find out a little more about how the jars will work.

Please bear in mind this are still WIP rules and are undergoing playtesting so some details may well change before they are published. I've also left a lot of detail out - these rules cover 4 pages in the book...

Canopic Jars

Carter and Indigo find the Canopic Jars

Each living member of Carter’s expedition team bears a Canopic Jar taken from the great canopic chamber in the temple of Set built by Senusret (more about him later).

The initial intrusion into the chamber caused the Node to activate and with the surge in activity the sentient spirits in the held in the Node saw the chance to live again. Each of them occupied one of the Canopic Jars present and called to a living host, bonding with them using tendrils similar to those the Node itself generated.

It is through this connection that the spirits move out into the world, living a kind of parasitic half life. They are able to perceive a kind of shadowy, ethereal version of reality through their hosts.

The host can try to access the spirit inhabiting the Canopic Jar, harnessing their skills and talents for their own ends. This is not without risk as the spirit of the inhabitant of the jar is often powerful and desiring of nothing more than taking full control of the host to truly live again. It becomes a battle of wills, the host trying to keep the spirit subdued whilst the essence of the ancient being tries to rise.

The strong of mind can keep the spirit contained but times of stress or a momentary lack of concentration can allow the personality in the jar to take control.

The Canopic Jars carried by the members of Carter’s team are not occupied by any given essence. They are links to a pool of spirits held in the Node and it is only when the jar is accessed that the owner knows which spirit is resident at that moment in time.

How the Canopic Jars work in-game.

When you start a game of Twisted and you are playing the Egyptians you will have a deck of Canopic Jar Cards - this is the "Canopic Deck". There will be around 20 different cards in a full deck and, at this stage you will get 10 in each of the box sets of Egyptians.

These cards are shuffled and placed face down on the table.

Any Egyptian Character who has the Canopic Jar Special Ability can choose to try and access their Jar during their Activation. This is not an Action but must be tried at the start of their Activation.

Let's have a look at a Canopic Jar Card.

Each of the cards represents one of the ancient personalities held in the spirit pool of the Node of The Engine and each card gives different bonuses and provides different special abilities. Each personality also comes with its own drawbacks.

Accessing a Canopic Jar

In order to benefit from their Canopic Jar a Character must first Access the Jar. When a Character declares this intention the top card from the Canopic Deck is turned over and this is the spirit currently available to the host.

A Difficulty is printed on the card with a Characteristic noted after it in brackets. This is the Difficulty of Accessing the Jar and the relevant Characteristic for the check. In Nebetah's case the Difficulty is 13 and a Characters Finesse is used as the modifier to the D20 roll.

Should you equal or beat the required number the personality in the Canopic Jar is Accessed and all the benefits (and other effects) apply immediately.

The Card

The card gives a brief rundown on the personality and lists the Characteristic Changes he or she provides to their host. In this case Nebetah increases a Character's Speed, Close Combat Attack and Alchemancy scores.

You can also see a note regarding the Special Abilities she provides. There are three listed but the (2) next to the heading means that when Nebetah is accessed the Character may select only two of the three. Once selected these cannot be changed.

Accessing a Canopic Jar is not without a downside. The spirits in the Jar will always affect the Character in some way, their personality and desired melding with that of the host. In Nebetah's case the host may not disengage from Close Combat whilst Accessing the jar. Nebetah loves bloodshed!

This brings us to the next important area of the Canopic Jars...


The longer a Character remains connected to their Canopic Jar, the more the personality in the jar becomes enmeshed in their psyche and the more likely it is that the spirit in the jar overcomes that of the host.

The base Difficulty to Disconnect from a Canopic Jar is printed on the card and, as before, the relevant Characteristic for the check is also shown.

Beneath that you see a series of check boxes, some with numbers underneath them and, importantly, the last one is red (and we all know red is bad!). One of these boxes is marked off each maintenance phase after a Character connects to a Canopic Jar.

The personalities in the jars want nothing more than to possess their host and live again, even that kind of half life is better than their existence in the spirit world. Each Maintenance phase the host must make a check vs the Difficulty shown, applying the penalties for being connected for multiple turns.

Should a Character remain connected to their Canopic Jar and reach the red box they are automatically Dominated. Once a Character has been Dominated then the rule printed below Dominance comes into play as the personality in the Jar takes hold.


If a Character is not yet Dominated he or she may disconnect from the Canopic Jar during their Activation. This is not an Action.

If the Character has been Dominated then the Dominance Check must be made and, if successful the Character may disconnect. This process will leave him or her Stunned however!

When you disconnect from a Canopic Jar the Canopic Card is returned to the Canopic Deck and the deck is shuffled. If the Character then accesses his or her Canopic Jar again a new card, with a new personality, is drawn.

Indigo falls afoul of Nebetah's willpower!

As you can see above Indigo has failed her Dominance check (note the "D" marked on the card). She now must move to engage in Close Combat to the exclusion of all else! Not so bad for a Character like Indigo who is a good fighter but for an Alchemancer it might be a very different story! In either case though it does rather limit the tactical flexibility of the Character connected to the Jar.

I hope you found this update interesting. If you have any questions or comments feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer.

Other News

Just in case you were wondering our website at www.dementedgames.com is temporarily offline as we renovate our webstore in preparation for the main release of Twisted to the world. You can still reach us via email: sales@dementedgames.com or message us on Facebook.


Don't forget we also have a dedicated Twisted Forum: http://forum.dementedgames.com feel free to join us there. We check it several times a day so any questions should get answered quickly and you can also find the electronic files for the rules and the most current FAQ & Errata.

There will be another update along soon for your information and enjoyment.


Made in us


Update time...

Shipping updates and...new character!

Update #102

Sep 4 2017

Shipping news, plus a new character for Twisted: Pascal du Lyon!

Twisted Rewards Shipping News

Thank you all again for being so patient with Peter and I while all your Rewards are in transit! It's been a long journey but we've almost made it - here is the latest news:

USA: The cargo ship has now made port in California! Once the pallets of Twisted boxes are unloaded and clear customs, they'll be sent to our distribution partner and shipped out to you.

UK and EU (Europe): The cargo ship is still steaming away towards the UK and should make port by mid-September. We've organised with our distribution partner in the UK to ship out your boxes as fast as possible once they've arrived, so we'll let you know as soon as that happens!

Other International backers: Your Rewards boxes have now been packed and are ready to be shipped along with the Australian boxes, very soon. Boxes will be shipped via DHL Global Mail.

Australia: I'm finishing off the last of the Australian packing and we should be processing them for shipment very soon - I'm hoping Australian backers will receive their Twisted Rewards by mid-September. We will let everyone know the moment your individual Rewards boxes have shipped from the fulfilment centres - it won't be long, now!

Pascal du Lyon: one of our CREATOR characters!

While we're waiting for all of your Twisted goodies to arrive, Peter and I thought you might like to see one of the new characters we've been working on: Pascal du Lyon!

Pascal du Lyon was developed by working with Peter Lyons, one of our CREATOR level backers from the Twisted Kickstarter! As one of our CREATOR backers, Peter Lyons was able to choose his own idea for a new character to add to Twisted. We then worked together with Peter to develop the idea and backstory for his character, create the concept artwork with one of our artists Nicolas Amoroso, and then sculpt the miniature itself!

Pascal du Lyon - final concept

Here are some words from our CREATOR backer Peter Lyons about developing Pascal:

Why back Twisted?

I remember first seeing the Twisted models and instantly having a rush of nostalgia. Ollyver Twist was always a favourite and it was crazy the way steampunk was bringing new life into the characters. During the Twisted Kickstarter campaign I used to wake up each morning and check if we had hit another stretch goal to see what childhood character had been given the treatment next - Vinnie Jones and Tinkerbell blew me away. I remember hoping for a steampunk King Kong, Yu-Gi-Oh / Gambit or Tarzan and Jane. Half way through the campaign I took the plunge and upgrade to the CREATOR level and have not had a regret since.

Working with the Twisted Team:

The process has been an absolute pleasure. It started with me sending off some keywords and a couple of google images, the a back and fourth conversation narrowed it down to 4-5 key design ideas (I have to give Peter Overton credit for the still). This led to some rough sketches that we again debated before a final concept was decided upon. Fast forward to Cancon 2017 and the pose debate started! There were 6 options with each having their own merits, I went against the grain and made the guys lock in the pose I wanted, I just loved the nonchalant gun in hand and the staggered legs. As a few brews were shared at Cancon and the WIP sculpt shots started flooding in, it was clear everyone was really happy.

Why Pascal?

Prior to being contacted by Peter Overton my plans chopped and changed hourly. I eventually reasoned that if I am this committed I may try to 'embody' myself within the miniature and become part of the Twisted world. So what defines me as a war gamer...? A lot of acting the fool (and occasional trolling), alcohol and a love of RNG (Egg of Quango life). In a nutshell, Pascal's lore follows the lines of 'was loved and famous --> mucked up --> now the butt of jokes and living life as a jester'. The lionskin cloak in my opinion is a really good representation of a once proud beast striped back into tatter - fittingly my last name is also Lyons. The back mounted alcoholic still is where this model really encompasses his steampunk elements: effectively nobles could bring Pascal along on a hunt, carting him along as their personal drinks bar (Pascal may or may not sneak some drinks in himself!) His necklace represents my better half wanting a say, and the gun just seemed like a good mode to translate his Ranged Attack elements onto the table top: A highly volatile and unreliable gun being fired by a highly intoxicated man.

Would I do it again? Absolutely!

Check out these WIP photos of the concept art to show how Pascal's character was developed:

An early sketch by Peter Overton, to nail down the basic idea and story for the character

Early thumbnails by Nicolas as we started developing the concept proper

A rough sketch stage before the final concept

In the next update we'll show you the finished sculpted miniature for Pascal du Lyon!


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The next update is here!

Update #103

Sep 19 2017

Wave 1 shipping status update, and the Pascal sculpt revealed!

Wave 1 Shipping status report:

Australia: The first big batch of boxes was shipped yesterday (Monday), and tomorrow I'm planning to ship the second big batch/all remaining Australian orders! This means some of you should already be receiving your Rewards boxes, and all the Australian boxes should have arrived by the end of next week (fingers crossed!).
UK/EU: The ship has made port and the Twisted pallets are due for delivery to the fulfilment centre in the UK. They're aiming to ship out your boxes by next week!
USA/Canada: The Twisted pallets were delayed in customs but we're chasing it up and they should be delivered to the fulfilment centre any day now. As soon as the pallets have arrived the North American boxes will be shipped out straight away.
Rest of World: I've shipped about half of the other international orders, and all the rest (including the really big ones!) should be shipped out in the next couple of days.

Pascal du Lyon sculpt!

Last update I showed you the concept art for a Pascal du Lyon, a new character developed together with Peter Lyons, one of our CREATOR level backers for Twisted.

Check out the amazing job Lux Thantor has done sculpting the miniature for Pascal! I think this one is brilliant - maybe Lux's best yet for Twisted. He captured the unsteady-yet-arrogant drunken pose perfectly, and really got that rage and angst into the face. It's a beautifully executed piece, very faithful to the concept art, and also looks like a real blast to paint - I can't wait to have a crack at it myself!


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Dipping With Wood Stain

1 more week! Woohoo!

Also grabbing a Pascal if/when he's available.

Made in us


I hope it is only an additional week or two for us here in the USA.

(grumble grumble customs grumble grumble!!!)

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Wave 1 and Wave 2 explanation time!

Update #104

Quick Reminder: What Rewards are in Wave 1, and Wave 2?

Hi again everyone,

We had a few questions and realised it is time for a quick reminder about what we mean by 'Wave 1' and 'Wave 2' Rewards.

All the Twisted Kickstarter Rewards are classified as Wave 1 or Wave 2 (see the list below).

Everyone who has any Wave 1 Rewards will be receiving them soon! All of the Wave 1 Rewards have either shipped or are in the process of being shipped now.

Note: the box you receive soon will contain only the Wave 1 Rewards.

If you also have Wave 2 Rewards, you will receive a second shipment in a few months time when we have completed the manufacturing for the Wave 2 miniatures.

WAVE 1 Rewards

Twisted Rulebook Box

ALL the Terrain!


Dickensians Metal Faction Box 1 (Starter)

Dickensians Metal Faction Box 2 (Expansion)

Dickensians core individual resin miniatures:

Bill Psyches & Bullseye
Urkin Dragoon
Urkin Alchemancer
Bloodrage Urkin
Urkin Slasher (Nimble)
Urkin Slasher (Porker)
Urkin Slasher (Torch)
Urkin Shooter (Scope)
Urkin Shooter (Squirrel)
Urkin Shooter (Blunder)


Servants Metal Faction Box 1 (Starter)

Servants Metal Faction Box 2 (Expansion)

Servants core individual resin miniatures:

Gentlefolk Lancer
Gentlefolk Highwaywoman
Gentlefolk Blacksmith
Gentlefolk Flower Seller
Gentlefolk Gamekeeper
Gentlefolk Teacher
Gentlefolk Sailor

WAVE 2 Rewards

Everything not mentioned above, including:

ALL Egyptians
ALL Guild of Harmony
Dickensians Urkin Shrike, Urkin Ratcatcha, Urkin Rozzer
Servants Gentlefolk Miner, Sgt Clark and 54mm Launcelot

Thanks everyone!

-Seb and Pete

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The Last Chancer Who Survived

Norristown, PA

I went for the Egyptians, so I guess I gotta wait a while longer :(

Made in us


They'll be worth the wait though!

(And yeah, I'm waiting for them too...)

Made in gb
Decrepit Dakkanaut


Me three!

Made in au
Longtime Dakkanaut

Melbourne, Australia

I swung into Mind Games in Melbourne on Monday, after having to miss the demo day on Sat, to see what was what. The starter kits look awesome. I would have picked up a Dickensian starter box then, but my paint queue is huge and I was todl they'd be getting more in anyway.

Still, going to have to pull my finger out and get to a demo day.

The galaxy is littered with the single-planet graveyards of civilisations which made the economically sensible decision not to explore space. 
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Important info!

Terrain Instructions

by PeteDG » Thu Sep 21, 2017 4:41 pm

Hi all,

As people are now starting to get their stuff it's time to get the instructions for the kits to you. We are still finishing off some of them but you can fid what's ready here:

https://www.dropbox.com/sh/kbq73jf73dsb ... ACh5a?dl=0

If you have any problems or questions on the kits please ask us here or send an email to: sales@dementedgames.com.au

Sorry they are not all ready at once - some kind of critical file problem at Miniature Scenery's end ops: Shouldn't be too long though.


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Been Around the Block


My shipment showed up yesterday (I was a late backer). It's the two Servants of the Engine boxes, the two Dickensian boxes, the rulebook box and the bases I ordered.

I haven't had a chance to go through it in detail yet, other than a quick look in one of the Servants boxes - the minis look great! The rulebook is also nice, seems designed to lay flat.
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