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Hungry Ghoul

I was wanting to know around how many points of high elves and skaven there are in the island of blood box. I want toknow how many points there is for each army after applying upgrades amongst other things.

Its called sarcasm. Really what does it taste like?
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Willing Inquisitorial Excruciator


Firstly, surely this should be in army lists?

Now; I can make a 750pt army from the skaven and about 700pts from the high elves (you can't use the griffon till 1500pts)

But adding only 5 seaguard and 5 phoenix guard (that'll be a box of spears and a box of phoenix guard) will give you 750pts. The two lists I made look like;

LV2.mage - lore of life 145
With; silver wand

15 Sea guard 230
With; shields, full command, banner of eternal flamer

10 Swordmasters 185
With; full command, iron curse icon

5 phoenix guard (or white lions/swordmaster, if SM's they can be added to the existing SM unit) 75

5 Reavers 112
With; Bows & spears, harbringer

Total: 747


Warlord 170
With; warp forged blade, warpstone armour

Lv.2 Warlock Engineer 128
With; warplock pistol, warp energy condencer

20 Clan rats 120
With; spear & sheilds, full command
- Poisen wind mortar 65

20 Clan rats 90
With; shields, full command
- Warpfire thrower 70

2 rat ogres & a master moulder 107
With; great weapon

Total: 750

Both lists are probably not amazingly effective but they are pretty good starts IMO.

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Made in ca
Cultist of Nurgle with Open Sores


Wizard12, are we to understand that the inclusion of a griffon in the Blood Island set is not "legal" as the Lord point allocations goes over the 25% limit?


Made in ca
Courageous Silver Helm


Well the whole High Elf range in the box doesn't make any sense because you don't get a legal army in any sense. You can't use the Griffon Rider at that point value and you have too little core.

Shame GW didn't add another rank or two to the sea guard to make it a bit better.

40k: - Cadian 231st, Death Guard, Sisters, Dark Eldar Iyanden, Scythes of the Emperor

WHFB Armies: High Elves, Empire, WoC, Beastmen, Lizardmen, Dark Elves, Vampires
Made in ca
Dangerous Bestigor


Wizard you forgot your shock prod.

2000pts of beasty boys
1000pt rat pack - Clan Cozen
1000pt Savage Waagh
(coming soon) 
Made in us
Poxed Plague Monk


Don't GW provide a sample army list for the starter set?
Did they actually include an invalid list?

If you add another rank to the SeaGuard, does that make it legal?

Made in ca
Courageous Silver Helm


Actually there was no sample list in the starter set. On release day I split two boxes with another fellow and we had a game, but there was no sample list. Fortunately we had both been playing High Elves and Skaven for so long that we just wisiwig'ed the two sets (minus one griffon). It was a fun game but very one sided in my favor.

So what I was saying about an illegal list is that I only had ~260 pts of core in an ~2000pts game.

40k: - Cadian 231st, Death Guard, Sisters, Dark Eldar Iyanden, Scythes of the Emperor

WHFB Armies: High Elves, Empire, WoC, Beastmen, Lizardmen, Dark Elves, Vampires
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