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Regular Dakkanaut

So a cool idea came to me as I was playing a game against my friend the other day, based on the cover art for the 4th edition nid dex, wouldn't it be cool if monstrous creatures could chuck vehicles across the battlefield with large displays of strength in a sweeping motion?

I've boiled it down to this:


-Monstrous Creatures

are able to perform this feat.

What it affects:

-Wrecks only, for balance purposes.

How it works:

Basically, in order to launch a wreck into the air or across a battlefield you need to take a strength test. What this boils down to is this:

1. Base contact with wreck is necessary for this to work.

2. In order to launch said vehicle, the walker or MC rolls for penetration against rear armor (So 1d6 for walkers and 2d6 for MCs, as well as chainfist bonuses, et cetera)

3. If the roll equals or beats the rear armor value, the vehicle can now be launched.

4. To determine the distance a tank rolls/flies/tumbles towards an enemy, it is measured on 2d6 added together.

5. Also, a scatter die is rolled in tandem, representing the random direction it slews.

6. If a hit is rolled the launcher of the vehicle can move the vehicle up to the rolled distance in a direction of his/her choosing.

7. This is a line of sight attack only, counting as a ranged attack for the shooting phase. (Normal shooting restrictions apply)

8. Cover saves may be taken.

9. BS makes no difference in the scatter.

10. Enemy models passed by the vehicle to its destination are potential hits.

11. The broadest length of the vehicle is used to determine how many models are potential hits in the careen. (Referred to targetting)

12. If the wrecked vehicle lands on enemy models, they must make an immediate leadership test or fall back. (As well as other damage incurred by the attack.)

13. Enemy vehicles hit by the slewed wreck treat the wreck in the same regard as a ramming attack. (Regardless of wreck's vehicle type)

14. In tandem with the above rule, and for game balance reasons the wreck may never land on top of another vehicle.

How damage is calculated to an enemy unit or model (Disregarding vehicles):

-The damage to a enemy is calculated by a variable strength, the profile here:

Str X Ap -

Where X is calculated by the following:

Initial X is half of the vehicle's front armor, rounded down (Ex. Land raider, Str 7, being Fa 14)

+1 for being a tank

+1 for each armor point above 10 on the point of contact/impact.

The strength caps at 10.

So obviously a land raider flying at you is going to be a big deal, where an ork trukk is a nuisance, but not to be completely ignored.

How it hits:
-To hit is based on an initiative test, fail the test and you are hit by the wreck. (So a ten man tac squad is targeted, 5 of the members are targetted by the vehicle as it careens by, so 5 initiative tests are taken, 3 are failed, roll to wound, armor saves, remove casualties.)

Also, a rolling tank is a demoralizing sight to behold on the battlefield, as such:

-Any leadership tests taken are at -1 leadership resulting from damage incurred by the attack.

Against vehicles:

-See bullet point #13

What else?:

-Other walkers and Monstrous creatures may attempt to stop or halt the wreck.

How it works:

-Instead of being hit like normal infantry and vehicles would, Walkers and monstrous creatures may attempt a death or glory against the wreck.

-All the rules pertaining to Death or Glory with walkers and MCs apply. With the following exception:

-Rather than rolling on the vehicle damage table, the ability to halt the wreck is by the following: On a glancing hit the vehicle comes to a halt.

-On a penetrating hit the vehicle rolls on the damage table, and adds +4 to the result. (So the vehicle can wreck again, or explode)

-The point of impact in which the walker or MC hits is determined by the opponent's chosen broadest length. Usually the side armor.

And that is my proposed rule.

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Anyone have anything to add? I think I have all the technicalities in the right regards.

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Made in gb
Lord of the Fleet


Way, way, way too complicated for regular play. I read to stage 6, and got bored. Try something like this.

1: Counts as assaulting the wreck of the vehicle
2: Roll a D3 + Strength. If it = or > the target's lowest armour value, it may be thrown as a ranged weapon with the following profile:

Range 12" S7 Ap- Heavy 1, 5" Blast.

Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

That's way too simplified, are you suggesting a rhino and a land raider would have the same destructive capablilities? Or a trukk and a battlewagon?

It is lengthy, but Assault rules, ramming and a whole slew of other rules take up pages of material. This can be condensed with the proper wording.


Not only that, the reason for the longwindedness is to cover any possible scenarios, a sort of FAQ or failsafe within the description, because if it's one thing GW lacks is competent rules writers.

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Made in gb
Lord of the Fleet


Well take a Rhino and a Land Raider. If they're wrecked then you're going to have about the same mass of wreckage. Parts ripped off, blown up, would produce just a small proportion of the vehicle's mass which could be thrown. Also, I doubt that a Carni or a Wraithlord would be able to toss a full Land Raider. My version of the rules are simpler, yes but they are much easier to play than a 14 step rule with just as many sub-headings and extras.

Made in us
Shrieking Guardian Jetbiker

The Void

Holy crap, that sounds awesome. I can just imagine a puny sentinal being thrown at some guardsman
Made in gb
Bryan Ansell

Birmingham, UK

One simple rule is all it takes to reap the benefits of amusing wreck throwing carnage.

I'll take Valks idea over reading through reams of text that kill the rare excitement that's this ability brings.

Made in iq
Dakka Veteran

Also, uhm....how do you save against the weight of a wrecked vehicle falling on you? I'd think if you're under the blast marker you don't make wound rolls, you simply make a save roll for each model under the template. If you succeed the character dives out of the way to the nearest edge of the template and is safe, if he fails he's instantly crushed under the wreckage. Yes this will cause units to fall out of unit coherency, but alas that is a good thing for the special rule, is it not?

Just my thoughts.

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Cultist of Nurgle with Open Sores


Wholeheartedly agreed with Valkyrie on this!


Made in au
Member of a Lodge? I Can't Say


I prefer Valkyrie's variation to the OP's original rule set. Whilst the original rule set is well written, it is way too complicated for standard play and would great more confusion than entertainment.

I also agree with Valkyrie's interpretation that the Carnifex would be most likely throwing the largest piece of metal/tank parts out of the wreckage rather than throwing a complete tank (throwing a complete tank is too insane, even by Matt Ward's standards)

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Gargantuan Grotesque With Gnarskin

I agree with fexor, a bullet proof vest or even some power armor is not going to save you from 20 tons of flying steel

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