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Greetings. I commissioned fuegan17 to paint 9 eldar tanks of mine. I shipped them out to him around 3 months ago, we had some communication since, but I haven't heard from him in 40 days now.
I'm a little overly patient and generous, possibly to a fault, liking to give people the benefit of the doubt. I think that maybe fuegan17 got stuck in exams and holidays, but the 40 days since communication is kind of worrying me.
On 11/14/2010 he stated:
fuegan17 wrote:Well you should be happy to hear that they are done. I just need to take pics and then we're all good.

I have never seen pics at all, for the record, having been told in messages many times that he would send some. I have since messaged him several times with no response. I have gone to his website: http://fiaropainting.webs.com/ and e-mailed him, with still no response. I really don't want to discredit him or anything, but it's sure been a long time.

**********Problem solved. Big thanks to MadMaverick76 for all his help.**********

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Gentleman,. I'd just like to remind everyone that Transaction Reports are for facts. If you're involved, know either parties, or possess relevant information, then you may post. Otherwise please refrain. Transaction Reports aren't dog pile threads I'm afraid. I have erased all irrelevant posts.

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Those aren't your tanks in his commission post is it?


His profile lists a few "Friends" I would see about contacting them, to see if they know him personally. He does list one member as someone he knows outside of DakkaDakka.

From there, I would see about getting a phone number. Do you know if he is an adult? If not, I would see if getting his phone number and placing a call to his house will help. Even if you have an address you can use a reverse look up to get his home number.
His commission service seems relatively new, and you may be his only customer. The website looks like it was put together around mid-August, so he does not really have any credible feedback either. If the phone number fails, I would see about calling local hobby stores and asking about him (that is if you have his first name). Hopefully you can stir something up that will make him come out of hiding.

I also found that he has a Rogue Trader profile as well, maybe that will help.

Goodluck to you sir! I hope everything is resolved.


BOLS Profile shows he was last on 12/23/10. So he has definitely been around, no excuses there. He also has a Steam account but I do not think that will help you.
I also have the individual's full name, as well as a facebook profile, as well as a possble home address/phone number. Let me know if any of that can be useful to you sir.

Also he placed 2nd place GW 2010 'Ard Boyz Tournament at his local gaming shop.

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