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Los Angeles

So, I've been busily magnetizing models lately and was asked to do a tutorial on how I did my Landspeeder by a couple of guys at the FLGS. That's in progress and I'll post when it's done.

However, it did occur to me that there may be any number of people who are disinclined to experiment and so I thought about putting kits together. In the meantime, there was a thread about flying bases and so I thought I might get some opinions here.

Below is my magnetic flying base kit. It uses the original GW base, but replaces the shaft with a clear acrylic rod - much easier to replace if you do manage to break it.

Finally, there's a magnetic ball-and-socket type assembly to connect the model to the base. It's easy to remove the model from the base, but strong enough that if you pick up the model, the base comes along too. In fact, you can grab the base, turn it over and shake it without fear of the model coming off.

The magnet assembly is rubberized to prevent damage to the magnets and that also has the advantage that the models can be tilted relative to the base. That looks very cool when you have a squadron of them, and it's also useful if the model is standing on a slope.

Anyway, my proposed kit would take less than 5 minutes to assemble and could sell for, say, $2 or $5 for 3.

What do people think?


PS The Landspeeder isn't finished yet!


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Alluring Sorcerer of Slaanesh

Union, Kentucky United States

Honestly, I would say no because it's not really something that is so far off the norm that people must have. This is not to say don't try this because hey it could honestly succed, but I think on the overall you would be spending more then you will make to turn any form of profit. Though you may say " well it is just to suplement my hobby money" that may be but in the end your time still needs to be worth something.

P.S: this isn't really news or rumors so you may have wanted to put this in disscussion.

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Pittsburgh, PA

I think you might be able to sell some, especially if the magnet's strong enough to hold bigger vehicles(I'm thinking particularly of the soon to be new Dark Eldar players assembling all their new skimmers...). Heck, there are companies making pewter muzzle flashes- why not nice magnetized flying bases? The trick would be reaching a large audience- maybe if you could get someone high profile like the Warstore to carry them.

We all love getting gallery votes...

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What's the underside/point of contact look like?
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Ouze wrote:What's the underside/point of contact look like?

I second this request.
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New Jersey, USA

Probably, your "kits" arent much more expensive then the standard flight base. Have you thought about something like this for other games that use flying bases, like Firestorm Armada for example?

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Those look superb, much better than the current flying bases - they are way too brittle, especially if glued in. I might want to buy some, but it depends what I think of the new flying bases that come with my Dark Eldar this weekend.

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PanOceaniac Hacking Specialist Sergeant

Youngstown, Ohio

Gamble wrote:
Ouze wrote:What's the underside/point of contact look like?

I second this request.

Agreed. I am curious about this as well. :-)

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This could be cool. I think if you've ever glued a flyer to a GW flying base, then you will have experienced the inevitable snapping off of the brittle-as-hell acrylic rod at the contact point. I would buy it, but I would rather make my own. Great idea that never occured to me.

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Dakka Veteran

Los Angeles

Ouze wrote:What's the underside/point of contact look like?

Bear in mind that this is the prototype - the final will be a little more polished - and that the model isn't finished yet either...

I'll get some pictures of everything unpainted later on...


Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

I'd be interested in buying some depending on the price (US).

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I could the interested as well, and instead of the plastic Rods I use brass, will that still be easy to fit in your kits?

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Made in us
PanOceaniac Hacking Specialist Sergeant

Youngstown, Ohio

I would be interested in purchasing some of them as well.

# of Unpainted/Unassembled > # of Painted models.  
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Servoarm Flailing Magos

honestly it would be nice to have a low profile male/female housing that could hold a magnet on each end, since i have issues with my turret/dread arms/ect. magnets becoming unglued, this would entomb them inside of plastic that would not unglue.

nice but un-necessary for most I wouldn't count on selling a ton of them.

Made in us
Dakka Veteran

Los Angeles

Well, I've double-checked the numbers and I could certainly do them at the price I mentioned before - $2 for a single kit or $5 for three. I'll look into postage costs shortly.

It's not really about making a bundle of money - unlikely in any hobby activity - as much as sharing my genius!

@Arcadia: The brass is no problem - I use a brass part on the base which you'll see in the unpainted pics later.

@Grundz: You've piqued my curiousity - will PM you in a moment.


Made in us
Slaanesh Havoc with Blastmaster

I would be interested in purchasing some

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Sounds like an interesting idea. If it works out for you, take a look at partnering with one of the more well known web stores such as the WarStore, Maxmini or Chapterhouse.

I'd be interesed in a few if/when I get some speeders going.

How strong are they and how much weight will they hold?

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Los Angeles

wolfshadow wrote:How strong are they and how much weight will they hold?

Certainly way stronger than they need to be for the landspeeder, but I would do a completely different design for models that were much larger (or even smaller?).

If I tip mine upside down so the Landspeeder is hanging from the base, and then turn it upright again, the model will "flop" to one side, but it doesn't come off...

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Bloody hell - the shipping supplies are more expensive than the magnets!

Postage and packing comes out to $2 for the US, $3 for the UK, Europe or Australia.

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Elite Tyranid Warrior

Hmm... intriguing...

I've got a pack of gargoyles and a future harpy that may be looking into this if you follow it up.

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