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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Manchester NH USA

I need to now what days you can play in a short 4 to 5 week league for flames of war.
Empire would like to get the cool new GF9 board! You get a cool dog tag with your name and army info on it .

This will start in March
The March off to War Campaign !

Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Manchester NH USA

This league system has been developed to help maintain in-store gaming activity throughout the year. It provides a reason for Gamers to fight battle after battle at Empire Games
The Flames of War Combat League provides a great way to inspire you to battle again and again. The league is action packed as players climb the road to victory. Even after a crushing defeat players can immediately strike back to seek revenge.

The Combat League board shows the players? progress from game to game. Each player has a personalised dog tag that has their information on it (name, contact details and army).

The goal of playing in the Combat League is to fight your way up the ladder on the road to victory and defend the top position until you have collected three challenge tokens. To do this you must play and win many battles against different opponents in the league. The organiser can extend the campaign by increasing the number of tokens needed.


Advancing through the Combat League is all based on challenge tokens.
When the league is first started every player on the bottom level automatically gains a challenge token. Players can ?spend? their token to challenge anyone on the level above them that does not have a challenge token.
Once the challenge has been made the players then fight their battle. If the challenger wins the battle they swap places with the player that they defeated. They must then defend their position to gain another challenge token before they can make another challenge.
If the challenger loses the battle, the player that beat them takes their challenge token and may now make a challenge of their own.
The only exception is that the players on the lowest level of the board receive a new challenge token when they loose.

Once the player at the top of the ladder collects three challenge tokens they will be immortalised in the Honour Roll.

The rules below are all optional but we feel that they add excitement to the league.

EXPIRATION DATES ( to be determined)
Players should be encouraged to play at least one game a week. This may be impractical depending on your group ? for example if your club only meets a couple of times a month. If a player does not issue a challenge at the first opportunity (or refuses a challenge) they loose their position on the board. Randomly select one player from the tier below who has a challenge token to move up into their place.

If the player in the top spot should be defeated they will ?fall? all the way to the bottom tier. Fill the resulting openings in the pyramid randomly as above.

In the event that you have a player who no one will challenge, it?s appropriate for the league Organizer to grant a ?free? challenge token. This token should be handed out only if the player has gone at least a week without being challenged and has been available for play.
If they are at the top of the ladder and no one challenges them for three consecutive weeks then they will be declared the winner. The players in the second tier who have had a challenge token for two or more weeks shall be banished to the bottom for their cowardice! Refill the pyramid randomly as above.

POINTS VALUE ...500 to 2000 points

The scenarios that should be played are up Empire Games and Players.
Alternatively you can let you players choose. The important thing is to be consistent. To keep everything fresh and exciting check the website for new missions to add into your campaign.

Every player in the Combat League has a personalised dog tag that has all their information on it (name, contact details and army).
Players that collect three challenge tokens receive a gold dog tag and become immortalised in either the Axis or Allied Honour Roll, both in the store and online at www.FlamesOfWar.com
Challenge tokens are represented with the rubber ?silencers? that get put around the dog tags once players have successfully defended their position once.
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Manchester NH USA

Our Battle board is in and we are signing people up to play...
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