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Wrathful Warlord Titan Commander


Not the best tactica I've seen, all it does is copy the special rules for each Elite unit. No tactica there!
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Myrmidon Officer


Agreed with the above. Additionally, there is a very large amount of spelling errors and templating problems. "Biomorphs" should not be the same font size as "Venomthropes", the unit its describing.
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Fresh-Faced New User

there, i edited it. now give me a break, it's my first article. oh, and Absolutionis? i have yet to find any templating errors. and "biomorphs" isn't the same size as "venomthrope". if you find any actual template problems, tell me, all right?
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Ambitious Space Wolves Initiate

Swindon, UK

Going to have to agree with the others there. Not really much information there that doesn't come with the codex and basic common sense anyway. Obviously you've put some effort in so that counts for something, but maybe next time add some information that isn't already commonly available or put in some hard evidence to back up why something is better than an equivalent.

For example, why take the DoM over a Zoanthrope? It may seem simple but people like to see arguements for and against things that have been thought out logically or proven practically.

"Fenris breeds heroes like a bar breeds drunks - loud, proud and spoiling for a fight." - Grand Master Belial of the Dark Angels
"To think that Tyranids are mindless beasts is a grave mistake.... These aliens have shown evidence of both tactics and strategy that speaks of a far worse threat than that posed by a mere beast." - Marneus Calgar, Chapter Master of the Ultramarines

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Infiltrating Broodlord

Hemet, CA

Do you have any advice on how to use these elites? If I was a new player I wouldn't think this was anything but a summary. Tell us how you use them and how they work with other units in different lists. Give us some tactical advice and your specific experience with them.

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Tired of reading new rulebooks... Just wanting to play. 
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Trigger-Happy Baal Predator Pilot


Just 1 real thing, can anyone show or tell me how the lictor doesnt have to roll for reserves.

I believe it has to take the roll to become available. Same for deathleapers rule he still has to roll the dice at the start of the turn.
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