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Please just leave it to individual complaints you've personally had - MGMT

User name "Hoorah" and i hammered out a trade.

he seamed in a rush to get a trade hammered out... and changed things around a bit (to the point were i was a little confused as to what the trade was )... but in the end i sent him a "I will sent THIS and you will send THIS" PM and he said it was ok.

i was to send him

the steel legion lot in my trade thread
the karserkin lot in my trade thread
12 AOBR Deff koptas
25x AOBR nobs
1x ork trukk
10x empire halaberds

and he was to send me

20x Tac Marines W/ BP and CCW
5x assault marines
1x drop pod
and the compleat set (including box, tiels and counters) of space hulk.

now i told him since he has no feedback on this site that i expected him to ship first... not an unreasonable request since i am an established trader here on dakka (18 trades), and one that is common practice on barter town where lower rep ships first (also have a rep of 28... which means 14 good trades... putting me at a total of 32 trades under my belt)

his responce was... 2011/02/08 14:59:13

"send me the complete list of what i am sending you and what you are sending me and iw il have it shipped out in no time. WIth tracking. For a trade of this size, i woudl much rather simultaneous shipping, specially since Space hulk weights a fuckign ton and will cost me a fortune for shipping. I have several GOod references on Rogue Market under Captain_Lactose, i jsut have been out of hte trading game fro almsot 2 years now hahaha, just got back in. After you get tracking you can send my stuff other wise i will be wiating forever, and thats not really fair as i see it since i have a good trade record too. Cross boarder usually takes 9-11 B-days with tracking."


I responed to him with 2011/02/08 15:15:59

"right, so as far as i know the trade is...

1 Ork Trukk
15 AOBR Deff koptas (3 are primed if i remeber right)
25 AOBR nobs (about 15 or so primed)
10 Empire Halberdiers (light prime of black)
the Kaserkins lot (primed)
the Steel legions lot (Striped)

30 Foot Slogger Marines with BP / Chainswords
Space Hulk
SM Bits, its a gak ton of weapons, (at least 5 power fists)
Drop Pod

and since you do want those primed nobs (another 30$) i would really like to get either the SM dex if it is in good shape, or a handfull of assault marines.

every time i ship things accross the border the postal service tells me that i cant get tracking for international stuff. but i would be ok with shipping simo. just "Quote" this back to me so i can print it off to make sure i get everything packed up "


now at this point i was OK with shipping at the same time... but my gut told me to hold off on shipping because i got a few other PM's where he had chaged the deal to somehting else. at first he wanted only fresh models NEVER touched by paint, not even striped.

then all of the sudden he decied he wanted the AOBR nobs i had that were primed... i saw that and asked for the dex (a fair value trade)

and he told me to go ahead and hold onto 3 of the deff koptas to make up for the fact he couldent toss in the dex. in his favor a little but meh it was ok.

i got a PM saying he shipped his box 15:45:44

ok, iw ill send it out today after work, lookig forward to a great trade cannot do the Dex, so respond acoordingly in the stiff, 12 of the koptas is fine you expressed a desire to keep 3

Try to send today if you can, ask about tracking thats weird, trackign is icluided in international postage for parcels here.

K i will give you the Tracking info when i get in tonight, please do the same.

Cheers, Will give feedback uppon completion.

i wanted to make sure i 100% understood what the trade was. so i asked for a PM listing what the trade was soposed to be.

and i got... 2011/02/08 22:35:31

Oh ok, well i OTW to you is:

Space Hulk (obviously the full game)
20 Foot SLoggers (BP/CS and a gak ton of Bits - Power fists other gak) - I told ya RL freind needed 10
5 Assault Marines with Jet packs (actually jump marines with beakie heads and proper bodies)
Drop Pod in SHrink wrapped box

now aside from my gut telling me to hold off on shipping. life and work got in the way and i wasent able to get the box out (told him about it, said he understood)

i got to the point where i had his stuff all boxed up and ready to go... when i saw another swap shop post he had made that had the items he was soposed to send me and in the same numbers he was soposed to send me all listed in his post....i sent him a PM asking about it (not beyond the relem of posibility for him to have extra stuff in that amount)

and he said he retrived it from the post office because he never heard back for weeks from me and relisted it.....

now i saved the list of PM's we had (i allways do this untill a trade is compleet) and i will list them all when i find the time to do so (tommrow morning after i get off work hopefully.. god i hate 3rd shift)

i will list them out in order, as who sent what, and what time they were... not to mention ill run a spell check over m post ( .. i know i suck at spelling) but for now i have real life to attend to that i am 30 mins late on.

Please refrain from speculative comments and simply state the facts in TR's - the MGMT

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Can you issue a transaction report on a case where you have not lost anything?

Is yes, I have something to report about Lictors_LoveMachine as well.
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You were goign to trade me VERY heavily in your favor, and it did not work out. You went a week without contacting me, kept pushing for things your way, and then you only let em know anything definitive AFTER i inform you i have cancelled. You want it all, and expect to give nothing in return. You los tnothing, and i lost $ in shipping. You did not Get the great deal you wanted at my expense.
Look at the facts:

You A. Wanted a tremendously higher value than you were giving... insisted repeatedly on giving things that were not on my want list. (i agreed eventually, so its 50% on me, i accept that)
B. Wanted to hold all the cards, ie, i ship first, then wait for you to hold up your endof the bargain... now i woudl not have had a problem with thios, but touting that you are a great trader and i have no references as of yet on this site and you touting that the site i have traded on is un reputable, You then compeletey went off the grid, with a tremendous Value of my stuff up in the air, and no word form you. I send you several msg's, about one a day and no response.

Lots of comments redacted. As with all Transaction Reports, please refrain from name-calling. - the MGMT.


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I contacted Hoorah on 2/9/11 in regards to the Space Hulk game listed in his Swap Thread.

He responded with a price, to which I asked for photos. Hoorah replied he would send photos to my email address. The photos never arrived, but a PM a little later came asking if I was still interested. Due to a lack of confidence in his reputation, along with the lack of photos, I decided against any dealings.

On a side note, nothing seems to be lost in this issue, so does it really warrant a Transaction Report? I am not taking sides, I have just never read a transaction report in which there is no monetary loss of some kind.

Goodluck though to the both of you, I hope it works out.

An open mind is like a fortress with its gates unbarred and unguarded

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I had problems dealing with Hoorah as well. Please just stick to facts

I hope that everything works out.

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This is exactly what Envy89 wanted. Johang, i did not trade with you, it fell through, and a month later you scream scam. WTF? So now, with no one loosing anything, but myself (the shipping inthe first place) I have a horrible reputation based off of the word of someone who whined that things did not ggo their way. And i still lose out, and you lost nothing. LAST WARNING. Leave the personal attacks out - MGMT

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Oh and Due to Envy89's garbage, I am probably going to get screwed, something frierce on two trades.

One to England with members here , and one in Oregon (not sure if i should put their Account name) Edited unnecessary speculation

The day i cancelled the trade i posted my stuff again and was innondated with PM's. I worked out a mutually beneficial Trade with someone, and have sent the goods. I am now waiting on people who rationally have no reason to distrust the trade, but i will probably get screwed. I traded the Space hulk minis and Mariens that Envy was after, and in good faith. I have potantioally now lost on several hunderd dollars (close to $500 for the BFG stuff alone) all thanx to somebody not getting their way. It sounds to me like the old.."if i cannot have it, no one can" Edited unnecessary speculation


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Shadeglass Maze

I'm going to lock this thread, as it does indeed seem that a trade did not take place in the end. It does not look like anyone followed through with shipping... with one side being suspicious and not sending, and the other recalling their package. Therefore, this is not a transaction, and we currently don't allow reports for "aborted" trades.
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